Why men typically don't listen to women when they talk.

Women are forever bitching that men don’t listen to them. “We never talk,” they’ll whine. “Why are you always ignoring me?” Women think it’s because men don’t love them, but the real problem is the crap women say.

I’m not going to say that ALL women say stupid shit — lots of women are smart. But enough women are out there in public saying stuff so stupid that videos like these get made. And if there wasn’t any truth to it, they wouldn’t be so funny. Enjoy!

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Yeah, I second that comment. Me and my wife had our 16th Anniversary on Nov. 26th. She had in a sexy outfit and I said “Hey, that’s looks good on you, you look really good” this MF told me “yeah, thats why alot of man want to talk to me”. I was so mad inside but, we were all dressed up and going out to eat at the cheescake factory in Virginia beach and my kids were coming and I didnt want to ruin it for them so I sucked up my pride and keep the peace so we can go out. Stupid shit??? that was down right DISRESPECTFUL. Fucking women, not all of them but, most of them. Some just fuck it up for all of them.

maybe you do or say things that make her feel insecure about your attraction to her. maybe you have given her the impression that making you jealous is the only way for her to get your attention. you need to talk about the ways you have hurt each other and what you both will do to change your behavior.

It drives me crazy when my husband says, “What?” more than once. I will not repeat myself three times. And we have a language barrier between us. But I feel like if he really wants to know what I’m saying, he’d move into the room I’m speaking from or he’d say, “Wait! I can’t hear you!” or SOMETHING! I’ve resigned myself to the fact that he won’t, so I will. This is what I came up with meantforsomethingbetter(dot)com/2012/03/02/better-conversations-with-men/

men relax their defenses through physical activity and humor. also, make sure not to start the conversation with criticism. there was an article in the ny times about a male therapist who gets his male clients to open up by telling them to pace around the room during therapy. make a joke or do an activity together, and then ask him a serious question or talk about your feelings to catch him off guard when his defenses are more relaxed. men have very fragile egos so don’t start off negative because then he will put up his defenses and it will be more difficult to get through to him. keep praising him for things he does well and he will pay attention to you.

Ill tell you why men dont listen. Its because you women BITCH and COMPLAIN all the time. Its a proven fact by doctors that when a women starts to bitch her voice goes to a certain level or pitch and when us MEN hear it we uncontiously shut you off and we REALLY dont hear you. Its not that we dont want to hear you, its that we REALLY cant hear you,lol.

work through your mother issues and stop projecting them onto women. your mother didn’t listen to your feelings as a child so you internalized her message and processed it as, “feelings are not important.” now you’re having problems with women and you’re feeling angry. find a woman who wants to listen to you and this will be the corrective experience you need to appreciate women and yourself and to improve your relationship with your mother.

I try web over 4 years. Rarely I see such academic forums. www.relationshit.com  — great name for a page with this theme. I recently surprised another one site ( tv broadcasting ). I will be back.

any women want to make videos of all the shit men DON’T say? guys are socialized to repress their feelings so they can work. that’s why they punch things and don’t listen to women. if men listened to themselves more, they could learn to express their feelings and relate to women rather than keep complaining about them. guys are so focused on performance that they lose sight of the consequences of their behavior. they claim to be more rational and that women are more emotional, but what is the rationale behind repressing your own feelings, dismissing women’s, making them angry and then you start having performance problems at work and in bed? women want to listen to you too. we’re obsessed with figuring you out and you love it. my advice is take the path of least conflict: listen to women, talk about your feelings, and then everyone wins.


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