Why women dress like sluts (Spoiler: it's not the reason you're hoping).

Despite protestations against being “objectified,” women still want to be thought of attractive on a purely physical level. No matter how liberated or educated they are, deep down inside, women want to be hot; the kind of hot that makes every man want to have sex with them. But, when it comes to attractiveness, what men want is incidental, unimportant and where the problem really starts.


Why men think women dress like total sluts.

With little else to go on, men judge a woman’s interest in sex (understandably, we think) from the way she dresses. Moreover, most guys believe that women dress sexy to “get a guy.” But that’s because most guys don’t understand women any better than they understand Italian opera. When it comes to choosing what outfit to wear, “attracting men” doesn’t even figure into it (unless the women are prostitutes,of course).

To better illustrate our point, imagine that you see some hot bitch wearing a skirt so short you can see her belly button and a top showing more cleavage than a melting Arctic glacier. Naturally, you think: “That girl must want sex, because if she didn’t, she’d be wearing jogging pants and I’m A Lesbian flats instead of tight Spandex® and five-inch “Fuck Me Pumps.” right?” Yeah, sure, that makes sense (to you).

But you’d be wrong.

As it turns out, there’s really only one real reason women dress like total sluts.

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The real reason why women dress like total sluts.

For many women, sex is unnecessary and even superfluous, a “favor” they exchange to get something else they want. So why do women dress like they want sex when they don’t actually want sex? The Family Guy’s Peter Griffin asks the question best:

You know what really grinds my gears? This Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan with all those little outfits, jumping around there on stage, half-naked with your little outfits. Ya know? You’re a...You’re out there jumping around and I’m just sitting here with my beer. So, what am I supposed to do? What you want? You know, are we gonna go out? Is that what you’re trying to — why, why are you leaping around there, throwing those things all up in my, over there in my face? What do you want, Lindsay? Tell me what you want? Well, I’ll tell you what you want, you want nothing. You want nothing. All right? Because we all know that no woman anywhere wants to have sex with anyone, and to titillate us with any thoughts otherwise is — is just bogus.

Weirdly, there’s almost no correlation between dressing like a slut and actually being one (which explains the confusion about guys always thinking girls are “ asking for it”) In fact, the two are rarely linked together at all.

So if Lindsay dresses like a slut, yet doesn’t want sex, what does she want? Why is she “leaping around there, throwing those things all up in your, over there in your face?”

Because she wants to get noticed. (WTF?)

What women want more than sex (it’s a long list).

For women, the whole point of dressing sexy is to be the center of attention. And not just because it fills a childhood void left by their father’s neglect (although it does that, too). No, being the most popular or noticed woman at a club or party gives that woman has the most social clout.

When it comes right down to it, women are craven little toads just like men. They want their needs met to the fullest extent, some of which — such as adoring adoration — require the participation of other people. And getting that requires some kind of leverage.

Women can get the required leverage in a variety of ways: They can attract attention through a talent like music or art, through business success or fame (think Reality TV), or they can bend people to their will by possessing the One Ring to rule them all (but that one only really works on nerds).

Yet rather than attracting attention through personal achievement, business savvy, or mystical jewelry, many women simply choose the easy way — by disrupting societal convention. That’s a fancy way to say they wear clothes that showcase their lady lumps: necklines that dip lower than the 2008 Dow Jones Index, with skirts and heels higher than Snoop Dog after riding on Willie Nelson’s tour bus.

The downside of women dressing like total sluts.

Whenever a woman wearing overtly sexy clothes enters a room, men instantly notice whether they want to or not. This involuntary Darwinian reaction to a sexualized woman dumps a shit-ton of hormones into the blood stream which amps up his systems in preparation for fucking that will, in most cases, never fucking happen.

So a woman who dresses slutty when she doesn’t actually want sex is guilty of “false advertising” (or, more accurately, of being a “goddamn cock-tease.”) Such provocative attire is simply a gross misrepresentation of intent and it has real, negative physiological effects on a man (especially if his girlfriend catches him leering.)

