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Men and women exist on a spectrum. Some women (in this case) are sincerely decent, empathetic and caring human beings others are profoundly self absorbed emotional vampires of epic proportions. Of course you have every type of woman inbetween the two as well. My life experience has involved nearly all of them. Some genuinely want a man to love and to be loved in return. They don’t care about money/material possesions as much they care about you. They’ll prove this time and time again. Others view you as nearly worthless if you don’t possess enough money/material possessions in their eyes. Most all of them desire security in some form. That’s really what it’s all about. They just have different definitions of security. We can’t generalize either sex because truth be told the personalities vary drastically as described above. In turn it’s phenomenally important to get to know the REAL someone. Many people put on an act daily to simply survive this society. You must peel away the layers in order to see the human being underneath. Sometimes it’s worth the effort and sometimes it absolutely isn’t. American culture is highly toxic and one dimensional in far too many ways in my opinion. This has had a severe effect on many, many people. I’ve been with wonderful women and with women I truly thought were possessed by the devil (only a slight exaggeration). I’ve yet to meet a woman who dresses “slutty” regularly that wasn’t pure trouble. Certainly not marriage material. I’ve met plenty of women who know how to dress classy and appear very sexy in the process. Any human being I’ve met man or woman who goes over the top in order to gain attention, power and control has been bad news in the long run. I’ve yet to meet a single one who was worth keeping around long term. Fortunately I’ve had the ability to spending plenty of time with women who possess true leadership qualities. Those who don’t need to do any of those things in order to be ahead of the game. I believe this article has some valid points. Also feel the author is a bit one dimensional himself/herself. I personally have had the most success by judging people on an individual basis however there are some tell tale signs that you simply cannot ignore from afar (dressing slutty being just one of them). It’s very wise to heed them. My heart has been broken and I’ve broken a few hearts myself however I refuse to bring that to the next relationship. It’s mandatory there be a clean slate and if the slate isn’t relatively clean? I don’t date with the intention of forming a relationship until it is. Women who dress like “sluts” regularly have rarely kept my attention for longer than an evening. There’s little need to go into the psychological aspects of this behavior their actions speak for themselves. Daddy issues, molestation, other forms of abuse (possibly all three) are usually the culprits from my personal experience. Of course you run into a psychopath every now and again as well they use sex as a weapon. Again those women with true leadership qualities don’t need to bother with this insanity in order to receive attention, feel admired and respected. The subjects of this article are doing what those who have emotional issues do in order to gain their idea of power and control. It’s a very short lived form of respect (if you can even call it that). And the sycophants who play along with the behavior (both male and female) aren’t what I would consider desirable either. In other words mature adults don’t play these games because they don’t need to. By the way the best sexual encounters in these situations I’ve had have never been with the slutty dressed attention whore in the middle of the room. They’ve always been with the classier sexy women standing at the other end of the room avoiding her annoying behavior. That’s been my personal experience anyway.
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