bitch fucked me up when i started to care

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Loving that single life and not giving a fuck about anybody when suddenly this chick comes into my life and makes me vulnerable. got me fucked up in so many ways. cared too much about her. loved her too much. quit my “bad” habits cause of her. committed to her despite the girls that i could’ve had. i was whipped. then when i became the person “she always knew i could be” she left my ass cause she didn’t feel like it anymore. well fuck you bitch. hope someone fucks you over then shits on your face.

This is literally my life rn. Pushed and pushed from someone who used to go and have fun with my mates and not care about anything to an emotional little fag cus it’s what she wanted, as soon as you become it you are not man enough for her and she’s a cunt to you. Send them to fucking Iraq to get stoned


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