But women aren’t out to hurt men by displaying more thigh and breast meat than a KFC, men are just collateral damage. Women dress this way because they know men aren’t the only ones who will notice — more importantly, other women will notice (and want to stab the slut repeatedly in the face).

So why would a woman wear inappropriate clothing when it’ll only piss off other women? Because, when it comes to getting attention, women are some competitive bitches.

Women are some competitive bitches.

Women display their assets prominently for the same reason men leave their car keys out on the bar — to flaunt them. Women with 34DDs shove those puppies right in the face of less well-endowed women. In turn, less well-endowed women counter-punch by not wearing underwear. It’s an arms race of exposed female flesh, and men benefit most, but not without a lot of confusion.

To be fair, men do the same kind of preening. Like when a man tools up to valet parking in a Ferrari Spyder, he’s not doing it because he’s going racing at Le Mans after dinner. He’s driving that car to make other guys look like pathetic Honda Accord-driving losers. It’s pure Darwinism...you know, except with cars.

Revealing clothes accomplish the same thing for women. Places like Victoria’s Secret are any woman’s ace in the hole. Because, when all women in a room are of equal attractiveness, the sluttier dressed woman wins the battle for attention. After all, while men notice women pretty quickly in general, they notice women in 5-inch heels and a micro-miniskirt a helluva lot faster.

Consider this sexist joke:

A manager is interviewing two female candidates for a position. The first is a dual major Physics and Macroeconomics with a 4.0 GPA from Harvard. The second graduated summa cum laude from Yale with an MBA from Wharton Business School. So which candidate gets the job? The one with the biggest tits.

There’s probably a moral in there somewhere.

The female hierarchy of hoochie.

Sexual attention is a kind of currency that women can use to get free drinks, free meals and damn near anything else they want. And the girl who gets the most male attention gets her pick of the “fittest” (i.e. richest) men. But not all women dress like sluts to attract the Alpha Male, a lot of them dress to be the Alpha Bitch.

Dressing hot is, first and foremost, about climbing to the top of the beauty-based status structure and outranking other women in the prettiness pecking order [alliteration slam!]. For women, being out in public is like being in a beauty contest, except that the Grand Prize isn’t flowers and a sash, it’s attention domination.

In short, dressing sexy is a power play for chicks. They do it to compete in society’s hierarchy of attractiveness. They do it to one-up other women. And they do it to make other women look like asexual prudes.

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See pandas figured this shit out years ago and thats why they stopped breeding.

Its been taught to us. Its a far worse problem now than it ever was. …. far to many dumbed down people around. Unfortunately they judge people that have a clue negatively as they were taught to. Sad really. TV brainwash box

Lesbian point of view. Reading most comments I’d say there were a lot of good points made. Yes, some girls dress like sluts for any kind of attention but as correctly said it doesn’t mean that they’re sluts. Tell ya now guys sluts come in all different shapes and forms, you can’t purely judge them on what they wear and expect them to be that way because the media says they’re sluts. Some of these girls do dress slutty to manipulate men and a lot are power hungry bitches mainly to the rest of the “bitches” (notice how often women make comments on each others’ outfits). Nope, I don’t dress like a slut but when I put a little extra effort my friend notices that everyone in a room both men and women have their eyes on me.. Personally I just wanted to look nice and I definitely dressed appropriately. It was nothing to do with power or any kind of manipulation. I simply wanted to look good because it made me feel good and comfortable (confidence is a key ingredient too). That being said not all women are like this.. For that matter many women don’t give a crap about what men or women think. Some actually just want to look nice for themselves, this being in London anyway.

