The real reason he broke up with you.

Short of a death in the family, breaking up is one of the most painful, agonizing ordeals you will ever have to go through, regardless of which side of it you are on.

For the breaker, it’s a guilt-ridden festival of self-loathing, panic and desperation. For the breakee, it’s a tortuous, existence-shaking, pail of hot acid splashed in the face.

It’s one of the few lose-lose situations you’ll ever get into. Nobody wins, everybody is damaged. It’s almost enough to put you off dating altogether forever. One bad break-up can scar somebody for a ridiculously long time.

So why get into a relationship? Because we are biologically wired to do so (Thanks, God…). It’s the classic moth-to-the-flame scenario. We are drawn into the very situations that will most probably hurt us. Nice, huh?

Did you get fucked?

That’s the deal and no amount of bitching or moaning is gonna change it. Relationships that go bad, for whatever reason, are painful. End of story. But how do you tell the difference between an honest, but ugly breakup, and a professional ream job?

First, don’t assume that just because someone broke up with you that it was malicious. People are historically bad at breaking up (regardless of sex). No one teaches a class “How To Breakup With The Person You’ve Been Sleeping With For The Last Two Years Without Hurting Their Feelings”. Frankly, it can’t be done. So don’t blame them for not trying harder.

They DO, however, owe you the favor of being straight-up about it.

If a relationship isn’t working for both parties, then it’s not working period, and keeping it on life-support is just a waste of everybody’s time. So pulling the plug and ending it soon is the right thing to do, no matter how painful it appears to be (it’ll only be more painful later).

Why all the bullshit?

Yet, many people dodge the painful truth and candy-coat it with lies. Why? Because nobody can handle the truth. Society has taught us to take “I don’t think we’re right for each other” to mean, “You suck.”

Other famous break-up lies include, “It’s not you, it’s me” which roughly translated means, “It’s you.” Another good one is, “You deserve someone better” which means, “I deserve someone better.”

You’re not THAT huge a loser.

But even the harshest trashing doesn’t mean you’re a worthless pile of dogshit unfit to soil the shoe of a pedophile.

All it means is that the person you thought you loved, is really a rat-faced, crack-addled, child-molesting, dork-swallowing, scum-licking piece of undigested corn in a heap of dog feces.

So cheer up.

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='( that is so true....

=’( that is so true…. *Skin falls off from acid burn*… =(

Ha, yeah, I'm the one in the

Ha, yeah, I’m the one in the last quote. Since then I’ve moved on, and guess who’s been ringing my phone of the hook? Yep, you guessed it! The universe works in odd ways…

Run as fast as you can... or

Run as fast as you can… or change your phone number. No need for a repeat.


you speak truth… lol


the truth is great... Thank

the truth is great… Thank you!

Crazy Shit

Crazy Shit

Why not

You are probably better off. Good riddence I’d say. Guys are great at making things out as if it’s the girl’s fault - hell they even do it for fun sometimes.

Thank god! This page just

Thank god! This page just gave me hope…my dickhead ex didn’t even have the balls to tell me to my face, he sends me a text message that he “fell out of love” and then a week later it’s “I didn’t mean to say that” and then 2 HOURS later it was, “i don’t want a relationship” EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS!!! And how low is this-last day I saw him, he borrows money from my parents AND my brother and never pays them back. Karma is a bitch and the revenge will be sweet!

my sank ex did the same low

my sank ex did the same low life scum thats what i say. Thank god for this site keeps me sane :)

"I was ambivalent about a long term relationship"

I felt soooo certain he loved me. (No, I was not high on crack - just plain wrong. This brings up major questions about my intuition, which I will not trust again.)
He was falling over himself to be with me. He would act like a geek. He couldn’t get enough. And then ‘smack.’ “I just don’t think this is going to work out.”

Two days later he is desperately calling. “I didn’t think this meant we wouldn’t talk.” Hello? You broke my heart? What the hell do you think?

That was six months ago. And I am stuck. He rules my thoughts. Rationally, I know this is sick. We have gone out since then as “friends”, both knowing we need to maintain boundaries. But he seems to be confused about the boundaries and I let it happen. We always enjoyed time together and had seriously hot sex (physical chemistry was never wanting, but this may be the problem.)

So why the hell, if we have great chemistry and I make him “feel like [he] can be [him]self”, and we laugh and blah, blah, blah, does this not work? I probably know the answer, but I need to hear someone say it like it is and my therapist is in Hawaii for the next month.

ok so you got attached , it

ok so you got attached , it happens and you thought that was love. Girl he DOESNT rule a thing unless u let him. So take a good look at yourself and decide is he really worth my time… I know I know the sex was good … so what ? hop into bed with another dude, yeah I know that sounds slutty but believe me IT WILL WORK MAGIC . And then you ll be the one in control … and fyi this time be the one that ” doesnt think it s gonna work ” … give him a taste of his own medicine.

