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I don’t want to say that genders are genetically engineered to play certain rolls but, are they? I’m dating this girl right now…unless one of us decides to cut the cord…anyway, we were great when she got off the bus we feelings were to the ceiling. I wanted to go to a local event and she agreed to come along. Once we got there, she was having second thoughts but, I pulled her in cause I wanted her to be there with me and I wanted to go. I mean, we were both there, it was about to start, it looked perfectly normal. Sometimes I go to things she likes and I don’t but I shut my mouth cause I know it will eventually end…after she sat through the whole thing, something else had taken over. She refused to be happy; deflecting anything I had to say in the mud. I lost interest and decided to just walk her home and half way there let her go solo to avoid my spirit from dampening. Moral of the story. she refuses my chivalry but i know she will let everyone know I am an asshole for not walking her home when she was upset. guys on the other hand, guys are not allowed to be upset.

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