Are you busier than the president?!

Guys want us to understand that they are busy. They got work. They got responsibilities. But they can’t even pick up their phone and say, “Hi, I’m busy.” They want us to trust them yet they can’t text us and say where they are, who their with, and when they’ll be back. We are just concerned and we want to know that you’re not forgetting about us. Like how can we understand if you don’t give us a reason to.

Its like they dont even consider how it feels when they promise to text or call, and then dont and have the audacity not to even think to say ‘im really busy cant talk today’ or something. You wait all day for nothing. And if he does call he sounds like he want to be doing anything but talking to you. So FUCK all the guys who call a girl and then sound bored talking to her. If you didnt want to call, dont say you will, or text that you arent in the mood to talk, she doesnt deserve your shitty attitude and you just being an inconsiderate dick.

We could call and say we’re busy. It only takes a minute. But then you’ll try to change our mind or whine or acquiesce with a guilt-tripping, disappointed tone in you voice. Women like to manipulate, but don’t like to get manipulated. Ha, ha.

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