Some I noticed are insanely manipulative. The fake “sweet” voice is one of the first ultimate tools a girl uses to manipulate men and I’ve fallen for it myself. Having had a lot of female friends and male friends I feel sorry for both genders. Some girls it’s clear to me when they’re manipulative, pathological lying bitches that can’t seem to keep their gaping hole shut ha (sorry to offend any girls especially to the good dignified women, it’s my comedic way of saying slut) and some guys I can tell who are gonna be.. all the negative things women say. However majority of the times it somehow seems acceptable for girls to be quite horrid people who hurt good men, leading them to either see it as “she was the wrong girl” or turning into an arse. But all this works both ways. For every time a girl or guy gets heart broken by the opposite sex they can grow hatred especially when your mates or gfs mug them off (negative slander). Many people fall for the same shit over and over again. It really sucks but that’s the dating world. Take a break and try again but try to look at the bigger picture in a person instead of purely judging on clothes and stop going for the same kinda girls or guys. You’ll eventually see who’s more likely to screw you over; then either stay for the fire or run like they’re coming at you with a butcher knife!!

In all fairness, should feel sorry for me… Lesbian community can be a completely different world and can be worst.. Guys and straight women falling for me DOES NOT help me at all. I’ve had a straight girlfriend and have to say, angel compared to the past experiences but she ruined it by taking her psychology studies to try to read me rather than getting to know me. Just to show.. Get to know someone first before you judge them peeps

this was obviously written by a woman who doesnt know anything about herself

You assuming bastard. Not all men under the age of thirty are fucking apes. Dirty ingrate, some of us actually prefer looking at something pleasant in public, and not the bare conceited legs of an attention whore bitch. Long article I hope you have the time to bury it, although I doubt the earth could hold its odious stench.

Well with most women nowadays that are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, and very greedy, really speaks for itself.

It turns out Lindsay Lohan wasn’t as chaste as you thought she was. Although you would have known that if you had watched the news for any of the four years before you wrote this article in 2010.

Men and women exist on a spectrum. Some women (in this case) are sincerely decent, empathetic and caring human beings others are profoundly self absorbed emotional vampires of epic proportions. Of course you have every type of woman inbetween the two as well.

My life experience has involved nearly all of them. Some genuinely want a man to love and to be loved in return. They don’t care about money/material possesions as much they care about you. They’ll prove this time and time again. Others view you as nearly worthless if you don’t possess enough money/material possessions in their eyes. Most all of them desire security in some form. That’s really what it’s all about. They just have different definitions of security.

We can’t generalize either sex because truth be told the personalities vary drastically as described above. In turn it’s phenomenally important to get to know the REAL someone.

Many people put on an act daily to simply survive this society. You must peel away the layers in order to see the human being underneath. Sometimes it’s worth the effort and sometimes it absolutely isn’t. American culture is highly toxic and one dimensional in far too many ways in my opinion. This has had a severe effect on many, many people. I’ve been with wonderful women and with women I truly thought were possessed by the devil
(only a slight exaggeration).

I’ve yet to meet a woman who dresses “slutty” regularly that wasn’t pure trouble. Certainly not marriage material. I’ve met plenty of women who know how to dress classy and appear very sexy in the process. Any human being I’ve met man or woman who goes over the top in order to gain attention, power and control has been bad news in the long run. I’ve yet to meet a single one who was worth keeping around long term.

Fortunately I’ve had the ability to spending plenty of time with women who possess true leadership qualities. Those who don’t need to do any of those things in order to be ahead of the game.

I believe this article has some valid points. Also feel the author is a bit one dimensional himself/herself. I personally have had the most success by judging people on an individual basis however there are some tell tale signs that you simply cannot ignore from afar (dressing slutty being just one of them). It’s very wise to heed them.

My heart has been broken and I’ve broken a few hearts myself however I refuse to bring that to the next relationship. It’s mandatory there be a clean slate and if the slate isn’t relatively clean? I don’t date with the intention of forming a relationship until it is. Women who dress like “sluts” regularly have rarely kept my attention for longer than an evening.

There’s little need to go into the psychological aspects of this behavior their actions speak for themselves. Daddy issues, molestation, other forms of abuse (possibly all three) are usually the culprits from my personal experience. Of course you run into a psychopath every now and again as well they use sex as a weapon.

