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Know why you’re not getting any tail? It’s because Warren Beatty’s beating you to it. In a new biography, author Peter Biskind reports that Beatty had sex with around 12,775 women (Beatty couldn’t be reached for comment as he was fucking #12,776).
No one disputes that men and women are different, but it’s a nice refresher to see the two put side-by-side to remind everyone that the opposite sex is just as stupid as you are. Face it, we all suck.

Active Bitching

So I met this girl on tinder and wanted to take things a Lil slow.
There is a double standard. We, as men are not allowed to look at them or even really say hello to a stranger anymore.
Women don’t give to fucked so I’ve come to learn. Take mine, for example. Can’t deal with shit.
Ok so let me try and break this down the way an Empath would regardless of gender let me cut this simple I feel everythi
Dated off and on in freshman and sophomore year, and then didn’t talk for the rest of the time, totally thought we
I recently got dumped (this is the 1st time for me cuz I always do the breaking up)
I hate sluts, but my best friend’s girlfriend, who he’s been dating for about 4 years, is much worse than a