Fuking Hate Women They Are All Bitchs

Iam getting so fuking sick and tired of being messed about by girls the longest relationship i been in was just over 3 years and she was the best girl i ever dated. But after 3 years she jjust decided to end it what a fuking bitch. For the past year and a half i have been back in the game and dated 7 women honestly women are complete bitches they play so many games its fucked up its like if i make one little mistake they turn you away if you dont agree on one small detail they are gone. I think what is fuking me off so much today or for the past 3 weeks is this latest girl i meet her at a club at a social party with some friends shes there with her bf but the guy plays no attention to her watsoever for most of the night so me being the nice person that i am decide to talk to her so she dont get left out honestly i had no intentions with this one but as i start chatting with her the bf gets angry but i thought fuck it we just talking and you only take notice when you feel someone else is on to her so hes loss. To my suprise the girl was really cool i havent met such a cool down to earth girl in ages and she was quiet a looker i was suprised to get her number at the end of the night when i asked her for it but she did ask for my facebook first. On the night i txted her saying it was nice meeting her, again i was suprised she txted back by calling me hun and babe and putting xs and so i made arrangments to meet her 2days later i really didnt expect her to turn up but she did, we when for drinks that night we walked with our arms linked and held hands later that night we also kissed a few times and everything seems fine i had plans for after the drinks but i decided it was too late as we really enjoyed each others company. For the next month i try to get her to come out and she keeps making excusses finally on the day of her birthday she says shes free so i meet up with her to find her with all her mates and basically the bitch ignores me most of the night and shuts down 2 of my attemps 2 kiss her which was really imbarrasing she ignores me and dances with every other fuking dude except me. It also seems everytime i was near her she wanted to get away from me. I asked her what was up and why she was being weird with me she said its because shes shy around her mates Total fuking bullshit because she was fuking around with every other dude in the club she also promised me it had nothing to do with my personally, i finally managed to get a kiss of her but she tells me she feels sick and doesnt want to kiss like WDF but then kisses some drunk chick later seriously what a total bitch. She keeps promising to go out but is always ignoring my txts i asked her that night if she still wanted to go out and she said yes?! I dont understand maybe someone can tell me why she dont just fuking tell me if she doesnt want to go out thats all i fuking ask for! If she dont want to date me why doesnt she just fuking tell me before my feelings for her get even stronger, i asked her that night if she was sure if she wanted to go out again and she said yes again but then never replys to my messeges grr wdf. Iam pissed because its not just that i really like this girl but the fact that other women i have dated have done the same shit games also and i totaly dont fuking know what iam doing wrong. Any ideas wdf is going on with this girl i just feel like giving up on women completly sick of all this shit with every girl i fuking meet they do these stupid games.

I’m not trying to be a dick or anything but you seem like a fucking pussy. Now that, that’s out the way I’ll begin by saying that you try to fucking hard and you’re probably a really nice guy. So next thing is that you are the man and she’s the woman. You have to put a bitch in her place and let her know that your not playing games. After the date you should have txted her 2 days later and you should have only done it once. If there is no reply you wait and go fuck around with other bitches. As an investor i call it diversifying my life, you never want to rely on one option always have backup plans.trust me girls do it all the time and that’s why you got screwed. Another thing you can’t be too nice they want a man and not a pussy. lastly remember how you said the other guy didn’t pay any attention to her well if it was working for him why would you not do the same, it’s common sense. You have to make her work for it that’s the whole point it makes it funner and drives that bitch crazy. So try some of the things I said they will help you get any girl you want. And stop with that shes hot bull shit she’s fucking ugly that should be you mado you can always do better you think that and you will get any girl you want. Self-seteem is the key girls respond to it like I don’t know glue or whaterver.

Buddy you got them mind game playing bitches down pat. Cheers to this guy who knows how to handle these nasty cunts.

learn to spell and show some self-respect. maybe then you’ll find a quality girl.

How could anyone give you an accurate answer? We don’t know you. All you will get here is advice from the unqualified.

im a girl and you proooobably dont want to read this…. since im a girl. But i can tell you that that has happened to me several times. You like the guy, you get him, you loose interest. serioulsy if you text her twice, and get no reply…. get the hint. she does not want to talk to you. Not in that moment at least. Maybe you text her too much? Stop texting her and see if she texts you. And if you’re always the one to text her first.. dont bother. she’s probably not interested, im sorry :/

“You like the guy, you get him, you loose interest.” …and that my friends is why you don’t engage in prolonged contact with women other than for the occational pump-n-dump. Like your average 5 year old, they have the attention span of a gerbil and will act on every god damn impulse without the slightest thougt for moral implications or consequenses. Treat them like adults at your peril…

i second the guy above me. only for the pump and dump. dont give them long attention span, they cant handle it, bitches love being ignored.

this “friend” kept telling me she wasnt in the mood for a relationship. just founf out she is f ucking 2 other guys while im waiting around. fuck being a nice guy. im nailing anything that moves

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