cheating whore

Well, for one i work far too often. But one has to when the other does shit. Ive been dating this girl for over a tear now and she told me she has cheated on me once a weekend for the past month with some asshole. She cried and said she regretted all of it and has called sobbing saying she misses me and how horrible she has been. So, do I keep her? She obviously knows what she did was wrong and horrible, do I just boot her out? Or do I drag on her sob story to prolong her pain then dump her anyway just to rub it in her face?

just drag on her sob story to prolong her pain then dump her anyway just to rub it in her face. that’s the only way they learn

WEll, if she told you that she wass cheating on you then she wanted to see how you react to it and to see if you in fact would forginve her. Rubbing it in her face may not work because your not married like me. My wife cheated on me 6 months before I retired from the Navy. Now, when we argue I rub in her face so bad. I do it because if she caught me cheating she would do it, Thats how women are. They can do screw up and want you to forget them and go on like nothing happenned BUT when YOU make a mistake HELL FREEZES OVER and you wont hear the end of it. Rub it in her face if you choose to stay with her. I rub it and cuss at my wife when we argue now, its so satisfying to see the bitch cry and appologize.

Its one of hardiest lesson in life to learn!! But its never OK or right to replace your hearts pain by inflicting or returning it back on the one who you feel deserves it!! In doing so, you will not only sacrafice your selfworth or the integrety that it takes to really love another! But you will also be subjecting your self to a no win situation! Its not ment for you or any one else who has malous in there own heart to be teach her or anyone else a lesson on love or the consecences of the betrayl! The fact that she does not care enough about herself or you to be faithful and it wasent her being honest when she told you what she had done by you!!!Its called pethetic or vindective! And if you really did love her? My best advice would be for you to take waist just one last moment of your life on her! And look her striaght into her soul! And tell her that you will never forget how much you loved her!! Try your best to get a few tears!! Make sure that she knows that you did in fact love! By giving her the deepest longest most passionate kiss that has ever been kissed!!then Tell her that she has exactly two minutes to tell you goodbye!! Then at the moment she begins to speak!! Turn around and walk away DONT LOOK BACK!!And don’t ever speak to her again!! And trust me my man!! You are already a good faithful loving man! Who will be no dought a better man then you were the day she was cheating on you!! And she will alway’s be just what she is!! A cheating whore!!! Who will no dought find someone else to cheat on!!

i have……it was great….fucking rotten whore.

Most Women will agree with me….Once A WOMEN cheats on you and she tells you and you take her BACK…ITS IS OVER. This girl is telling you out of guilt. Most women will not tell you they cheated if they want to be with you. And even more women will not put you in a position t distrust them if they love you. She wants you to put her mind at ease.

I caught my wife cheating (15 years and 2 kids later)on me and she came clean with it all. I dont give a fuck, she knew it was wrong and now Im a little bit differnt now toward her and I rub it in her face when we argue, fuck women!

Lying will not be tolerated;drink/dinner dates on weekends,not telling lover/partner is cheating. Texting, emailing, she’s a piece of shit. Get rid of her, no ethics, no integrity–does NOT respect you. DUMP THE BITCH.

oh yeah, dumo her ass. Do it before its too late.

I am a girl and I say you dump that bitch. AND drage her sob story to prolong her pain. Once a cheater, always a cheater…

nicely said………….you might be one of the good ones..hmmmmmm

Well it’s up to you. now that she’s screwed around on you, you can still be with her and if she ever says to you “where were you last night” you have absolutely no obligation to answer her. Give her “that look”. You know the look that says “you started this sleepin around business”. And who knows, maybe you too can just start a new relationship of having eachother and others. Or then again maybe you don’t want syphallis. I know I don’t. So should you dump her? Hmm, who knows who she’ll sleep around with next, or for how long. And when will she just up and leave with the one she does? I say kick her out/leave her. Do you really want to be with someone who goes behind your back about something that serious, or who won’t communicate with you about something as serious as not being sexually satisfied? Peace bro. -

Is her name Missy Orman from Phoenix, NY?

Is her name Missy Orman from Phoenix, NY?