Again those women with true leadership qualities don’t need to bother with this insanity in order to receive attention, feel admired and respected. The subjects of this article are doing what those who have emotional issues do in order to gain their idea of power and control. It’s a very short lived form of respect (if you can even call it that). And the sycophants who play along with the behavior (both male and female) aren’t what I would consider desirable either.

In other words mature adults don’t play these games because they don’t need to. By the way the best sexual encounters in these situations I’ve had have never been with the slutty dressed attention whore in the middle of the room. They’ve always been with the classier sexy women standing at the other end of the room avoiding her annoying behavior. That’s been my personal experience anyway.

When I was younger I dressed sexy to meet men. I did want sex and attention. I knew there were hotter girls so I’d go for the not so attractive guys. Ultimately I wanted a boyfriend. I thought I could attract a guy like this. I don’t know if it worked. I did have alot of one night stands then felt empty because guy didn’t call back.

This site is garbage. I get way more attention from men when I’m dressed in nice, appropriate clothes. And I still get women trying to compete with me. I don’t really notice those women until after the situation has passed and I’m lying in bed thinking about my day. I’ve never had a stranger offer to buy me something, and frankly I’d be very uncomfortable with that. I’m a good looking woman but I don’t use it for anything. I’m married, and my sexy looks are for my husband only.

This guy gets it. I am a woman and I have to agree. We like to feel attractive and sexy, but that doesn’t mean we will just sleep with any guy and are whores. If we show some cleavage, we are not sluts, so don’t assume as much and don’t ask to come over late at night for a booty call; that is one sure fire way to get blocked. This actually happened to me due to a glitch on Facebook, where my profile picture was only showing my chest, instead of my face like I thought I cropped. Pretty soon an old friend started trying to hit me up for sex.. what an ass, I blocked him and fixed my profile thumbnail and just deleted the other picture entirely. Had he not assumed I was some kind of whore we could have still been friends.

[quote]This guy gets it. I am a woman and I have to agree. We like to feel attractive and sexy, but that doesn’t mean we will just sleep with any guy and are whores. If we show some cleavage, we are not sluts, so don’t assume as much and don’t ask to come over late at night for a booty call; that is one sure fire way to get blocked. This actually happened to me due to a glitch on Facebook, where my profile picture was only showing my chest, instead of my face like I thought I cropped. Pretty soon an old friend started trying to hit me up for sex.. what an ass, I blocked him and fixed my profile thumbnail and just deleted the other picture entirely. Had he not assumed I was some kind of whore we could have still been friends.[/quote]

Sorry kid, if you dress like a slut just to get attention and compliments, you are a slut. Most mature men aren’t attracted to sluts because we know your dumb ass will sleep around. If that isn’t the truth about you, then maybe you shouldn’t dress like a whore.

Yeah this article illustrates what kinda guys you would want attention from in my personal opinion i see someone wearing slutty clothes im near disgusted depending on what it may be a girl who flaunts around loving the looks she gets or in your case so called attention any girl who tried to impress me with their body i could care less if their body was hit by a truck because that is in all honesty to me a slut i find everything you just said disgusting you act like youre empowered because a bunch of people drool over you thats pathetic i dont give a flying fuck about what random people think but i hate this trend where you bitches where less and less clothes all year fuckin round i dont flaunt abs like theyre candy theyre for my wife. men were called pigs for years for the sex they had now you wanna go around half fuckin nude and dont want any ridicule go die.

Well that is Definitely very true how the women of today are dressing very Horribly now.

Most of the women out there these days are Real Pigs the way that they dress and Most of them really do lack Attention since they are just complete Losers to begin with.

I just wasted two minutes reading this crap. I want my time back.

I’ve seen any number of “slutty women” end up with abusive douchebag men. As a woman who has always worn whatever I feel like, usually jeans and a t-shirt, I never had a problem getting the “creme de la creme”…if rich, attractive guys are the darwinian favorite, they certainly have favorited me. I’m not more attractive than other women.