This is actually the story of

This is actually the story of my life right now.

Yeah I thought my bf of 2

Yeah I thought my bf of 2 years loved me but then dumped me and then asks if we can still talk and be friends and I said under one condition: “No sexual relations whatsoever!” It’s payback time.

im crying my eyes out and

im crying my eyes out and laughing at the same time.
what a waste of two years.


i just had a horrible thing happen with this guy i liked and this just made my made me smile after crying :)


fucked me. burn me alive.

oh yea

that was his line…
“you deserve someone better”
and got with someone else the next day *rolls eyes*

You deserve someone better

translates to I found someone else and I dont want to feel guilty but I am letting you go so I can be with them without complications..

Guys who trap you into making a decision so they can walk away

They bate you and make you feel like you were suppose to make a decision. Just because they don’t have the balls to come right out and tell you they want to be with you. They then proceed to treat you like shit and ignore you. If they were so into you that they now can’t even be in the same room and be human then why the hell can’t they just be honost. They have to run from their feelings and make you wonder. Keeping you on the hook or making you feel like you are the one that is fucking crazy. I hate this shit. I hate that I can’t get closure because he insists on acting like a prick months later. Get over it, so I can you stupid self obsorbed asshole.


after 5 years..the guy calls me out of no where says he doesn’t care about me as much as i care about him and then sleeps with another girl the same night….told me 2 months before he wanted to marry me…

Just leave

How about stop sleeping with these loser guys. Just stop sleeping with them and things will change. If they leave because of that, good. Find someone decent instead of someone self absorbed with a god complex.

yes, i got sucked right into

yes, i got sucked right into it. i love you, i adore you, cant live without you. as soon as i had bought it, hook line and sinker, asshole starts wanting his space. are you f’n serious??? now the relationship is on its way out because i am too “needy.” whereas i am actually just behaving the same way he was before. i hate to lose this but i dont know how to be “distant” and play those games. ideas?

Confusing shit...

so what’s this…me thinking everything is going perfectly, i bought all his I love you, you’re the love of my life…till at some point I had the feeling that he was cheating on me. I talked to him asking him if something like this could be even pssible and he was hurt! that I could possibly believe such a thing…Well i didn’t have any ‘evidence’ other then that girl telling everyone on her facebook how she’s together with him…blahblah…time goes by and I try to believe him that he has no clue who this girl is, because I loved him and was blinded..while he kept telling me there’s nothing for 3 months and didn’t try to do anything against all started to fall apart. I broke up with him because he didn’t seem to care at all, even though he kept telling me to the last day how much he loves me and how he’s not cheating on me. Well guess what…2 weeks later I had my evidence that he was cheating on me. I was so fuckin broken all the time that’s why I ended it. But the question remains, why didn’t he broke up with me? If he thought this girl is right for him why did he keep pretending to love me and shit?
(Good thing? It’s his loss really…yeah I needed some months to get it. Sad thing is also that the girl he cheated on me with had no clue about me and is still dating him…oh well)

Confusing shit...

so what’s this…me thinking everything is going perfectly, i bought all his I love you, you’re the love of my life…till at some point I had the feeling that he was cheating on me. I talked to him asking him if something like this could be even pssible and he was hurt! that I could possibly believe such a thing…Well i didn’t have any ‘evidence’ other then that girl telling everyone on her facebook how she’s together with him…blahblah…time goes by and I try to believe him that he has no clue who this girl is, because I loved him and was blinded..while he kept telling me there’s nothing for 3 months and didn’t try to do anything against all started to fall apart. I broke up with him because he didn’t seem to care at all, even though he kept telling me to the last day how much he loves me and how he’s not cheating on me. Well guess what…2 weeks after the breakup I had my evidence that he was cheating on me. I was so fuckin broken all the time that’s why I ended it. But the question remains, why didn’t he broke up with me? If he thought this girl is right for him why did he keep pretending to love me and shit?
(Good thing? It’s his loss really…yeah I needed some months to get it. Sad thing is also that the girl he cheated on me with had no clue about me and is still dating him…oh well)

so what's thinking

so what’s this…me thinking everything is going perfectly, i bought all his I love you, you’re the love of my life…till at some point I had the feeling that he was cheating on me. I talked to him asking him if something like this could be even pssible and he was hurt! that I could possibly believe such a thing…Well i didn’t have any ‘evidence’ other then that girl telling everyone on her facebook how she’s together with him…blahblah…time goes by and I try to believe him that he has no clue who this girl is, because I loved him and was blinded..while he kept telling me there’s nothing for 3 months and didn’t try to do anything against all started to fall apart. I broke up with him because he didn’t seem to care at all, even though he kept telling me to the last day how much he loves me and how he’s not cheating on me. Well guess what…2 weeks after the breakup I had my evidence that he was cheating on me. I was so fuckin broken all the time that’s why I ended it. But the question remains, why didn’t he broke up with me? If he thought this girl is right for him why did he keep pretending to love me and shit?
(Good thing? It’s his loss really…yeah I needed some months to get it. Sad thing is also that the girl he cheated on me with had no clue about me and is still dating him…oh well)

You're not THAT huge a loser.

