The fact is guys DON’T LIKE NICE GOOD GIRLS!!! Then when you marry an evil Succubus who doesn’t do right by you you’re always angry and surprised and wanna claim ALL women are evil sluts!!! No honey. YOU HAVE IT TWISTED!!! Look to YOURSELF for the problem cause BABY IT’S Y-O-U!!! Please get a clue!!! That nice sweet good girl who “wasn’t enough of a challenge” for you whom you treated like dog shit and chose the evil girl over, she would have done right by you. So it’s your own fault when you end up with a “slut.” When you put in the highest bid for manure don’t be surprised by the shit you end up with!!! Those are the breaks. WISE UP!!!

Q. “Waaaa. Why do all girls like bad boys and thugs?” A. “For the same reason all you men like crazy pussy.” They need to stop lying and twisting this shit around on us. Men can smell crazy pussy from miles away and once they zoom in on it, if she has crazy eyes to boot, they get a hard on, and if she does crazy things and make their lives miserable, they marry her. FACT.

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