Lying bitch

So 5 months into our relationship after already settling/knowing shes going to school like a hour away in the boondock mountains ( I ain’t driving there, sweetheart, blah blah, at the beginning she told me she’d be going away for a year and I objected to getting into a long distance relationship, I said wtf anyway since she and my friend INSISTED we could work it out ), my 18 year old GF (I’m 21) decides shes just gone dump me cause I didn’t come see her before she left for school the week before. I was exhausted from work. So she goes to school, I’m like ok, I’m thinking it’ll fix itself soon. Yeah fuckin’ right! She left me and got with some asshole at school that she JUST met. She told my friend she “Fell out of love” with me. And I was always “exhausted” (Cause I was working so I could be paying to feed her fat-ass + gas money + gifts + myself). She acts like its my fault. She tells me she just wants to be friends (This is before the guy popped up). She sends me a FB message after days of silence and says she has a BF now. The guy looks like a retard and probably is, but the point is that she supposedly gave a shit but just dumps me while shes at school basically. Man women are fucking dumb. I already met a psycho ex-best friend last year, this year I meet a dumb bimbo who homie-hopped her way to a 1 inch dick her new BF has. I’m supposedly hot/handsome and a provider so I figured, hey she ain’t going anywhere so long as I don’t kill her with a bat? Yeah. No

This is 3 days AFTER she looooves me. 4 days before that she comes home and I say lets go out. Shes like oh I feel bad and she has Vertigo. I go see a movie but then days later “You should’ve took me”, bitch please I tried but you didn’t want me even though I already drilled you 50 times and lost my virginity to you. THEN I get hit with the BF. I delete her ass and I plan on destroying the shit she gave me until its a smoldering pile of ashes. Also this school is “No sex on campus” with a PD and the F/M dorms seperated. Yet she dumps me? WHAT? So, I’m back to fapping. While she sits there after months of broken promises. Even before she left I told her to listen to Just a Friend by Biz Markie. “I’ll never do that to you” HAHAHA Did the EXACT almost same thing just listen to the lyrics or find them on Google. From the school part on could be the same shit. She left an EMT too. I even took her ass to the hospital with my friend, in the ambulance. Yeah I can’t figure that shit out. I guess I dont matter no matter how much I care or care(d) (Fuck if I know anymore)

Just a follow up to this story… She finally admitted after I WENT THE FUCK OFF — or atleast she claimed, that she dumped me cause she couldn’t see a future with me. Cause I make minimum wage. That I can’t support a family or buy a house with it. That she was happy with the retard she met at school and he makes her happy blah blah. This coming from a 19 year old with no life experience, no job, who is only now discovering new asshole friends off on a campus. I know it’s gonna all roll back on her fat ass but wow — just wow. I never knew how shallow some of these bitches were till I heard that shit. She isn’t even hot. More blunt people actually just told me she was ugly and even uglier than people they thought were ugly that they dated. And I’m handsome and hot. Go figure, guess even the ones with no self esteem and the general description of ugly will run away to stick another dick in their mouths… It’s been weeks now and we haven’t spoken at all. I don’t care anymore, I ignored her on Fakebook and told her I was only in it for the nookie, just to annoy her bitch ass. Now I’m single and out of Shawshank, but alone with noone to do shit with. Never once did I do anything bad enough to get dumped, so oh well. Now I’m stuck with memories. That’s the worst part, reminders, memories, and general shit that you did together. Worst of all I even lost my virginity to the bitch. But I’m okay now. I just watch porn and focus on work. I guess that’s how us guys are cursed.

So supposedly I got dumped for making minimum wage, I finally am notified. How shallow.

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