cheating whore

Well, for one i work far too often. But one has to when the other does shit. Ive been dating this girl for over a tear now and she told me she has cheated on me once a weekend for the past month with some asshole. She cried and said she regretted all of it and has called sobbing saying she misses me and how horrible she has been. So, do I keep her? She obviously knows what she did was wrong and horrible, do I just boot her out? Or do I drag on her sob story to prolong her pain then dump her anyway just to rub it in her face?

She cheated on me with some fat ass mexican and I knew about it. I have looks, money and education that her mexican lacks. What did I do sure you can come back with open arm screwed with her until I was bored then dumped her on the day that I was suppose to help her move to her new apartment and live with her. She got played in her own game.

Ok so my whore cheated on me while we were living far apart. I found out that she was still seeing her ex for a year and a half. meanwhile I was moving heven and earth to be with her. But when I found out I didn’t dump her. I forced her to move to where I live. Then forced her to go to counseling. Then I forced her to save up and put a down payment on a house in my name. Then I told her that I like girls with some meat on thier bones so she didn’t need to worry about those few extra pounds she had gained. I am still stringing her along, sucking her dry like they do to us. She wants to get married and have kids… “okay sounds good” . But secretly I am going to get a vasectomy. “Sure I will marry you, after all you make twice as much as I do now and oooops I have a disability pension that you cant touch”. Guess who is going to be collecting alimony for a long time? But first I am gonna let your biological clock run out. tick tock bitch! If its up to me you will die fat, alone and broke.

Bitches are good for nothing,but to serve needs to my dingaling

How can u feel like not fucking others as 1 person doesn’t have the drive as the need or want. Yet still be happy. I want more of a great 4 player great bjer w kinky play time in which i vote our sex life 2.5 out of 5. I’ve had the best. I now have the beginning w a 43 yr old lady in which is young. We have tried to find many horny pills. She only gets more wet, not aggressive and needy as wanting more. I am signing us both up w a tantric massage w in the next 2 months. She will find out physically & mentally can she can do & what she hasnt done from her past 20 yr relationship.the past hubby has not taught her about her body .. No i am not married. Relationship wise, w out sex is gd, but i as a guy need my dick needs to get wet & used. Also i need to feel i belong. My 1 relationship is a partial dud. I am an extrovert at 36 yrs young as she is a introvert.

I left her alone once with a mate and when I got back they both acted real strange, as if something had happened. I asked her but of course, she denied it. I also found messages to her ex when he was sick telling him how much she loved him and he her. I only stayed with her because of the kids. She continues to be a lying bitch and I hate her for that……..

Ok this is going to sound like I was and am to soft.. But sadly I was head over heels for this woman.. Ok.. Here goes.. Back in 07 I moved to the US for the love of my life, I really thought she was the one. I have up everything for her, I literally moved half way round the world for her. We got married within months of me arriving, and every thing seems perfect. Takes a little while to get my permanent residency, but whilst that happens I’m working for her family company, we have my first child (her 2nd), then low and behold she falls pregnant with my 2nd 2 years later. I’M over the moon.. Then whilst doing a grass cut for her family, she leaves the phone behind and runs to mc d’s for lunch, this is April 19th, I cannot forget the day. And a text comes in on the phone, I look at it and its some guys dick, so I read some of the messages and am so surprised with way the messages read, basically she was cheating on me with this guy who was married and lived 5 states away. So I don’t say anything. I watch. Our 2nd child is born and I still watch, I watch the texts, the messaging online for a full year. Bottling it all up.. Then Sept 25th, 1 week before our 4th anniversary I walk out, after seeing messages online between her and 2 other guys sending each other pictures and basically having sex online. I decide its best I leave as I know I’m going to make myself homeless and no matter how much I hate her, I can’t see the mother of my kids homeless. I don’t say a thing, I just walk. I still go back daily to see the kids. I then find out she told my best friend that I’d beaten my children, she told her family I wasn’t paying child support, she told others I was on drugs. All was not true And slowly over time my anger fades, we still not divorced. I met someone else and have a kid together, but that doesn’t work out. Because she’s not the one I truly still love. So I go back to the ex last November. And see a dick picture from a guy called Chris. Hell am i pissed. She says that it’s flirting. And that she’s never met him etc. I wave it off, but it’s playing at my mind. So I do some checking and this asshole lives 24 mins away, he’s not got a job, he’s a registered sex offender, been known for violence and on meth. So I confront her and she tells me she slept with him once. And pleads that I’m only the one for her, he was a mistake. I think ok, as we were both separated and seen other people fair enough. But I move out for awhile, I then go to surprise her and the kids at the zoo (they thought I’d be sleeping from working all night) and I get to a point where I can see her and the kids and he’s there with his kid as well.. So I leave, various times I see them together like the park kissing, the mall, and then I start seeing his car parked outside the house late at night, she thinks I’m working and normally I am, but I get off early to surprise her and see his car there. One night I arrive just as he is pulling in, so I go past and park and wait till he leaves, 3 bloody hrs later he leaves. So again I confront her. She says he’s been blackmailing her, he took pictures and videos of them having sex and said she better do what he says or he’ll send them to me and her family. So I tell her this is her final chance, by now it’s June and tell her she’s got till Sept 1st to fix it all or I’m divorcing her abd we’ll never talk again to her. Sept comes and he goes to jail for breaking his parole for 3 months, so I think perfect, she can change numbers, stop all contact with him and its done. Wrong Sept 18th a letter arrived from the jail, so I look at it and its him thanking her for visiting etc. October 3rd I then find a letter from her telling him I mean nothing to her, that when he comes out at the end of November that she’ll be his, that she’ll also give my address as long as he doesn’t say where he got it from so she dint get shit back from me and also will give the address of where my other child is living, she then says that he’s her one and that she’s always thinking of him and that I’m only with her to help pay the bills and look after the kids, till he’s out. So I sent the letter after I took photos of it, just in case anything happens. So I sent it with my letter in it correcting some of the bs she said in it. And told him if he still wants the lying cheating whore, then he’s welcome to her. Esp as I find out from him that she’s told him I’ve raped her, that I beat her, that I don’t pay child support, that I hurt my kids.. I’ve told him to keep the Hell away from my kids. So I’m currently stayin there but sleeping on couch, and biding my time. Cos when he gets out, if he comes here I’ll deal with him, I’m already in works to get divorce and full custody, as taking pictures of everything, screenshots of every texts she’s sent me etc. I can’t access her phone as she’s got a pin on it, but think she’s been texting other guys and messaging them on fb, which she’s got me blocked on.. I hate her so much, but my main concern is the kids, cos I know he’ll hurt them..

