On the women being all sluts part statement.

Ok so let me try and break this down the way an Empath would regardless of gender let me cut this simple I feel everything so no one is spoofing me with reverse psychology, game playing in fact wasting ones time I want level headed rational people responding. Ok first off I 100% not agree but can see the point made when it comes to game playing either gender can do it in fact men are mentally more intelligent than women after puberty that’s standard science a complete brain dead knows this and I also think women are by far better at emotional function than men after all the ammount of raged comments I read shows men cannot keep their ok while women happily play him like a baffoon on a killing spree so that’s only going by the theory of what I read rather than my own words. So who are the better game players honestly men mop this one up (master groomers) men are by far better at chess boarding a situation why because a lady would want to try and evade combat but it is in a mans nature to lay you into the pavement and well tough should have listened I mean he did give the other person a chance to walk away they didn’t take it so in the act of defending ones self violence as a last defensive strategy is logical this applies to men and women choose they die or if needs be or your kids suffer you being defeated? I know what I would choose mans finished. All women are slags ok this isn’t at all true plenty of men are dirty, disrespectful pieces of trash in fact I have soundly thumped many men for the fact they are more physically aggressive in the all in all than women who yes can be aggressive but tend to be a little less unless she’s a psychotic bitch. But then one could say the guys a rotten bastard so how do you split the who’s better who’s worst. It is simple make life simple and play the detective game Empath personally I love it. So the cold shoulder, reverse psychology the persistent ????????????????????? everything is in my eyes a persons way of being a game playing piece of shit with the mental span and i.q of a bloody cake filling. Men and women both play pathetic irrational games but yes women do play the games more but thankfully men happen to be more on their game than they assume. A women who loves chaos will drag it on and on over and over the basic bitch basically but then a bratty guy will just floor you there and then more than likely a real man will walk away but either way he has ended things on the spot. Now the other side a calmer approach I hand that to the females they are more intuitive than men but not by even much at all cognitively thinking wise men walk that front aka men are perfect groomers so I think men are actually so good at mind games they become undetected where as women don’t hide it so much. From personal relationship experiences and majority I would agree women just play stupid games they work on men the guy rightfully gets angry and she plays the victim. But then there’s women who genuinely are in love with him and he is just damn right being a total dick and the message isn’t getting into the narrow minded thickos head she isn’t game playing you’re just abusing your women dude wake up :O I have a girlfriend after a terrible bout of 27 years of hell and she is kind, passionate, loyal she is loving and one of the most awesome humans born and the best one I have ever attached a connection to there’s no games no stupid questions or fake play and school kid psychology there’s just me and her honest, loyal and well happy :D Don’t even need to ask her what shes doing abroad or not she does that out of choice and she doesn’t have to tell me a thing I treat her the same way back out of dignity it is respectful from a guys point of view to treat someone that good like a queen back fairs fair. But I also strongly agree if someone is asking for a war man or women and yous trike with justice I have to say tough they wanted to bite off more than they could chew lesson learned some people really don’t care enough to take your crap they are called realists and Empaths which are hated because you cannot contest honesty.

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