Brutally honest dating advice for the cynical, bitter and jaded.

Gold-diggers, whores or just straight up prostitutes?

Is a bitch taking all your money? Are you driving yourself to an early grave so she can wear designer clothes and jewelry? Is she melting the numbers off your plastic? Spending you into the poor house? Expecting you "to provide" while all she's doing is spreading her legs? Ever done the math? Ever figured out what your bitch is costing you? Are you spending more on sex than rent? What about your car payment? Exactly what are you spending on pussy? Is orgasm worth the money?


They are all goldiggers, and society has allowed this, mostly through the womens lib movement in the 60's. Now, with more women in the "male" world, they want their cake and be able to eat it too. They fall back on the women's lib stuff when things don't go their way in the cutthroat male dominated world of survival. And those online dating sites are propogating this BS - get on any of them and you can see all the tricks these skanks are up to - like only posting head shots and saying their body type is average - when in fact, they are water buffalo outweighing most college and NFL offensive linemen. And the one dating site that allows posting of salary requirements for potential dates. Its baaaad in Indiana - these chicks will indicate they want a six figure salary, but they are very cagey about not giving information on their salaries, educations, or occupations. Because they are usually only making 50 cents a freakin hour!

Lol.. men

Lol... If you date a vain bimbo, expect a cheating, golddigging, fake bitch to be underneath that makeuped face, It isn't rocket science. I have no sympathy for guys who get fucked over by these women, when it's written all over their face, what they are, if that's the only thing you'll date, expect a life of misery or develop some deepness and substance in that self-conscious, naive brain of yours. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

No, you just have no sympathy

No, you just have no sympathy for men because you don't care about men in general otherwise you would have some type of sympathy. And the truth is that most women are golddiggers with phony personalities regardless if they wear makeup or not.

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lol ur adorable..

We don't find out she is a vain, cheating, gold-digging bimbo until after we get to know them. That's like using the comment 'Not All Women Are Like That'.. We know that there still are good women out there, but it's a small percentage that (is drastically growing) are ruining it for the gender to conclude the stereotype!


"Your Adorable" she says. i smell a fake bitch.. belittling your "inferior" thoughts by calling them "adorable". there are no good women because there are no good humans. everyone is too selfish, egotistical and self involved to ever fully love another human being. these are the facts of life nowadays. your better off staying single, saving money and bettering yourself as a person both mentally physically and financially


I didn't know this was possible for a guy. You really are the clever one. I salute you.

You're all idiots.

You're an idiot. Women are gold diggers and whores because men let them be gold diggers and whores. Your victim complex is fucking pathetic. Women can't "fall back" on relying on men when there aren't men to rely on. So men, stop trading money with women for sex if you want women to stop trading sex for money. Or just shut the fuck up and stop bitching. Seriously. "OH WOMEN HAVE IT SO EASY" because you MAKE it easy for them, dipshits, and they're not "evil" for taking advantage of that because you would do the same thing in such a situation and it's not like you don't take advantage of them for their bodies anyway.

Just stop

Awesome comment: "stop trading money with women for sex". Geez guys, seems simple, doesn't it - if you want to weed out the goldiggers, don't pay for the first date. Dutch treat, 50/50. If all she wants is money, she'll be gone.

In case you didn't read the "how to" guide, women want attention, not money. Money is just one way to get attention. If you're all flashy-washy with the cash, you'll attract the carrion eaters.

six-fig chick (aka, I sure don't need or want your effin money - I've got more than enough of my own!)


Again... Daaamn

My best advice...

The best advice I can give to my brothers who don't want to deal with these women is (1) stay away from them, (2) avoid them, & (3) don't let them get to you.

Only women with self-esteem issues become gold-diggers, plus they don't have a damn clue what a relationship is all about. So if you see a woman mention anything about a man & his out! You just may very well be dealing with a gold-digger

Isn't it obvious?

In case you haven't noticed, most male/female "intimate" relationships are a form of prostitution. The woman theoretically gives a combination of sex, children and support ("emotional" and around the house). In return the man gives resources (money, cars etc) and protection (like at night).

With third-wave feminism a female can extract a man's resources and children via no-fault divorce and rely on the police for protection. If the West isn't enough evidence for you, just look at places like Japan (BBC). Elderly women kick out their husbands who have worked their entire lives (the Japanese work week is hell btw) because now they have to actually interact with them.

So basically don't marry, don't cohabitate (in many places it's treated as marriage now) and don't date single mothers (you may become liable for child support because you have a "fatherly" role- seriously just google it.

There is a misunderstanding about prostitution.

There is a misunderstanding about prostitution. I’m sure trafficking does happen, but it appears to be minor. If you go to places where prostitution is legal like in Tijuana, it is hard to find prostitutes against their will. Tijuana prostitutes are checked on a routine basis.

Is it really that HARD

Seriously...when inn wet and horny I can find anything with a pulse...I want no strings, no commitment, I just want to be treated like the wire you paid for, but didn't and left alone...why is that so hard to find?


Does she wear heels? Does she wear make up? Does she adorn herself in bling? Does she have great big beautiful fake tits? Does she have painted fingernails? Does she have painted toe nails? Does she wear perfume? Is she first in on the latest fads? Is everything to her so yesterday?

Does she lie? Well, yes. She doesn't mean to lie and would certainly be offended were someone to call a spade a spade. The fact is that she really has no idea what the truth is, it's all the same to her.

Does she think she's special? Well, no. Her appearance is her top priority, because that you think she's special is her one and only priority.

Why is this? She learned it from her mom and all of society mirrors it. She might think of herself as a Christian. Of course the other side of the same coin is fascism. It's all the same to her. In fact she has no connection to god, she is the living dead.

She has a bridal fantasy, all she wants is to be a wife because until then she doesn't even exist. When she finally bags her man, she takes up soap operas for the odd tip and for reminders that she's not alone, and she dedicates a shelf for her harlequin romance novels, but it isn't enough. Between birth control pills, babies, and dutifully providing her man with the sexual frequency and variety he requires, her #1 priority, her "special" façade has slipped far from her reach.

Earlier in her slippage, if she's Christian she'll resort to scripture, if she's fascist she'll go for pills, sometimes both. Her little fantasy is shattered. Of course the one whom she sucked into her façade, her best and usually her only friend, is the last person she can talk to. He finds his buddies are suffering the same fate, they rationalize that "mental illness" is her nature. Too bad it took so long.

When her kids become teens, she'll begin to live vicariously through them. She's still stuck on "special". She wants them to think she's cool. She tries to look (dress and make up), act and sound like them. She begins to believe she's recovering "special".

Recovering "special", perhaps remarried, she goes grocery shopping (as if it's a novelty) with her husband. She's really really pushing her youth act, and looking at food items as if they were new to her. Should we get this? I'm her age, looking at this and all I can think is oh my god, she's f'n serious. I have to walk away quickly so my thoughts aren't read.

Unfortunately, I check out at the same time as the darling couple. On my way to the exit, I feel a burning sensation and look to find the source. It's the fuck puppet's man ogling me as if I were from a different planet, which I may as well be, and perhaps am.

Without fail, she catches him checking me out. She gives me a dirty look, that's right, I'm the one she scorns. All I can think is hey man, you're the fuck puppet, not me.

I would never be number two which is why I'd never have anything to do with either if them. I'm not like them and never will be, it has been my life's mission. What an f'n turn off.

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