…and chances are, neither is he, simply for breaking up with you. The comment about him not being all that special, and there being thousands just like him, applies to you, too. So you found out that you aren’t the queen you thought you were, and that daddy was feeding you sugar coated bullshit when he called you “princess.” It may hurt to realize that you, too, are just another hairless monkey trying to survive on in the same jungle as the rest of us banana-munchers, and not God’s gift to men. Slap a band-aid on your bleeding ego, and get over it.

"The Relationship that Fell to Hell"

After a whole year of practically spending every day and waking moment together, I started catching him with one girl after another randomly. Crying to him I ask him how can he do this. In a simple, uncaring tone he says “Because I never thought about you as girlfriend type”. Are you fucking kidding me? I had dinner with his entire family, went on vacation with him, we even told eachother I love you… and this shit gets pulled, what was I, fucking retarded? There was never any mercy in between us after that conversation. Mean, nasty and self pitying… He pitied himself, after cheating with numerous people. When my mother passed away he had the nerve to tell me that “He didn’t feel bad people die all the time” The worst part is I kept talking to him, long past where I should have cut him. By now the cut has become so deep that I am still single. But this gives me hope, I believe I can rise above that shit

The flipside

On the flip side… I was one of those uncaring, self absorbed men who fell in and out of love with no regard for the girl’s feelings. I figured I was done and I moved on and she should too. I was seriously in intense relationships twice a year at least for 4 years. Then I wake up one day, watch the notebook and realize I’m a total dick.
This was over 6 years ago and I have really reformed. Seriously, for some reason the stupid movie stirred something inside and changed me. I worked on finding a nice girl, committed to her and married her a few years ago. We had our first child and he means the world to us. It’s more likely that she cheats on me now, than I were to do something. The whole point of the rant is that at some point most men do have a switch turn on. Nobody teaches us what to do and what most of us do is follow our dick. Half the time we fall in love, we have feelings for you because we love the sex or the attention. When we do manage to make a connection we are distracted by someone else with bigger boobs, lighter eyes or something insignificant. We walk around not valuing the connection we have made and take it for granted to the point where we know we have something to fall back on so we look for something else… an adventure of sorts. We cheat, we lie, we suck.
At some point, the devil shouting in our ear deafens us and we realize there are other things we can listen to from the other side.
Guys aren’t men. Only men are men and we get there after much time and effort. Don’t wait around for us to change and don’t think you can be the one to change us. Significant change only comes from within.
So don’t worry. You didn’t do anything wrong, unless you did. It wasn’t your fault, unless it was. It’s probably that we are idiots for 22-25 years and then we start to use our reason and at about 30 we realize we have a heart that can actually love someone fairly, deeply and honestly, so we start to use that too.
I only loved twice, once when I was 17 and I fell in love with my first love and now that I am in love with my true love.

Why All The Bullshit??

I dated a guy in the military for a few months, he promised marriage, met my family and friends, dumped me via text message and then married the girl I came to understand he cheated on me with all within the past six weeks…mind you, we’ve been broken up for two months. That’s cool.

me too

i was living with my bf for two years, he was in National Guard. I thought we were doing great,,yeah we fought sometimes but doesn’t everyone. Then he took a little too long to come home from drill yesterday,,call it women’s intution or gut feeling but i went on his mom’s facebook page and there’s a pic of him and some chick looking at wedding rings and talking about how much they love each other. Im blindsided. I told her everything and she’s staying with him. I just spent the day packing up all his crap and now im sitting on the floor in the kitchen,,looking at our life in garbage bags layed around me and feeling like i want to just die. PS he told me he was waiting to tell me till after my birthday next week cause he didn’t want to break my heart right before my birthday and ruin it for me,,,whatta guy

