Stuff about getting dumped

You won’t believe what big penises drive women to do.

Have a tiny penis? Well, congratulations! Because finally, there's a study about penis size that may make you feel better about your minuscule manhood. Researchers looked into how penis size related to relationship factors and the results will surprise you. Read more »

Buy Relationshit’s “Guide To Girls” before you’re too old and ugly to need it.

Most dating advice books out there are crap — mostly written by women, for women. The few that aren’t are written by boring psychologists or “sensitive” losers. They’re books meant to be read while weeping softly in the fetal position. This book, on the other hand, was written to be read on the toilet after seven beers and a damn steak dinner. Read more »

New book explains how your parents have already ruined your love life.

You always suspected that your parents would screw up any chance you had at happiness, right? Well, you were right. And unfortunately, if you’re old enough to read this, you’re too late to stop them. Read more »

A loving tribute to the king of pain, anger and screaming.

At the dawn of darkness, when love officially died, a savior was born. A messiah who began his life as an evangelical minister (before anyone realized it was a great way to bilk billions from the poor), but who wised up and abandoned God to instead save mankind through truth. Read more »

Attention dumpees: This is your new favorite song.

Sometimes somebody comes along and just owns the rage they feel about getting dumped. And you think, “Yeah, fucker. I feel you.” And you know for a fact that nothing is gonna make that poor shit feel any better. But then you hear this song and you think, “Shit, he nailed it.” This track is that nailed shit. Read more »

Chicks who go for limpwrists

What's the deal with chicks who a few years ago fell all over themselves to tell you how different they are from the feminists, and how they want a "real man..." and now fall for some swish at work who prisses better than she does ...and tells you your inflexible, and too macho, and how he really listens to her...?

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