Drop the bitch. Why? Read on………. I woz wiv a girl for 3 n a half years up until last weekend. She goes out on da friday nite n then saturday, when i finished working at 8pm, she tells me she couldnt c me coz she woz catching up wiv an old girl friend. There n then i knew that was BULLSHIT! Next thing i know, she wouldnt talk to me, return my calls or messages n left it til MONDAY to contact me even tho she knew i woz distraught at the way she had just dropped me n wouldnt talk to me. She calls me on monday mornin, lyk nufings up n then proceeds to tell me dat she met a guy da nyt b4 n know they are togeva. FUCKING LYING, MANIPULATIVE, USING WHORE!I shit u not for 3 years i gave my heart n soul to this whore and look what i got 4 it. I cdnt believe this girl, da closest person to me in da world had literally just turned on me and gone as cold as ice. We were best fucking friends more than nefing n thats wot reli hurt. I fort i knew her, truth is u neva now ne wun, n neva ever, ever, ever trust a woman. Why? Coz for well ova a year b4 that she had cheated on me wiv numerous people n lyk a mug, i forgave her each n every FUCKING tym coz she swore it woz a mistake n she didnt know why she did it ova n ova agen. I should av kicked her ass into touch there n then but coz im a good guy (ye we reli do ALWAYS finish last) i always gave her anuva chance. Truth is, women are natural whores who will stik wiv ya for so long, get as much as they can financially n materialistically, then when sum cunt who will treat dem lyk shit shows up, they want them !Fuck them all. Please my friend, DO NOT TAKE THIS LYING WHORE BACK, EVER. Im living proof that it dont work. Wise up!

WOW! well…….I was married for 15 years and have two kids form my wife and she did it to me with a guy in our church for 6 months before I caught her, BITCHES!!!!

NO NO NO! DO NOT TAKE DIS USER BACK. EVER Read my story my friend ul c why giving her anuva chance is lyk signing ur own death warrant. Read on n wise up.. I woz wiv a girl for 3 and a half years up tilfriday last week. I woz buzi at work, as usual, n finished at 8. She goes out clubbing wiv her mate n all woz normal. I woz due to c her da next day, saturday evening coz of work agen! So i finish work early coz i woz gona take her 4 a meal n then a club. I get out of work n try calling her, she tells me she is buzi seeing her old girlfriend from school. They barely speak, ever, i knew sumfin woz up. I shit u not, for the next two full days, until monday evening, she didnt contact me once. I must have left her at least messages n who knows how many messages.N nufin at all, not a fing. Then monday cums around, wiv me having had no sleep, barely eaten n feeling lyk the biggest pile of shit in the world. She calls me out of the blue! Great i thought, some hope. O no no no… She calls me, sounding soooooooooooo distant as a person, lyk she waz sumwun else, basically telling me dat she had met a guy on the friday nyt n had been wiv him all weekend n all ov monday. She then tells me that she dont want me no more, after 3 n a half years of being soulmates n best friends, coz she wants this new guy. My world fell apart on the spot. She barely contatced me in the week to follow, onli to tell me how great this new ‘bad boy’ is n how shes been fucking him every day n nyt! I came to the eventual realisation in my head dat this bitch jus aint worthy of me. Sumfin had switched in her n all i cud c woz dis bitter, twisted n downright horrible bitch doing n saying wotever she could to hurt me even tho i had given her my all. I neva cheated on her, not once coz i loved her with everything i had n besides, ive got self respect, morals and integrity. It woz an extremely bitter pill to swallow, one which I am still no where closse to understanding n probably never will.HOw can two people who were stuck to eachova lyk glue in every way,then have one be as cold as ice n literally drop the other out of there life. Just face it my friend, she aint worthy of u or ur love. N u know why all this really sucks? Beacause over the year until we split up, she had cheated on me countless tyns wiv countless scum. N lyk a mug who wanted to believe she could change, i took her back each n every tym Take my strong advice, women are bitches who will exploit u for wot they can get for as long as they can, n then when sumwun who will treat them lyk the cunts that they are shows up, will go fuck off with him n leave u standing there wiv nufing but memories. Cheaters never change n nor do people. Ever. That is a fact my friend. Let her screw u ova once, lyk i did, n u taking her back givs her the ryt to do it agen n agen n agen. N she will jus lyk mine did. I am living proof that giving her anuva chance is rli u saying itz ok to cheat n that its swept unda the carpet. Nooooooooo dont do it. Throw her away lyk the using lying cheating cunt she is. Have no contact. She will onli try n work her way in. Drop her n drop her for good, she aint worthy of u at all. Take her back and i promise u she WILL do it agen n u will feel ten tyms shitter than u do know. Im there man at this very minute n believe me, u dont wana av a taste coz its the worst feeling in the world. But i do have sum staisfaction that they have probably given easchova every STD unda the sun n that he will drop her lyk a sack ov shit when he wants sum fresh pussy to pound. How i laugh at that coz i cannot wait for it to happen and i know that day is cuming………Fuck her, more power to the good men ov dis world!