Once, when I was wearing a white one piece and a tennis skirt, a lot of guys begged me to date them. I came home and told my boyfriend that I felt so good about myself because of all the compliments. I’ll never forget him trying to crush my joy with the same logic used here: “they’re not looking at YOU. They’re looking at your SLUTTY OUTFIT

Slutty? I was wearing a ONE PIECE bathing suit, because I was going swimming after my tennis match. I reasoned that since the suit was white, if I wore it with my tennis skirt nobody would notice, and I wouldn’t have to change or bring anything other than a towel. I wasn’t wearing any makeup, my shoes were “flat I’m a lesbian shoes” and I was tired from tennis and swimming. He was just being a total d-bag.

To prove him wrong, I told him to pick any outfit in the house. He put me in a pair of HIS jeans and an oversized t-shirt that also belonged to him. And a baseball cap. We went out, and JUST AS MANY GUYS BEGGED ME TO DATE OR MARRY THEM.

In my estimation, dressing in half an outfit is the way that girls who look like every other girl in town, attempt to get noticed over the others. In my town, basically every woman is white, 5’6-5’8, with blonde or brown hair, and the same basic features. They range from skinny to dying from anorexia or possibly cancer. In a world of size twos, I’m a size ten with a woman’s figure. In a world of shorties, I’m 5’10”.

I also don’t give a flying crap whether or not guys like me. I understand that you think men feel upset or miserable or whatever when girls walk past them dressed slutty, but I think there’s a correlation that you’ve touched upon but not really called out in this article.

A girl who dresses that way looks desperate and pathetic, like she has to beg for sex. A real slut (which I am going to deliberately misdefine as a woman who is out looking to get laid because she KNOWS who she is, what she wants, and exactly who she wants to fuck) wears an entire outfit. Because I don’t need a man to look at me. I can easily walk right up to him and say “Hey. Let’s do this”

Which is how pretty well all of my relationships have started. Oh, and that little “they’re not looking at you, they’re looking at your outfit” is how that particular relationship ended.

Frankly, if you’re going to stare at other women, don’t blame the women, blame yourself. Oh, she exposed three inches of extra flesh? You’re walking beside a woman who you have seen naked. Completely, utterly naked.

Or is there like, a limit to how much flesh you can expose before men don’t give a shit abut looking at you and blame you for the way they feel about it anymore?

All the scantily dressed bitches I come across in my line of work (night club technician) very last one gets a one fingar salute, you can always tell the ones that think they are the hottest because they simply can’t believe a (reasonably good looking) guy just did that, for, in their eyes, no reason, n oif they have the bottle to come over and ask it really screws with them when you tell them it’s cos their A) a mentaly ill [email protected]@ who can’t leave the house withpout a mask on (makeup). B)the stupedest looking bitch in the place,it knocks em back a peg or two where the moron belongs.
Alternatively if your not the confrontational type, just snear and look away.
It’s time to treat these brain dead fuckers a lesson, IGNORE Them, eventually if all man kind dose maybe they will get the message to FUCK OFF AND DIE..

This topic really tells it like it is which i certainly agree 100 percent.

Absolutely, 100% accurate!
Women use and have been using this technique since, the beginning of the human race!
Now it’s to the man if he goes for a woman like that!
She could be just trying to get attention? But, she can also be a slut who will fuck someone else if the opportunity presents itself. In other words…can you really trust a woman who exposes her body like that?

All these sexy women thowing their well tanned tits through cleavage and that ever so fine ass in those short shorts, dayum its hot. What are we to do ?. Push hard in life and just pay for sex while ignoring all these women that might just be using you ?

Most of these women nowadays are Filthy Whores since they really like sleeping around with all different kinds of men all the time which they do have a very Serious Problem Committing to just one man instead. Since Most of these women now are very Pathetic Low Life Losers since they have caused many Divorces already and will continue to do so since many of us Good Men out there had this happen to us already which these Bitches still win in Court when the Divorce is final too which makes it very sad.

I exercise regularly so I can wear tight, slutty, shiny pants that will highlight my hard-on. That’s what I get when women peak at my crotch and my long legs. I want to feel what it is like when someone undresses you with their eyes.

