if all women are gold-digging, selfish whores...

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Why would any man want one? I’m a woman and I really don’t get it. No man needs a woman. Maybe some do, but really, if you’re capable enough to provide for a woman or a potential family, then you’re more than capable of taking care of yourself. Thanks to the sexual revolution, a relationship is no longer a requirement for sex, so why bother? From and economic standpoint, if a woman wants a family, she is going to need a man, at least until she can go back to work and leave the kids with grandma (because child care is freaking expensive). But men have almost no use for women, really. Typically, they don’t desire children the way that women do. And then you go to boards like this and all you do is complain that your woman is too clingy/too distant, spending all your money/emasculating you by earning more, cheating, selfish, childish, manipulating, etc. So why are you wasting your time? If you play your cards right, you could have a night of sex for the price of 2 long islands and if you’re nice, she might come back for more (for free!) There is no reason you can’t have female friends and family members for female companionship if you think you need it. Most men are so adamant against the idea of marriage, family or even just telling their girlfriends that they love them. If you’re so stingy with commitment, why do you want a woman in the first place?

That just sounded RETARDED.

A failure…You over-generalize so much, that your entire post is illogically useless for reality.

Unfortunately it’s a hard wired and ferocious biological craving. Yes, there are ways of answering the craving without entering in to a relationship but it comes at a cost, the cost of alienating oneself from the majority of society, going against the most widely adapted and accepted arrangement for a male and female sexual relationship. Unfortunately the accepted mode doesn’t work for everyone and for them it can be very oppressive. The tyranny of monogamy. Societal standards and biological desires are not always aligned. It’s frustrating but there’s not much we can do except plead our case and try to gain acceptance for our different approaches to the challenge of getting along with one another and getting what we want and need.

People who are married, or people who are in relationships still feel alienated from society because real communities where people care about one another have ceased to exist. USA is a cold ruthless society where people alienate themselves within their overpriced homes and could live months/years without ever talking to their neighbors.

The two top post that replied must be women that are angry that another woman blew their meal ticket scam, because as a man, I agree 100% with the post, and most men I know that are experienced with women have said the same thing. It’s only the SUCKERS, or the guys who think with their d*** that fall for the whole marriage/relationshit scam. The topic is dead on, men don’t NEED women other then for sex, or for the purpose of having a family. Women try and exaggerate what they can bring to the table, but 95% of it is lies and half truths which is why a wife/gf becomes more burdensome to a man over time if he stays with her. Women marry and date UP, and generally it’s men that improve the quality of life for the female, rarely it’s the other way around despite the fact that women now have jobs, and like to boast that they are “independent”. Anyhow, the problem is that in America, since prostitution is illegal, men are not given any other options to relive themselves sexually so they have no choice but to pursue relationships/marriage to have a crack at a sex life. Many guys joined the PUA moment because smart men realized that having sex with hundreds of young fit girls was a better deal than marring/dating a Western woman who is the WORSE type of wife material that is currently available on the planet (ie.see boycott American women blog). American men are also forced and coerced into marriage and relationships. From your mom starting at a young age telling you how you need a woman, to high school/collage years of how you need a steady GF, then to advertisements to grown males (ie, wedding rings) in the workforce where you’re told that you MUST seek out a woman and take care of her because that’s what “real” men do. So guys give in, going in and out of bad relationships because they’re horny (illegal to see prostitutes), and because they are told all their life that they need to seek out a woman and support her to be that “real” man.

How can we not need each other, if that was the case we would be long gone and dead as a species! The truth is men need women and women need men! We both need each other because the primary need we have is to survive to propagate our species and we cannot achieve this without working together. Men need women to ensure their genes carry on, and if it was not for un-natural laws placed on us by various means then men actually need not one but as many women as possible to spread his genes, this is how we are wired! Women need us for the same reason, for propagation, but they are wired to choose one mate very carefully (who will provide for her and the future kids she gets thru the man she decides to submit to) I think the feminine submission to the masculine is hardwired in a woman. BUT current trends in the world are confusing both men and women, we are going away from our hard wiring and adopting ways that are a sure recipe for disaster not just for us on an individual level but also as a species. We are both equal but have our roles which are very different. A mans primary need is NOT women, his primary need is FREEDOM! Men are target based creatures, we want to have a target in sight, we want to work to conquer that target and in conquering we achieve our FREEDOM! Men spend their entire lives searching for FREEDOM. A woman’s primary need is to connect in LOVE! A woman wants to connect using her love, she is a reservoir of love, she wants to share that love with her female friends, her kids, and most important her mate. I feel that masculinity is about freedom through conquering, and feminity is about loving through submitting. In the end the ultimate aim is to connect to each other and form a union which is what allows us to procreate and ensure the survival of our species. Opposites attract, a masculine man can only be complete man when he connects with a feminine woman, and a feminine woman can only be a complete woman when she connects with a masculine man. However as a woman if you start to develop your masculine side you are overstepping your role and jumping into the masculine domain, this does two things one you are suffocating men, you are taking over the only thing he knows; being a man! We cant overstep into your roles of creating life and nurturing life, and two you are repelling truly masculine men who can only love feminine women who can only bond when you are feminine and submissive and allow him to remain masculine. Don’t forget you gals have something we will never have the gift of creating another human being, stay with that so we can be men and provide for you and the gift we bring together to us and our world.

A women is a reservoir of SELF love. One word, whole lot of difference.

Really? How? almost every woman I know hates themselves in one way or an other.

Without sounding too bitter and jaded, (I am 23) monogamy is a strange concept given that until the menopause, women are only 75% efficient anyway.. 3 weeks out of 4 in working order. Being a ‘real man’ doesn’t involve accepting a position under someone’s thumb as a bitch..

Yes, of course… Men, stop fucking women altogether! Fact, we need to PROCRIATE even on selfish gold diggers. What u said proves: “Follow blidly what a woman says and u’ll get the end of the world’

If you read the site you would know the answer to your dumb question. women have a gift from satan, it is called manipulation to use others for their needs. A woman speaks of heart and love, yet is the meanest of the two sexes.Even more simple , WOMEN ARE SHIT.

Men want and will man up for a real woman–one who cooks, cleans, fucks, takes care of the house & kids, and stands by him. Any real man would love that. The 50s wife sounds degrading, but only because of the modern bullshit our society spews like toxic waste–it’s an honorable and biologically-proper existence. That doesn’t exist anymore. Now we have gold-digging man-hating cunts. So no. More girls will get played, more girls will get pumped & dumped, and it’s their own fucking fault. Not the man’s, but the woman’s. She’s been raised to be a cunt, and she’ll be a cunt, with treatment matching her cuntiness. She’s only a hole to abuse, and a yammering, inane mouth that needs a cock in it. When you start saying “how can I treat my man better, make him happy”, he’ll start saying, “honey I love you”. As for why a man would hook up with a cunt, the answer is sympathy or desperation.

Women FAGGOT ASS SCUMS over a real MAN!! These MOTHERFUCKERS have some GODDAWM nerve to chestize me by telling me calm down! SHAME ON THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!! I do NOT hit women, but i wish those BASTARD ASS SCUMBAGS were slaughtered and killed for stealing the pussy that THE SANDMAN should’ve gotten!!!!!! And I FUCKING mean it, GODDAWMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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