Yes, all girls are sluts..

Re:Yes, all girls are sluts..

godspeed, hitttlyhook, godspeed



soo fucking true thatt!!

even married women love dick so much, I mean like wtf???THEY JUST CANT GET FUCKING ENOUGH DICK!!!!!!!!!!!! IF THEY GONNA CHEAT THEN WHY MARRY RIGHT? GO BECOME A FUCKING PROSTITUTE!!!!!!!!!MILFSS!!!!!


man fuck a bitch thier all liers cheating ass whores I wish they all die


Not all girls are sluts . Don't get me wrong, some can be.. But that dosent mean all of them are ,, what about your mother? Cousin? Aunt? Grandmother?? I mean kmon there's limits to things...


sorry to prove you wrong but my mother, sister and daughter are all sluts...

You're right, all women are

You're right, all women are SLUTS!

not all not all

look just because she broke you heart one girl does not mean every girl is slut. is this the way you man up to things that just make you a lazy waste of a human being. and also you didnt haste on knowing her you just hooked up. wich means you didnt know what u were getting into. alot of girls are troubled or addicted to sex. you guys just ignore the inside of many others. u ignore the one that has truly been there for you. that helped you. but she gave up because she got sick of always helping you and sitting and hearing that all girls are sluts. you pushed her away. offending her and you forgetting that shes a girl. appearences are not always their true self. i admit girls can be icy cold sometimes and pushy thats because we try to measure up to you guys so we can feel sometimes dominant and feel that our opinion counts. you guys cannot cover the sun with one finger. i admit we women should not be treated easily without harsh tests. but you guys have to set the bar high enough for us to see challenge and not see wimp. DONT BLAME ALL GIRLS JUST BECAUSE YOU WENT FOR THE WRONG ONE!

Give it up

What else would a liar say ?


You are so wrong. Because if you dedicate your heart to a girl they will just fuck you over. They are evil. All of them. It doesn't matter if you just hook up with them or dedicate your life to them .. They are going to fuck you over. All girls are selfish, cold hearted bitches. And they will never change. I have never cheated on a girl in my entire life and I have done everything I could to make sure they are happy. Taken care of them.. gave them their space... made sure that they had the life they wanted... and they are just too selfish, they just want more more more and are unhappy with this that and these... and they will do everything they can to make sure that you are completely unhappy with who you are despite all the things you have done for them. Because they can never be good to a person. They are a fucking evil being. Girls are fucking bitch whore cunts who don't ever deserve to be happy and I hate them.. Nobody has ever made me want to kill myself. I am a confident, strong, and talented man who actually gives a fuck about those around them.. but women.. they are the fucking scourge of the earth and all they want to do is destroy your life. They fucking suck. and they don't deserve the life that is given to them. I don't care if the world ends.. every fucking stupid cunt whore bitch faggot woman deserves nothing but death.


Dude you are soooo RIGHT about this. I can feel your anger. But don't worry karma is on it's way. Mine paid me a visit last month and I can tell you Karma can really be a bitch towards some women.

God ---- I hope you're right.

God ---- I hope you're right.

true that.. found out my

true that.. found out my ex-wife got a std... :) fucking slut.

men can't be sluts, whores, or promiscuous

only bitches can be whores!!!! Men having sex are just normal and natural. Any women having sex are whores, sluts, and every other perjorative. you bitches need to learn that you are garbage for men to enjoy and spit out. You are shit and should die after you are no longer sexually useful. Die after age 27. Guys are good until they are 60 or more, you are worthless!!!!

every chich is a slut

We love the fact that you love dick in the pussy!!
but,,, yes there is a but, no matter what your accomplishments or other distinguising awards all you are to us is a hole that brings plesure and I am going to fuck you bang!bang! hump! hump

