Cheating Boyfriend

My boyfriend cheated on me a few weeks before we went on holidays. The holiday was a group holiday that also had the girl he had been sleeping with. We broke up after and he didn't tell me what he had done until a friend of ours told me when I was dating someone else. I'm still in love with him but he has a new girlfriend and I want to get back at the two of them. What Kuba did to me was so traumatising and I'm sinking in depression with the only thought in my head is how to make him aware of the pain he caused me. He is also lying to his current girlfriend and cheating on her. I believe I can save her the pain I went through. Unfortunately, I’m not over him and every time we talk I feel he wants me back. I’d enjoy seeing him alone and then turn him down but I’m not sure what to do. I’ve tried everything to get him and his current girlfriend apart. I’ve texted them both from different numbers and I’ve been telling her how much of a cheater he is.

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