Lost her mind? ...Or set me free? (or both?)

I’m in love with this girl.. No buts about it, we’re the same age, share a ton of interests, got along really well together and have a matching (extremely high) sex drive. She (and the other 3 of the last 4 girls I’ve been with) have told me I’m the best in bed they’ve ever had. We would compete to see who would run out of stamina first in bed, we’d race each other when jogging, we’d compete in words with friends (basically scrabble online). It was a healthy competition. I felt like I could be myself around her and completely loved every aspect of her personality, looks and conduct. Basically we clicked like I’ve clicked with nobody else. We ended up in a relationship for 2 months, but I promptly ended it once bitch gave me herpes. She mentioned that she had “the cold sore virus” one night when we were both hammered, and right before we had sex.. She had genital herpes, so when I was looking out for a cold sore, she had a breakout without telling me, and well, the rest is history. She cried and felt awful about it, but in my rage I dumped her immediately. In her sadness she drove to her parent’s house 3 hours away that evening. After a few months (and multiple other hookups for me-(don’t worry I told them all about my condition and everything was amiable) We started talking again and things ended up working their way up to us hooking up again and feelings rekindling. Unfortunately, I had plans to move across the country the next month. These plans were made before I had gotten with her the first time. I visited her for a few days before I went out and things went as well as they could’ve gone.. We left that visit and started talking daily in a very romantic fashion. After a few weeks, I found out that one of my favorite bands from Europe (meaning they don’t come to the states often) was going to her hometown. I mentioned that and the possibility of my visit. She was immediately delighted and, despite me not being sure about going, she talked me into it. I scheduled a 3-week visit, in which I would have to take my big computer that I built myself (my baby) as a carry-on on the plane-I was taking online classes so I needed it- and spend hundreds of dollars on the tickets. As the visit drew nearer, I noticed in the last couple of weeks she was being distant, and when I asked her if anything was up she brushed it off, saying that she was ‘busy’. I knew she was at least busy as it was her midterms week and she played a sport, and as I was busy too I didn’t really look into it or question her more. I also felt like I was being paranoid, and wanted to foster a level of trust, so I let the situation go. 14 hours before I’m supposed to leave, she sends me a text basically saying she met another guy, and is having conflicting feelings about everything. She finished by writing “I’m not saying I don’t want to see you at all, I’m just saying I’m confused”.. I call her to find out this has been building up for 2-3 weeks, and she just now decided to tell me. Apparantly they didn’t fuck, but did “everything else”. I did get angry, but I told her I was mostly mad because I had put tremendous effort into the trip and I was under the impression that I wouldn’t get a refund on my ticket within 24 hours of the flight. I asked her what made her wait so long to tell me and she said she was afraid “i’d get mad”.. I was more angry at the moment because she’d waited to tell me, and in my mind that was the 2nd time our relationship had taken a massive hit because of her inability to properly communicate with me.. She went on to cite doubts about the distance, and how her mother didn’t approve of me, and doubts of my commitment as we weren’t “officially” in a relationship. I responded that I didn’t want to tie her down to keep dick out of her mouth, and if she really had loved me she wouldn’t have let someone else get close to her that close to my visit.. At one point she asked me how she could make it up to me.. This infuriated me. I said “Make it up to me? You can start by buying me out of that first flight!” It was a statement made in anger that I thought she’d never say ‘yes’ to. But (this is insult to injury) she did. She got all the info she needed from me to make the transfer, and was prepared to spend nearly $200 to not have me visit. This is after months of professing her love to me, some lewd pictures (that I will link below) and, on the day before I was set to leave (the same day she sent that text and we had that conversation)- I got one of those sexual coupon packets from her in the mail with a note about how excited she was about my arrival. There’s more-I promise I’m almost done.. The next day (the day I was supposed to leave to visit her) I find out I get my money back from the airline tickets in the form of credit to fly elsewhere. I call to tell her this, she doesn’t answer. She later sends me a text saying she found that out and that she didn’t want to talk to me again. I call her, text her, email her, all to no avail. She offers me no explanation as to why she won’t talk to me-even though that’s all I’d asked for-an explanation-even if she put it in a text or email so she wouldn’t have to talk to me. I said that I didn’t deserve to be left hanging after all we’d been through. Well, she changed her phone number and blocked me on FB. In my mind someone with communication issues such as her’s isn’t worth my time, and despite how well we clicked, this may have been an impossible issue.. Maybe she’s a total whore (although her previous conduct hasn’t shown that). Maybe that guy was there and convenient while I was 1,000s of miles away. I don’t believe that in 2 weeks she developed anything as meaningful as what she left in me. I just don’t understand how she went from being distant to that text and conversation (where she seemed undecided and used the word ‘confused’ more than once) to not talking to me at all 12 hours later. Anyways, because she won’t talk to me I’ve made her photos available on a variety of sites. Now two wrongs certainly don’t make a right, but I’m not blackmailing her, I’m not showing the pics to her friends, siblings or parents, I simply made them public. I’m not asking if this was the right thing to do, I’m asking was I justified? Support my cause and have yourself a look (and download if you so choose) at the pics!! It’s the closest thing to revenge I plan to have.. And by all means, put them on a billboard-especially in the greater Albany, NY area! https://www.flickr.com/photos/88465158@N03/sets/72157631745277142/ (you have to be logged on to flickr with your safesearch settings off.. They can be found on other sites too, but I’m not certain of the links, and I dropped them on so many other sites I cannot remember too many of them anyways.)

She could have stuck you with the whole tickett. Atleast you got a voucher for the trip. Putting pictures on the web of someone without their permission, just because your but hurt that she found someone else is a little fucked up. Then posting it? Sounds to me like she could have strung you along for quite some time if she wanted to… And question? How do you fly thousands of miles round trip for 200 bucks? Sounds like bullshit to me. If not? can you tell us all what airline you fly, and how we can get a deal like that? And the herpes, you should be a little more carefull about what you stick your dick in… Could have been HIV.

the bitch had it coming

Dear Friend: I had sexual intercourse with a woman who had the Herpes Virus. I did not know that she had the Herpes Virus. I assumed from the start that she had the: HIV Positive Virus AIDES Virus Herpes Virus Therefore, I used a Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated condom and KY Jelly to have sexual intercouse with this woman. My condom prevented me from contracting the Herpes Virus from this woman. For this reason, at the present time I do not have the: Herpes Virus HIV Positive Virus AIDES Virus in addtion, I am not dying of the AIDES Virus. A man who uses a Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated condom and KY Jelly to have sexual intercourse with some of the biggest women sluts who: have thin stomachs weigh 125 pounds or less are in the age range of 18 years old to 29 years old Andy J. Brown

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