How Many are too Many???

Why is it such a shocker that I’m “friends” with a bunch of men? I’m divorced (going on 2+ yr), my choice, and I’m not looking for a committed relationshit. So what if my “friends” are great contacts for me, possible business advancements. I don’t “play” them by lying or pretending to be someone I’m not. I’m upfront and honest with everyone I know (for the most part-I’m only human), and I’m sleeping with them, all. Hell, I haven’t gotten a piece of ass in a couple months! I don’t sleep with anyone new and I use protection 100%. Maybe a couple of them have long term partners (fiances they have been engaged to for years)…I don’t mind being the “other woman”. I get what I want. They keep me entertained. No one lives in my city, it’s better that way. They keep introducing me to their clients while I keep charming and seducing up the ever extending network/business ladder of ME. The “roster” as I call it, is divided into two teams. You have Junior Varsity- guys I’ve known for a while, dated in high school maybe, perhaps we went out once and send text messages during the holidays to keep in touch. VARSITY is the main roster. The players listed in this line up are Wealth Advisors (global clients estate planners), Athletes, VP’s of major tech companies, (you get the idea I’m sure)…. These guys have to managed just right- I study their astrological profiles and I’m very strategic with almost every move I make (sometimes I trip). Now, if I could wrap up my rock stars, financial wizards, artsy (may be gay) guys along with my “mom would just love’em” boys and my straight-up wrong from the start mess-up….I’d have my perfect guy. So until “he” comes along…. WTF is wrong with having all of them?? And WHY do so many people have a negative opinion of this??? Am I doing something bad? Your thoughts on my chaos are welcomed. -Miss Mayhem

I’ve been with one man the 15 years and now that we’re divorced I say Hell Yeah! One man? I don’t need the hassel!

If you truly slept with 10-15+ guys at a time for financial gain, you are the definition of a whore. You disgust me.

I’m with Marcus on this one. You are a fucking whore! Why do so many people have a negative opinion of it?? Because you are a whore!!!

women like you repulse me

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