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Wow, as a female I can honestly say that this is pretty true for me personally. When I try to dress up a bit, it’s not so guys notice me at all; honestly I could care less. And that doesn’t make me a lesbian (to all you guys that think a girl MUST be gay if she’s not attracted to you). I like receiving attention for my appearance because my self esteem is so low; I thrive on compliments. I feel like many other young women feel the same. I’m sure that there are some ladies out there who can’t relate to this, and that’s fine, I respect it, but to the dudes who think that this article is a lie and that women only dress up to impress men, I have a short message for you: YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT. It annoys me so much when men act like they know more about women than women do. Either way, this is a great article, and I enjoyed reading it very much!
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