Getting Dumped.

So he dumped you, boo-freaking-hoo. Get over it already, you big wuss.

Yeah, we know you really loved him. Yes, we know you had something "special". Yes, we know he told you he loved you. Yes, we know no one else had even been as happy together as you two. Blah, blah, blah.

But if he really loved you, you wouldn't be at this site, would you? No. You'd be making the two-backed beast and annoying the downstairs neighbors.

So, as painful as it is to admit, he didn't love you. It sucks, sure, but don't take it personally. Why not? Because all it means is that they weren't right for you. Bummer, huh? Well, deal with it.

Guess what? He is one of 6 billion homo sapiens on this planet. So even if the love of your life was one in a million, there are still 6,000 people EXACTLY like them. Frankly, he isn't all that special.


What you have to remember is that most of the time, people are looking for something different, not better. That's why even beautiful people get cheated on. Just look at [insert latest shocking celebrity breakup here].

No matter how attractive someone is, there's always somebody who's sick and tired of putting up with their shit. -- Unknown Genius

Love is a combination of traits (personality, temperament, education, sense of humor, looks, etc.). And most people are looking for someone who has the right combination for them (and you should be looking for that, too.)

So it's not a case of finding someone that's BETTER than you--as if you are a worthless piece of scum—but just different than you. Maybe you're too intense for them. Or too funny. Or not docile enough. Or too nice. Or maybe they're using some arbitrary bullshit thing like your teeth aren't white enough. Hey, it happens.

People are idiots. Even people you love. (Look at your parents.)

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they are a narcissist or a player or a sociopath or a bigamist or a sex addict or an internet/romance addict or a con man pick & mix!

i love this site. all this jaded honesty makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Hahaha… that was the best thing I’ve read all week!

If we are supposed to be falling in love with people different than us then how come earlier your definition of love was about ‘updating’and falling in love with someone because we think they ARE better than us so we constantly overestimate them. In this article you say not to look for something better because then we would all be worthless pieces of scum, just look for someone who is different. I think true love is when you compliment one another. Am I desperate for even looking for relationship advice in the first place. Should I be seeking help from a psychiatric professional? Don’t answer that anyone because I know the answer. Yes. I already do.

This article isn’t about who YOU should be looking for. It’s about why you were dumped. That HE isn’t looking for someone “better”, but HE is looking for someone who is different than YOU. You should look for someone with all the right mixes of qualities, as the article says, and that could include someone who is better than you. Or not. Whatever. In any case, the article does not contradict anything in the way that you thought it did. I hope this helps.

That was something that i needed to hear thank you. This is the first thing that i have read…….i will look more into it… find more….smile

For the last 2 years I have been getting over my ex. Yes, it took two years. . and the whole time I was looking for love or even like. I’ve gone from dating, to sleeping around, to actually liking someone and wanting to seee if it could pan out into something real. ALL BAD IDEAS If you are under 30, fuck it, under 40; then you should really just be loving yourself. Date yourself and don’t sleep with one person to much now matter how great it is. Enough of trying to find “the one” or even “the one that could atleast make you a little bit happier than you are right now”. make yourself happy. buy a vibrator. work out. Perfect the Art (of whatever you want).

and when your looking for something to do… take your vibrator to the movies with you, hey.

The reason why people take so long getting over someone is they mind-fk themeselves into thinking they want that person. Usually it comes down to the dreaded “relationship routine” or the fear of loosing someone makes you keep a person that is crap.

Who gives a shit if he dumped you you’ll soon realize that he turns out to be a prick that just used you . Get the fuck over it. Don’t buy a vibrator get a hooker or go to a strip joint

thank you for posting this kind of stress reliever. it’s been two months and i still haven’t got over with my ex. reading this made me feel good. THANKS A LOT.

Guys are all fuckin’ retards, they don’t realize that there’s actually someone who loves them unconditionally and its not their mom so they’re afraid of commitment bottom line and they don’t know how to appreciate the attention that we’re willing to give them, so the closer you get to them the stupider they get, all you gotta do is play their stupid little games, all that passion you got for them turn it into pride

I don’t buy it. The truth is 90% of you DON’T care about us men you just make us think you care about us! A woman’s love is in direct proportion to how much her man spends money on her. All you chicks care about is a dam overpriced wedding and babies to use to get out of having to work everyday.