You are correct to some extent, tho you’ve forgotten to mention that people who crave so much attention (both men and women) are in fact extremely superficial. One can try to argue this, but being superficial doesn’t mean you don’t also have more deep interests, or depth to your own character. It’s just that you prioritize superficiality enough to care to invest time on it (I mean, money is time, and time is how long you have before dying) so there’s that…

On the other hand you have people who have knowledge about the need of being a t least a tiny bit superficial, and don’t go out looking like an sewer diver, and then there are the sewer divers who fail to attract even cockroaches for a date…

All in all the secret remains the same, balance in all things…

Most Single women nowadays are Real Whores since they really Enjoy Sleeping Around with all Different kinds of men all the time since they Really Don’t Know how to just Commit to just Only One Man since unfortunately many of us Good Men had this happened to us already. God Forbid if Only they knew how to Commit which it would be a Miracle anyway for these Filthy Whores since this is the Only Thing that they Can Do Right anyway since they’re Not Good for anything else which even many of them have Screwed this up as well already. What the Hell Good are they? Good For Nothing that is for sure.

Wow, as a female I can honestly say that this is pretty true for me personally. When I try to dress up a bit, it’s not so guys notice me at all; honestly I could care less. And that doesn’t make me a lesbian (to all you guys that think a girl MUST be gay if she’s not attracted to you). I like receiving attention for my appearance because my self esteem is so low; I thrive on compliments. I feel like many other young women feel the same. I’m sure that there are some ladies out there who can’t relate to this, and that’s fine, I respect it, but to the dudes who think that this article is a lie and that women only dress up to impress men, I have a short message for you: YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT. It annoys me so much when men act like they know more about women than women do. Either way, this is a great article, and I enjoyed reading it very much!

It really doesn’t matter the reason women dress like sluts. If they are going to dress like that, then they are sluts, period. I think that mostly it is unattractive and makes them seem desperate.

I am very surprised that God created shit like them in the first place since they’re the lowest form of pigs that are everywhere these days unfortunately and they continue to multiply which is very sad that so many women nowadays are nothing but filthy whores and always will be. Whores will always be Whores since they will never have any shame at all and they’re destroying this world even more.

Well unfortunately many of these women lack intelligence to begin with since they think that they’re the greatest thing on this planet since in reality most of them are real Whores as well altogether now. Their parents never really paid any attention to them at all when they were growing up since they most likely had a lot of enemies and no friends at all as well. Now most of them are really looking for the attention they never had as a child and it is very sad now how they have changed for the worst of all over these years which makes them such pathetic low life losers now more than ever.

So just because women “feel like it” they can dress totally slutty and sexy? But, are we in the bedroom? What if men wore only jock straps in public, because it “feels sexy” and we “want attention?”. You see there’s no justice in that argument.

I have gotten in trouble for staring at sexy women at a coffee shop, because I am human and I have a hard time looking away. But I have to say, “they are asking for it, if they dress so damn sexy.”

My wife dresses modestly and I applaud her for that. And yes I have lots of hip young friends who are girls and many of them dress modestly too.

Too many people dress like sluts. Because it’s a societal norm, does that make it right?!

The guy who writes this sh*t, and the ones who like it, are sad, sad, little douche monkies. GET A LIFE!! “Let’s learn to ‘corral’ women…..if we just understood what they REALLY want.” They want to be LEFT ALONE! If it isn’t ‘stalking’, it’s cyber spying. If it’s not religion, it’s anti-abortion nut jobs! Christ!!! Women USE men- because men USE women- and have treated them like dog sh*t for a long, long, time now. If you don’t ‘get it’, you need to come out of your ‘man cave’ more. Such clueless BOOBS! Oh, sorry- did that get ya hard?! GET A LIFE!!!

I’ve never dressed like a slot.
I’ve never gone after a man for money.
I’ve never used sex to get something.
I love sex. I’m 64.
This article is so false and silly I want to gag.


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