Need advice from guys

Okay, if you got head every morning and at night you either had sex or got another blow job-would you still feel the need to look at porn & masturbate in between?! I know everyone looks at porn-but not every guy can say then get head on a daily basis. It just makes me feel like I am not good enough when my boyfriend has to masturbate a few hours after I suck him off. Help me get over this insecurity! I don't want this to end up ruining what I have.

Every guy is diffrent and I

Every guy is diffrent and I think age is a factor.

Guys like me really don't like porn but use it to get off in between long gaps of not having sex with a woman. However, once I'm in a relationship I don't have the desire to look at porn.

On the other hand, many guys get caught up into porn because it's so perfect, and the girl is "so hot" that even though they have a GF/wife they still use porn.

As a guy I don't see what the issue is (less work for you) but if it bothers you that bad you should leave because his desire to look at other women preforming sex acts is not going to go anywhere anytime soon.

I do not know what the

I do not know what the problem is, but it certainly is not you. I bet every guy on this site wishes he had a girl that goes through that much trouble to keep him happy. Hell, you can even marry me if you want!!

Your guy is a mighty lucky fella

Most everyone (I know me for sure) would really love such treatment. But porn is a whole other issue. Much of what turns us on is what is going on in that big organ between our...ears. Are you matter-of-fact about the bjs? Do you act sexy? Do you examine what he is watching that turns him on and see if it involves other activities/sights/sounds/experiences than you give him? Do you experiment? Does he always look at the same type of porn, or lots of different kinds? How varied is what you do together?

Very complicated issue. My guess, based on way insufficient information, is that he likes high frequency and high variety. He probably totally loves the blowjobs and knows how fucking lucky he is, so would never indicate that he might be getting almost bored in some ways. Does he want multiple partners? Or is he just an inveterate sex addict who needs to come six or eight times a day?

Could be lots of things. Experiment if you cannot solicit the reasons from him, try to figure it out. Good luck. And if you are ever in the neighborhood... :-)

Why porn?

Girl, you are kidding, right? The reason men like porn is because it comes with a remote control. You CANNOT compete with a tech toy!!! Let him have it - if he were in a room full of porn queens dying to fuck him, he'd still rather reach for the remote. The masturbation has nothing to do with you or the porn - it's just a habit, like brushing his teeth. There's no reason to be insecure - you are terrific and he knows it. Just make sure he remembers to tell you how terrific you are every day - don't let him take you for granted.

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