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a very serious disease friends. Take it from HooKeD on PhoNicS.

Cheat on her back, tell her and see her reaction and then you can say, now we’re even. She shouldn’t have a right to be jealous or hurt, if she did it first.

I don’t like making blanket statements so I won’t, but any woman (or guy) who will lie once will lie again and again. Example: my ex tells me one time (after I caught her in a lie incidentally) that “everybody lies…” and that guys was my clue. If this lying bitch does it once, she’ll do it again and again. Trust me. I caught her in a lie, she said she wasn’t going to a New Years Eve party and guess what!?! found a picture of her attending said party on her friends Facebook page. Fuck me. I confront her and go on to tell her I can forgive but not forget. Don’t ever do it to me again or it’s the last time she’ll do it to me. Yeah, you guessed it.. she did it again. Dumped her lying ass in a heartbeat and NEVER looked back. This type of woman will use you, abuse your good nature, and test you again and again just to see what you’ll do and how you’ll react. She’ll dangle you and pull you in and out like a fucking yo yo. They’re very adept at this and this particular type of woman willget off on it. Note; this was a very hot woman in her mid forties. Me an attractive man of 50. She dispensed sex like it was candy and used all her charms to get what she wanted along the way. In the end I used her as much as she used me and it was liberating and felt good to pay her back with a little of what she gave me along the way. Again, a woman like this has no moral compass and you can’t change people. They are who they are at their core. Once a lying cheating bitch, always a lying cheating bitch. Look at and listen to the signs along the way and wake up. Don’t put up with it. Like my old dadx used to say in his old North Carolina brogue, “If a woman isn’t treatin’ me right, I’ll get rid of her and find me one that will”. Good advice then, and good advice now.

whats done is done cheating on her back wont solve shit, If she has done it once it possibly will happen again, she might feel guilty now but you forgiving her is like handing over your ball.

If she want a reprieve, she has to fucking earn it. Its tough but at least it’s fair. She cant just say she’s sorry and cry, you need to make her show that she means it! And if it happens again then by all means you have the right to boot her.

Best thing to do is cit your losses, and walk away. Don’t answer her if she calls, texts, emails, or trys to get you talking to her in any way. All she’s doing is trying to set you up for another fall and you don’t need that. Better to walk away with you balls than be a “nice guy” and take the kick in the nuts. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Fuckk that lying ho! I’ve been cheated on more than once and done my fair share of cheating as well. I tell you what though when I’m truly into a girl I stay faithfull. Do not take her back. If she cheated on you she does not give a shit about you. Worse if she truly loved you and she made a mistake, why risk losing you by telling you? If she cared about you and did not want to risk losing you, but made a mistake she would have kept her mouth shut! The only reason she told you is that she truly does not give a fuck my friend. Trust I know you are probably in a lot of pain but fuck the lying bitch. Go find yourself a girl that will appreciate you. You will save yourself a lot of future pain by letting this bitch go fuck herself. Good luck to you bro!

Bloomington, Il @ State Farm Insurance… Kim Monaghan is a true Lying Cheating Whore. That likes to work the Executive boys.

I caught my wife cheating a few months ago. She cried apologized over and over, gave me a card saying how sorry she was for doing that to me. Last night i caught that lying cunt in some scum bags truck in a parking lot and told her to get the fuck out. Women are evil! She would always acuse me of cheating, i never did i never even came close. I still love her but i could never trust her ever again! FUCK THAT SLIMY BITCH!!!

If her name is belinda linnett you need to realize that your dealing with a whore that wil never change ive even got it from her children that came out of her vagina that she is a piece of shit and she will never change done it to e everyman shes e ver. Been with consider yourself warned but first shell milk you for everything. Youve ever had beware

all women are cheating whores and will cheat at any opportunity. Take the guy, tie him to a tree and set fire to him while you are at it.

Throw her out

Shit I catch my kids mom fucking her boss from work one day she say I got go early work fallow the bitch to work she go up stairs boss apartment went to back of building got in open window catch them fucking bitch still have nerve say not what looks like boss wanted call cops on me told that bitch u suck his dick do what you have to you got me in this mess you get me out and left shit been going on for a few months then I find out bitch been cheating on me for years diffrent guys left that bitch

My recent ex of three years cheated on me after about a year and a half and swore it would never happen again so I forgave her dumb slutty ass. That’s where I fucked up. She does it again and this time says because she felt some weird need to and it’s all she could think about, some other guys dick? Fuck that whore and fuck your whore too. LEAVE HER. And give the guy a peice of your fucking mind


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