manipulative, sinister, irrational creatures!!

Bwahahahah ... these folks hit the alot nails on the head. I've told every woman I've ever dated that they are crazy, ha, and finally someone has put it down on paper, they are manipulative, sinister, irrational creatures!!! Women will believe what ever they want to believe, "but, honey that's not true", replies, "I don't care it's the way I feel", I'm sure everyman has pulled his hair out having one of these conversations. Take that, I wasn't the one, who was crazy.

Women Aren't Worth The Effort

I've yet to meet a woman who's worth the effort.

Women -- as a group -- are capricious beyond all reason, impossible to please, impossible to communicate with, unreliable, untrustworthy and just plain impossible to tolerate.

Women talk about feelings a lot, but it's their own feelings. They don't generally give a damn about men's feelings. And what they really want in a husband or boyfriend is an emotional punching bag. The very last thing a woman wants is to know that she's probably caused men the worst pain of their lives ... because women have convinced themselves that they're soooo loving and compassionate.


And the most maddening thing is that everyone tolerates their crap. The women think it's funny! They give a little wink and say, "Aren't us girls just the living end!"

Not to me.

I've yet to meet one who's worth the effort, and who demonstrates any respect.

They're nice to look at, but even sex is not worth it to me.

I'm increasingly resigned to being single the rest of my life.

I'm 33.

absolutely not!!!!!!!!!!

women are worth the effort but you just have to know what to do and if the woman doesnt seem interested and they are with you they just want attention or are just playing hard to get c'mon any dumb fuck would know this if they paid attention to the woman

continued from above

any ways why would the sex not be worth it are you fucking your cars tail pipe or something ive heard of it before its not very sanitary and staying single is the worst move you can make youll never know what or who is out there for you DUMBFUCK

Not worth it

When you realize sex is just friction and you can kill that desire with girls photoshoped in porn, who look ten times better anyway. Just do yourself a favor as I do jerk off and be done with the thought. I'd honestly rather build my perfect women in a virtual world or hit the iron at the gym than deal with the constant selfish women. If you don't have money, aren't some two inch bicep king bitch boy, who thinks he is cool and very tough having lots of resources at his hands then women won't respect you! You needs lots of money for them because in the end just being committed to each other is not what they really want. This doesn't mean turn gay either guys or let women convince you that's why you're turned off by them. It's just a means of coming to maturity. Enjoy your life and when the urge for a girl comes around just remember masturbation is your friend! The world is a cruel, dark gruesome place. I honestly don't even want kids now that I have met woman and more so understand the world and how it works. I'd rather save my unborn children from the pain an sorrow and this cold dark earth and the rest of the world dig themselves a grave fighting over selfish desires. I'm very content and become sane again when I'm left alone as much as possible as an individual in this world. This really does go for all things especially women. You'll find the silence will destroy the selfish, greedy, corrupt in this world as it restores you and makes you whole again. Let the women have their greedy men that think they are worth the time. It's those greedy fools who are just as bad as them and the good guys the ones worth it who will die alone. Real men stand alone!

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