God fucks over women again, throws ugly guys a bone.

If you’re female and religious, you might want to seriously reconsider the whole Darwin/Evolution theory (or actually learn what it is.) Because if you don’t embrace the idea that there is no god, then you’ll have to make peace with the idea that God really hates women.

In an evolving, godless world, it’s easier to explain the findings of a University of Helsinki study suggesting that women are getting better looking over the generations, while men are not. And that these better-looking women are having more female children, too.

Beautiful women have more children than their plainer counterparts, and a higher proportion of those children are girls. [The study] found attractive women had 16%…and very attractive 6% more children than their less attractive counterparts. Meanwhile, the least attractive men had 13% fewer children than other men.

So in the very near future, there will be tons of more attractive, though somewhat shorter and heavier, super-hotties competing for the affections of fewer and fewer ordinary, ugly men. All of which proves, fairly conclusively, that there either isn’t a God, or that he’s damn sure a dude.

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