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I was in a horrible relationship. When it first started it was the best. After a couple years we had a child. After having the child things changed really quick. She started using heavily. I caught her with guys in my house. I caught her lying about being at work when she was not. I caught her lying about a lot. She got so bad on that stuff that I had enough and moved out with my baby. I tried to help her out getting off that stuff for well over the next year. It was a constant battle of her lies about not being on it when clearly I could see that she was. I had enough and split. Now that she is finally clean and doing a lot better for herself, she wants to continue the relationship where it left off. She had admitted to lying and cheating but never fully believed she had remorse. She said that it was the dope. She now wants to spend more time with me and the child, but wonders why I do not want to touch or hold her. Sometimes I think she comes over for me and not the child. Does anyone have any suggestions or opinions about how I should handle this situation?

Hell yeah, stop talking to that ho. SH?t happens everyday my life is hell, yours is just as bad, but you know what… and my words here- ” Hard times are mother fing temporary” drop her she can see the baby whenever, but dont make any contact, shes such a loser shell probably drop out of life for 10 years
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Your baby would be better off without that whore influence on her… hard words but true words, because the older he/she gets, if you ever have another situation like this arise, she’ll make you look like the bad guy as opposed to her and her past, which she’d never admit to the kid. Maybe one day you will find a woman who will make a better step(mother) to this sorry excuse, dope doesn’t turn you into a lying, cheating whore, there was one laying dormant in the beginning.


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