Apparently not all sluts have low self-esteem.

For some fucked up reason, Society is once again trying to dissuade women from expressing their sexual freedom. They’re trying to shame women into wearing ugly, non-revealing clothes and feeling bad about putting out. Luckily, a group of self-actualized sluts are out fighting for a woman’s right to dress like a tramp.

This past January 24th, 2011, a representative of the Toronto Police gave shocking insight into the Force’s view of sexual assault by stating: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” But rather than just taking it lying down (pun intended), a large group of self-described sluts took it to the streets.

On April 3rd, they held the first, and hopefully not the last, Slut Walk Toronto to re-appropriate the word slut. And I couldn’t agree more.

After all, the term has historically had a negative connotation and that’s insane. Why would any guy not want women to want sex? Men like these cops should be out there encouraging and protecting promiscuity, not vilifying it. The world clearly needs more women who want sex than not. Believe me, there are already plenty of prudes to go around.

But what bothers me about this misogynistic cop’s asinine admission isn’t that it assumes we men can’t control our penises in the presence of a hot chick. Or that rape is somehow the only inevitable course of action when we see too much cleavage.

No, what bothers me is that the Toronto police force has clearly not read our article on why women dress like sluts in the first place. Sadly, it has nothing to do with wanting sex.

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I was there. lol I was under the impression sluts were hott, until that point. Btw #Hireme

Dear man who sent me an email letter: I am interested to date some women, who are tramps, who have low self esteem who are: have thin stomachs weigh 125 pounds or less are in the age range of 18 years old to 29 years old live in the Bronx section of New York City Yours very truly, Antichrist_10

you are not interested in dating women. you just want to use them for sex. try eros bronx.

The problem with sluts is that they don’t put out equally to everyone. They only put out for the alphas, the 8-9-10’s, the PUA’s, the bad boys. The rest of the population, mostly beta male, get no tail, no matter how ugly the sluts may be.

maybe you are stuck in your feelings of rejection and the “slutty” girls want to be with more confident guys.

to call oneself slutty is self-denegration. we need to think of a better term, such as “liberated woman” but shorter and catchier. “free spirit” is decent, but that connotes long unwashed hair, beads, guitars and traveling. i like “goddess” because it shows pride and desirability and freedom and power.


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