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I’ve seen any number of “slutty women” end up with abusive douchebag men. As a woman who has always worn whatever I feel like, usually jeans and a t-shirt, I never had a problem getting the “creme de la creme”…if rich, attractive guys are the darwinian favorite, they certainly have favorited me. I’m not more attractive than other women. Once, when I was wearing a white one piece and a tennis skirt, a lot of guys begged me to date them. I came home and told my boyfriend that I felt so good about myself because of all the compliments. I’ll never forget him trying to crush my joy with the same logic used here: “they’re not looking at YOU. They’re looking at your SLUTTY OUTFIT” Slutty? I was wearing a ONE PIECE bathing suit, because I was going swimming after my tennis match. I reasoned that since the suit was white, if I wore it with my tennis skirt nobody would notice, and I wouldn’t have to change or bring anything other than a towel. I wasn’t wearing any makeup, my shoes were “flat I’m a lesbian shoes” and I was tired from tennis and swimming. He was just being a total d-bag. To prove him wrong, I told him to pick any outfit in the house. He put me in a pair of HIS jeans and an oversized t-shirt that also belonged to him. And a baseball cap. We went out, and JUST AS MANY GUYS BEGGED ME TO DATE OR MARRY THEM. In my estimation, dressing in half an outfit is the way that girls who look like every other girl in town, attempt to get noticed over the others. In my town, basically every woman is white, 5’6-5’8, with blonde or brown hair, and the same basic features. They range from skinny to dying from anorexia or possibly cancer. In a world of size twos, I’m a size ten with a woman’s figure. In a world of shorties, I’m 5’10”. I also don’t give a flying crap whether or not guys like me. I understand that you think men feel upset or miserable or whatever when girls walk past them dressed slutty, but I think there’s a correlation that you’ve touched upon but not really called out in this article. A girl who dresses that way looks desperate and pathetic, like she has to beg for sex. A real slut (which I am going to deliberately misdefine as a woman who is out looking to get laid because she KNOWS who she is, what she wants, and exactly who she wants to fuck) wears an entire outfit. Because I don’t need a man to look at me. I can easily walk right up to him and say “Hey. Let’s do this” Which is how pretty well all of my relationships have started. Oh, and that little “they’re not looking at you, they’re looking at your outfit” is how that particular relationship ended. Frankly, if you’re going to stare at other women, don’t blame the women, blame yourself. Oh, she exposed three inches of extra flesh? You’re walking beside a woman who you have seen naked. Completely, utterly naked. Or is there like, a limit to how much flesh you can expose before men don’t give a shit abut looking at you and blame you for the way they feel about it anymore?
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