1 slut slut wltutpq qwljeiowqjr

Amen brother

Amen brother

you dumb as you wrote

males like you should shut the fuck up. males can be just as much whores and sluts like females. I am a woman and best believe a male with many female sex partners is just as disgusting as a female with many male sex partners. STD's are real for both males and females. God MADE SEX ONLY FOR MARRIED PEOPLE not for single people you retorted for real get your facts straight. Educate yourself. Many females are easy and filthy no questions but not all. When a female cheat then maybe the dick she have at home is just what I said "a dick" and cheated on her. Your filthy behind wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a female or what do you think your mother is? a male? I don't think so. many males married males cheat with easy females that is filthy and nasty. Any male/female who have to many sex partners risk his/her health and spread STD faster then a flu can catch you. females are dumb easy and believe any kind of bullshit but so are males anybody who have sex with to many random people is retorted. bottom line.

Yeah, añd who gives

Yeah, añd who gives STDs,huh!!!
They want the privilege to fu k women but dare they like sex and not like the way they are treated then it's bitches, sluts, whores....forgetting that their own mom was doung what to conceive? Ha ha ha! Any man that insults a woman makes me think of his own mom...whatever filth men think of women i think of these men's mom exactly the same! Ah ah ah

Fuck you

I hope a female ties you up and cuts off your tongue , dick, knife rapes your asshole, cuts off one of your eyeballs and shits in your eye socket motherfucker . I don't care if 90% of women are sluts, no one deserves to be treated like a soulless sex object and die at 27, so i hope you die at 27 because your worth nothing either, moron. Your a hairless ape , a walking piece if meat like anyone else so the moment you treat someone soulless is the day you get tortured and thrown in a motherfucking ditch , bitch. Btw, a man having sex with a bunch of sluts is a slut too, moron. Your nothing but a judge mental piece of shit and a piece of shit who believes that females are lower then you just because you were the lucky one born with a dick , douchebag.


Wow, such anger. Look, >90% of women are essentially cum dumpsters. Some guys have been brainwashed into thinking women can be faithful, but really only <10% of American Women can maintain fidelity. The rest are basically junkies waiting for the next hot beef injection. Many men have accepting this and live accordingly.

Have to agree

Anyone that thinks a girl is a slut because she sleeps with multiple men is living in the dark ages. Men sleep with multiple women all the time and it's ok, that's not right either. My point is, if it's consensual and neither party is married or otherwise spoken for, why not? I reckon I'm a male whore to some and proud of it.




That's messed up..



I fucken love this comment! I

I fucken love this comment! I would worship you if I could, what you say is so fucken true, women are nothing but stupid fucking cunts that are EVIL they are ALL EVIL, so fuck them all!

I totally agree!!!!

I totally agree!!!!

Right on man

I know how u feel and the only thing that keeps me going now is hate . I lost everything to this bitch I was dating everything she took my car my motorbikes everything and is fucking around town I lost 3 year of my fucking life to this bitch I was engaged to her and she fucked me over and played me like a fool . I hate her and love and every girl is the same they can all kiss my ass

Right on man

I know how u feel and the only thing that keeps me going now is hate . I lost everything to this bitch I was dating everything she took my car my motorbikes everything and is fucking around town I lost 3 year of my fucking life to this bitch I was engaged to her and she fucked me over and played me like a fool . I hate her and love and every girl is the same they can all kiss my ass

Pump and dump, don't be a chump.

Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Learn from it and learn to use women as the pieces of meat they are. Live by our motto - "Pump and Dump. Don't Be A Chump."


I am just replying since you sent this today. It really disturbs me that you feel this way about women, they are the greatest thing and friend man has on earth, except perhaps for a good dog (as a friend...) You just haven't met the right girl yet, but with that attitude you never will. Girls are just as slutty and dirty as guys are, and you know your guy friends right, they are not all the same, so don't judge them as so. That's all I'm saying, I think it's sad that people would really think one way about a whole sex of people from only a couple of experiences (I expect you have very few), it's almost stereotyping... Or is it just you are sub-sufficient to provide what it takes to make an actual relationship work or keep a women happy?

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