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Face it, life is short. Too short to keep wasting your prime humping years with your dick in your hand. If you don’t learn what makes women tick soon, you’re going to be old, ugly, and have to work that much harder to get laid. So figure that shit out now!
A lot of people think that fucking and making love are the same thing — they’re not. Sure, the body motions look the same to the casual observer (aka, the “Peeping Tom” with the binoculars in the next building over), but what makes the difference is your partners’ “intent.”
Been around the block so often the city named an intersection after you? Then share your carnal knowledge with younger, dumber, and less slutty bitches. Give virgins and hopeless fuglies the benefit of your easy virtue by adding a few Relationtips™ for girls.
Have you gotten more tail than Charlie Sheen? Banged more babes than Warren Beatty? Or slayed more vagina than Wilt Chamberlain? Then share your sexual skills with the world’s pent up virgins and relentless masturbaters. You owe it to them!
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