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Lesbian point of view. Reading most comments I’d say there were a lot of good points made. Yes, some girls dress like sluts for any kind of attention but as correctly said it doesn’t mean that they’re sluts. Tell ya now guys sluts come in all different shapes and forms, you can’t purely judge them on what they wear and expect them to be that way because the media says they’re sluts. Some of these girls do dress slutty to manipulate men and a lot are power hungry bitches mainly to the rest of the “bitches” (notice how often women make comments on each others’ outfits). Nope, I don’t dress like a slut but when I put a little extra effort my friend notices that everyone in a room both men and women have their eyes on me.. Personally I just wanted to look nice and I definitely dressed appropriately. It was nothing to do with power or any kind of manipulation. I simply wanted to look good because it made me feel good and comfortable (confidence is a key ingredient too). That being said not all women are like this.. For that matter many women don’t give a crap about what men or women think. Some actually just want to look nice for themselves, this being in London anyway. Some I noticed are insanely manipulative. The fake “sweet” voice is one of the first ultimate tools a girl uses to manipulate men and I’ve fallen for it myself. Having had a lot of female friends and male friends I feel sorry for both genders. Some girls it’s clear to me when they’re manipulative, pathological lying bitches that can’t seem to keep their gaping hole shut ha (sorry to offend any girls especially to the good dignified women, it’s my comedic way of saying slut) and some guys I can tell who are gonna be.. all the negative things women say. However majority of the times it somehow seems acceptable for girls to be quite horrid people who hurt good men, leading them to either see it as “she was the wrong girl” or turning into an arse. But all this works both ways. For every time a girl or guy gets heart broken by the opposite sex they can grow hatred especially when your mates or gfs mug them off (negative slander). Many people fall for the same shit over and over again. It really sucks but that’s the dating world. Take a break and try again but try to look at the bigger picture in a person instead of purely judging on clothes and stop going for the same kinda girls or guys. You’ll eventually see who’s more likely to screw you over; then either stay for the fire or run like they’re coming at you with a butcher knife!! In all fairness, should feel sorry for me… Lesbian community can be a completely different world and can be worst.. Guys and straight women falling for me DOES NOT help me at all. I’ve had a straight girlfriend and have to say, angel compared to the past experiences but she ruined it by taking her psychology studies to try to read me rather than getting to know me. Just to show.. Get to know someone first before you judge them peeps
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