Are u crazy? Better yet…do you have a brain? Sounds like you have had a lot of intellectually challenged women! Who the hell wants a overpriced wedding (like everybody else) or a bunch of kids? I haven’t even MET a man with money….and I make my own so what does THAT have to do with it? Men and women who need someone to take care of them are usually needy….and DUMPED when it becomes obvious! Oh, and having a bunch of kids in this day and age is stupid unless you are a millionaire!

I love this post….says so much in such a coarse way but it’s true. It’s hard when you realize that you have been giving to a RETARD that can’t even say, “Hey, I know you care a lot for me but I don’t feel the same”. He just lets you go on and on giving (sexually and emotionally) until finally you have to draw a line and confront it. Yup. They’ve been enjoying themselves and you’ve been USED! Really retarded way of living….and the user will continue being retarded (and without the balls to be a good man)until we learn the important lesson of giving too much….which is a problem for us women because when we love, we really love. Time to recognize Ball-less Wonders at the beginning and move in the opposite direction!

without fail, it is all about them. If they contact u after dumping u, rather than hearing “sorry that i hurt you” u will hear “I feel like shit, wa wa” in the hope that u will say “me too!” and then they are satisfied. No matter what the circumstances, DON’T say “me too” if he dumped you. Just tell him like a good sport that you hope he feels better soon, even slip in a sexy word like ‘baby’ or ‘honey’ when u say this to show that ur not terribly cut and he will feel like such a bozo, and he will suffer more…and maybe realise what a BIG fucking mistake he made and come crawling back. And then u get to tell him to FUCK OFF, or make the process of getting u back long and painful. Keep a sense of humour, but above all, KEEP YOUR DIGNITY, that is so much more important than keeping him. If you say “me too” and don’t hear back, u will surely lose that.

Great post! Except that I’d tell him straight up from the get-go, “What are you calling again for? We are not seeing eachother anymore, so please don’t call me ever again.” Friendship is definitely out….who the hell wants to have a friend who treats you like that! Just not possible!

i did just that, gave 200% and while he basked in it…later he felt “smothered.” what an idiot. and so now, i have no dignity left. i fell like ive lost it. hell i dont even know what the word means anymore. but im trying. help me show it…

I am so depressed with the same losing of dignity thing…I think I can relate with my friend there who posted just before me….I did my best…gave in the most I could have…didnt work out…I was abused….I have literally FALLEN in love.

I know that when u get dumped u feel like a piece of shit…but my boyfriend Dumped me for one of my friends ..he is a jerk and would always get Jelous when i would talk to his Friends ..,he is Gonna be lost without me..2 hours ago i became alone with no ond to hold P.S it is what counts in the inside..but there is a guy out there who has to search or know it

It is all about self love actually - love is an inside job. If we love ourselves enough, then we know how worthy we are.. And if a guy doesn’t appreciate that - doesn’t understand that it is an honor to be with you, then really he is not worthy of you..

i was feeling really down after being dumped after 5 months of what i thought was my future, after being dumped by text i realised that he wasnt worth it very quickly but couldnt get rid of the memories albeit false, whilst ignoring me he added his ex (and yes i was still looking at his network at this point) truth is i thought he was better than that , better than he actually was ! but the pain of being dumped in this manner was still with me, after reading on this website i realise that HE is the emotional retard and not me ,although feeling hurt ive learned a lot from the above and for that i thankyou xx

after 3 years of piecing a deeply flawed man back together when i fell in love - blood sweat tears and a lot of money, he left me at my lowest when i told him my depression was really bad. he found someone else before he did it tho because he cannot be alone. and made sure i spent a lot of money on his birthday first. i was alone for my birthday but he got his happy bday xxxx text to me first thing in the morning so it made me angry and confused for the rest of the day. after feeling stronger last week im now back to square 1. we probably were nevrr suited -completely different backgrounds, education, morals but i hoped love transcended. now im hoping he cobtracts herpes and gets dumped. is that terrible?

After ten years and in less than a week, our second child will be here…he fucking left me pregnant and skipped state. I’m only 23, so ten years for me is a LONG ass time. I just don’t see how…he doesn’t even call. He really doesn’t care. I cry all the time. Life is harder on me and my mom because she has to help me when it’s supposed to be him. I really really fucking hate him…so much. I loved him so much. He’s been gone 6 months and I miss him a little but mostly I’m just so fucking heartbroken and angry and depressed. How can he just go on with his life like we don’t exist?… It hurts..I cry too much. It’s fucked up.


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