Time to FO all women

Spent the last year dating women and everyone has turned out to be a bitch! I,m a succesful thirty summit, look after myself physically , well mannered , inteligent , hard working dude. I treated all the women with respect even the ugly fat ones with debt problems but they have all turned out to be self centred prima donna's.

Its taken 12 mths to work this one out and as such I am about to get one over of the cruel hearted bitch's in the name of men everywhere.

It will give me great pleasure to see one of these women have a bit of REJECTION and a lot of extra hassle just to see how they handle it LOL

Yeah F*** em all I'm back to beer , sport , bikes and ROck n roll. If i want sex I will pick n pay directly for it then walk away with my ball sack empty but my emotions intact.

There are some good ladies out there but they are all taken with only the bitter freaks left!

F*** U Women Everywhere

Amen Amen

Amen, brother. Sounds like you learned the key lesson early in your life.

You talked about ugly and fat women

I read your report. You talked about ugly and fat women. I am going to try to shut off all payments for dates to women who are ugly and fat. I am trying to reduce the payments for dates to ugly and fat women to a $0.00. I only pay for dates to some of the women who have:

Thin stomachs

weigh 125 pounds or less

are in the age range of 18 years old to 29 years old

Dear Abby is a writer for a newspaper column. I know another woman who is like Dear Abby. I will call her Dear_Abby_number_2. Dear_Abby_number_2 says she has all the answer to dating. Dear_Abby_number_2 says that fat and ugly women can cook food. When a fat and ugly woman cooks a 100 course dinner, I am not showing up to eat it. I have done this for 10 years in a row and I plan to do it for the next 10 years. When a fat and ugly woman cooked a 100 course dinner a man named "Jen" showed up to eat it. Now Jen is dating the fat and ugly woman. I want to be different than Jen. I am going to try to avoid dating fat and ugly women.

Yours very truly,


You said in your report that many women are saying "no" to you

I read your report. I thought your report said that many women are rejecting you when you ask them for dates. I know this man named, "James Wilson". James goes to the nighclub parites in the Manhattan section of New York City to ask women for dates. My opinion is that many of women in Manhattan are very tough and hard when it comes to asking for dates. James goes to the nightclub party and asks many white women and Jewish Princesses for dates. It many, many, many cases them Manhattan women give him the answer, "no". James wants to date the women in Manhattan. James has totally failed when it comes to getting dates with the women in Manhattan. I think that the women in Manhattan will tell me "no", when I ask them for a date, so I am planning to leave the Manhattan nightclub and go to the J and R Gentlemens Club stipclub nightclub in the Bronx section of New York City and ask the striptease dancers, who dance at that stripclub for dates. That is how I will try to solve the problem of the women in Manhattan wanting to try to reject me when I ask them for a date.

Yours very truly,


This WILL change

More and more often we see this subject on the internet..
Men going crazy with the highly selfish demands of women
Our numbers are increasing. Years from now we'll have revolution, because feminism keeps demanding more and more, and greed is an self-destroying weapon.

Lighten up Francis

Dude, seriously... let your anger out but then lighten up a little.

What you need to do is not put yourself out there so much when you get into a relationship. Do not put your heart and soul into it. As much as you want it, you'll have to get your emotional intimacy somewhere else. Maybe get a dog.

As for women, date them, but don't get attached. Be happy with sex and pump-n-dump when a woman starts giving you any sort of shit at all. Eventually you might find one that you want to spend more time with, and maybe, if she's lucky, you'll let your guard down again.

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