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All the scantily dressed bitches I come across in my line of work (night club technician) very last one gets a one fingar salute, you can always tell the ones that think they are the hottest because they simply can’t believe a (reasonably good looking) guy just did that, for, in their eyes, no reason, n oif they have the bottle to come over and ask it really screws with them when you tell them it’s cos their A) a mentaly ill [email protected]@ who can’t leave the house withpout a mask on (makeup). B)the stupedest looking bitch in the place,it knocks em back a peg or two where the moron belongs. Alternatively if your not the confrontational type, just snear and look away. It’s time to treat these brain dead fuckers a lesson, IGNORE Them, eventually if all man kind dose maybe they will get the message to FUCK OFF AND DIE..
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