Are they for real? Am I being punked?

My boyfriend and I were together for 6 months. But had been on for a month or so before we formally started dating. I was convinced we were perfect. So in love. I told the world. He came to my house for few days after our anniversary. We were so perfect. showered together. Kissed in the pool underwater. Told me he loved every part of me. Made love. Then he left for home on the train. After that I barely heard from him for two days. Sick of him not fighting for me when we fought I put out an empty threat of ending us. He was MORE than happy for that option? What? I rang him. In tears telling him I didn’t mean it. He told me that he had been meaning to end it for weeks. He just didn’t know how. Brace yourselves. “it hurt every time I had to lie and tell you I loved you back” STILL WANTS TO KEEP IN TOUCH. good joke.

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Bitch About Guys

Dated off and on in freshman and sophomore year, and then didn’t talk for the rest of the time, totally thought we
I recently got dumped (this is the 1st time for me cuz I always do the breaking up)
We were together almost 2 years. We lived with each other almost out entire relationship.
This is an antidote to bitching about guys that have fucked you around.
We flirted for a year. Dated on and off for 6 months.