I took this bitch after she got knocked up and left. I helped her for nine months and was devoted. She was going behind my back fucking her ex the entire time. He is not the babies father. We were together for a 1yr 1/2. The only way I found out was using google voice,setting up a fake account and pretending to be a random guy that found her number on fb. She confessed to being with her ex and basically i slipped her mind completely. Lying cunty bitch!! I called her out and she just threatened to call the police. Don’t take her back!! She will just go behind your back. She doesn’t have respect for you.

Trust on this one i have been there done that twice

Man yall don’t even want to know my story! Just know that these hoes for everybody! These everybody hoes! I swear I don’t trust no bitch!

Caught my bitch send nude pix to her cheated lover and all of his fucking roton dick pix in her email and still blame me for all of this. What a fucking whore.

She is a cop whos is sleeping with a married cop with a small child from delray beach fl

Had a fling with a redhed whore and she said she can’t get preggers. I was fucking dumb nutting in her a buncha times . she got preg and I tried to make it work for my son ..she got me fired…blew my car engine and fucked around over seven times..stole from me and my family and her own family . lied about everything and was hitting me. Fuck hoes then fuck hoes …never marry stay solo fuck child support I’ll never pay a cent to a worthless whore

IF YOU RUN ACCROSS JACKIE SUE HAYES SPEARS WATTS? never been with anyone and stayed faithful..I know she has used so many men..I thought I was different? My own lie to myself…a real heartless scheming cunt…moved a meth head ihomeless unemployed cocksucker home, with children,refused to relocate for my job for THE KIDS…would not drive 2 hours to see me ever…lied,stole,made her children lie,…A REAL PIECE OF SHIT WHORE THAT DESERVE AS MUCH PAIN THAT CAN BE DEALT TO A HUMAN….She continued cheating after SHE got out of jail…I USED HER UNTIL I COULD FUCK HER ANYMORE? I have a very beautiful younger woman, she is awesome,I NEVER KNEW WHAT A TOTAL FAKE SHE WAS UNTIL I MET MY NEW FRIEND AND LOVERNEVER BRING A WHORE BACK INTO YOUR LIFE,THEY WANT MONEY AND SECURITY SO THEY CAN FUCK ,AND FUCK YOU OVER…..ONCE A CHEATERALWAYS A CHEATER…no bitterness now, pure hate and disgust of her..makes me sick to even admit I loved her…but I fucked her mentally for six months then dropped her in really horrible shape…..INTENTIONALLY MIND FUCKED HER….NO REGRETSSHE DESERVES IT.

These whores are the lowest form of Garbage that God created.

As a cheater, I can tell you once a cheater always a cheater.

I never could wrap my head around why anyone married dating kids no kids would ever stay with a cheater. For men some guys sperm has been deposited in your wives/girlfriends mouth and vagina. For women some females scent is on your husband/boyfriend. I could never get past that let alone the betrayal.


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