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Are beautiful women trying to “trick” men?

A recent survey of men certainly bolsters the claim that women are sneaky bitches tricking men into marriage and fatherhood. But are women really that calculating?

Is she cheating on you? Does she fit this profile?

Just because you have a small penis, are terrible in bed, and have no money doesn’t mean that your girlfriend is doing all your friends. But here are the signs.

Nerd who can’t get sex from real women, builds his own.

Years ago, I predicted that nerds would one day create robots you could screw who look like Scarlett Johansson after having a mild stroke. And that day is, apparently, today.

What Facebook should really do to help people who get dumped.

Facebook recently unveiled new tools to ease your painful transition back into single loserdom. But we’re surprised that they didn’t take a more pro-active approach. 

Why the tinder “dating” app won’t get you anything but laid.

The tinder app is simple genius: You swipe through a variety of hotties in your area and swipe right on the ones you like. If they swiped right on you, too...BAM! you’re off to pound-town. So what’s the problem?

Were you taught sex by a psycho crazy person? Find out.

There’s a lot of misinformation about sex going around these days, and there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve got some rattling around in your head. Like what? Watch this video. 

What women look for most in a penis. (Hint: it's not size.)

Certainly there have been tons of studies and interviews done to determine if size matters or if it’s really just what you do with it that matters, but is there something even more important to women?


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