"i want to be single'

My fuckin ex who i loved so much, and gave my all to make a long term relationship, dumped me at the end on january, since then she's had 3 fuckin boyfriends, and when she dumped me she says " oh im sorry but im enjoying being single and i cant handle a relationship, theres too much shit going on in my life" FUCK YOU FILTHY SLAG!!!! GET FUCKIN AIDS AND THEN LETS SEE HOW POPULAR YOU ARE!!!!




All women,well at least the attractive ones that know they are,and they do,are fucked fucked fucked!!! Nowadays its the ones between nineteen and thirty that are missing a lot upstairs. They all feel like they are owed something from the world and you and you may as well lock your favorite things up music,sports etc. because you wont need them while you follow these bitches around like an obedient dog who has no say in anything. You want a life? Use your fucking hand cause after you blow,the urge for the opposite race will go. Then go do what you want to in life.

Women are worthless nowadays

Yeah, most of them have extremely high ego, don't control their impulses and are a danger to others and themselves...

Women nowadays are SO imature, even elder ones...


women are stuck up arrogant whores who always complain about how bad men are. They are pathetic. They think there so perfect and angelic, please, they're worst than guys. Those sleazy, worthless, cantankerous whores use their looks to get what they want. They are an abomination to the maniacal human race.

Heard it all before

...and it's all cowardly crappin' BS. So go ahead, go on, be single then. Hope it's a permanent state of being.

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