Love, what it is.

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This is the best definition of love that we’ve heard yet. Love is when BOTH of you think you’re “dating up”.

In other words, you feel as though you’re getting someone better than you deserve. You think you’re getting away with something.

Or, as Artie Shaw was quoted as saying, “Love is an agreement between two people to overestimate each other.” Brilliant.

But it ABSOLUTELY has to be mutual.

We can’t stress this enough. And the only way to tell is through actions. Are they acting like they wouldn’t rather be anywhere besides with you?


This is the basis of respect and it’s the only thing that will keep a relationship together the next time some 19-year-old with tight buns smiles at one of you.

Love isn’t the romantic crap they spout on TV-movies or in Romance novels. Because no one can read your mind well enough to provide that. Love is a partnership with sex thrown in for fun.

Love is not about “completing” someone.


It’s not a healthy relationship unless both of you are fully formed, well-adjusted adults already. And it’s not about “needs”. It’s about “wants”. If you really need someone, maybe you’re a little too desperate and should seek serious counseling. Wanting someone is a conscious decision. It’s selfish, but in a healthy way.

Just don’t kid yourself that you’re in love when you’re not sure the other person feels the same way. If they do, you might be. If they don’t, you aren’t.


You’ll recognize Love because it will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. That’s why people say, you’ll know. Because you will. (You must then, by definition, not marry the first person you date or you’ll have no basis for comparison…)

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* Thinking about growing old with each other and talking about it together. * Opening a joint bank account together. * Talking together about how many kids you would both like (or not like) * When your fights end in long drawn out discussions with amicable resoultions.


love is just an attraction between two people. its not real. your raised to believe it is. love is a joke. some people believe they have found it when realistically its just companionship with another person. fuck “love” i used that word for over two years and look where it got me…

Definitely chucking a guy for a bunch of cats, really!

is real definitely. LSD LOVE SEX DAILY!

I liked this article. This is what my fiance and I have. I thought when I was younger that I ‘needed’ my boyfriend. Only until I was with Salvatore (fiance) did I realize that I did not -need- him to function regularly, I was not overcome with grief in his absence, and at the same time my eyes didn’t wander to other men because I did not -need- him, I -wanted- him. I chose to keep him. In a way, it’s a lot more compelling than need. I realize that he -chose- me, because he -wants- me, and that means more to me than if he needed me and didn’t have a choice beyond that. I’m happy knowing every day that he wakes up, he’s making a conscious choice to come home to me out of desire. As long as you remain what he wants and don’t become what he does not want (as women tend to do when they get married).

You aren’t in love unless both feel it. Any creepy stalker can convince themself that they’re in love. Just feeling it for yourself isn’t enough; independent verification is needed to be sure that what you feel is not lust or obsession.

In the Guy’s guide, love is mutual attraction and respect. In the Girl’s guide, it’s mutual overestimation. No wonder women so often think they fall out of love (and men). Although these definitions have some merit, the one for the gals is more apt to define infatuation. The guy’s definition is better, but it leaves out the bond that two people build over time.


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Bitch About Guys

Dated off and on in freshman and sophomore year, and then didn’t talk for the rest of the time, totally thought we
I recently got dumped (this is the 1st time for me cuz I always do the breaking up)
We were together almost 2 years. We lived with each other almost out entire relationship.
This is an antidote to bitching about guys that have fucked you around.
We flirted for a year. Dated on and off for 6 months.