put on your big girl panties and walk away

you got broken up with…. so what! everybody has gone through a breakup… and no there are no manuals for proper breakups and there are no manuals to guide you through the aftermath of a breakup… because hello everybody is different and nobody knows what is going on through your mind besides you…. everybody has their own morals and beliefs and everybody chooses to live their life differently than their nextdoor neighbor. it’s nice to hear advise from people but don’t ever let anyone tell you that the way you are living your life isn’t the right way or that the way you are handling a situation isn’t the right way, because who the fuck are they to tell you the right way of doing anything? God didn’t give us a guide when we came out of our mother’s womb! we are all just playing it by ear from the moment we wake up in the morning until the moment we lay down at night. no matter what plans you have laid out for yourself always find away of getting altered and things never go the way you intially thought they would. i recently went through a rough breakup, but you know what, i put on my big girl panties and said FUCK YOU honey, you want to breakup cause you can’t figure yourself out, don’t expect me to be here when your done!!! cause i figured out who i am while i was dating you, if you couldnt do the same you are no longer my problem. i am living my life by the motto “when one door closes another one opens” just keep living your life and do you! you are the only person you should be worrying about after a breakup, because chances are during the relationship you may have lost yourself, so focus on finding yourself again!

thank u for that so true!

thank u for that so true!

Wow. Thanks, everyone. This

Wow. Thanks, everyone. This is really helpful.


(Need opinion -please). I was seeing this guy I met at work for almost 4 months. Things were doing great. We spent all our time together. He would come over after he gets off work and every weekend I’m at his place. We had endless conversation about every topic there is. We connected sexually, mentally, emotionally, and physically BUT he has trust issue I caught on from the beginning. I am a very confident woman. Most of my friends are male so I know the male mentality but my ex factor is a different species. He would get on me about my phone ringing constantly. He would ask me who texted me. At first I didn’t think nothing of it. But as the relationship progress and love came into the picture things changed drastically. And I do love him. He would get upset about my phone. He would ask why I would have my phone in the bathroom while in taking a shower (I have Pandora on to listen to music). And the funny thing is I never sweat him about his phone although he always have it on him - on vibrate.

So, 4 days ago he broke up with me because he said a friend of his told him that I was cheating on him. He said that this friend of his said I was hooking up with one of his friend.. So he believed his friend and left me confused. Since we are always together and on the phone 24/7 how on earth can I do a Houdini trick and ran around like a hood rat? But whatever I said…he never listened.

F***ed over

I was dating a guy for 6 months and we never really called it official. Me being an apparent idiot assumed we were the cliche boyfriend and girlfriend. One day I asked him if he was my boyfriend then and there he told me that he wasn’t ready for a relationship and that he had been cheated on in a previous relationship and couldn’t handle another one. I left it at that let him go but told him how I really felt. That I wouldn’t ever hurt him and that I had strong feelings (and still do) for him. We talked for a day after this and then two days later he went into a relationship with some other girl and I mean all the way posting it on facebook all that shit. I was a secret and it pissses me off that some men can act this way. Regardless to say I’m still not over all of it and really don’t know what to do about the situation.

I don't know wtf I'm doing!!!

Okay, so I’ve been dating this guy for 3 years, started off rocky but eventually I fell head over hills for him and I thought I had him wrapped around my finger, at least that is how he acted, he’s always saying he loves me and wants to do dirty things to me, marriage, he even said he wanted to grown old with me. Well he got locked up about 8 months ago and he broke up with me while in jail, who does that?? but anyways and he had been talking to his ex. Well that didn’t work, because an EX is an EX for a reason, we got back together, no cheating happened while we were split, being that i was heart broken and he was behind bars, so I felt that no real harm was done. Well its been almost 7 months now and i found out he had been calling her again, but this time he is lying to my face, I have proof he can not deny….but he is. What the fuck am I doing? Why can’t I just say fuck him and walk away? He tries to turn it around on me, make me feel bad for not trusting him but how can you trust that he isn’t playing me when he did it 7 months ago?? Ugh I need help, answers, advice, Xanax and comfort, that i’m not the only good, loyal, pretty woman getting shitted on from a loser, who I happen to love and can’t leave?

man im so fucked upppp

i was dating this dude for 6 months . things were great for the first 2 months . he was really into me and i fell for all his bullshit . then on my FCKN BIRTHDAY he met a girl with a fat ass . everything changed . he said he didnt feel the same for me anymore but he didnt want to break up with me all the way . we went on a break , he fucked the slut bitch and even thought about leaving me for her . so when i found out he said she was jus t aone night stand and he loves me blahblahblah . of course i forgave him , like an idiot . then we officially were a couple again a week later . ever since that bitch our relationship had been shit , he acted like he didnt wanna be with me anymore , cheated on me multiple times , and always lied to me . he even fckd my “best friend” when we were in the same house and i still stayed with the asshole . but everytime i asked him if he wanted to be wih m he always said duh i want to be with you because if not i wouldve broke up with you . i let him drive my truck around , i gave him money , paid $50 to turn his phone on , i even bought him a nice snapback with his name on it and some converrse and he lost the hat the same damn night i gave it to him . through all the pain and bullshit he put me through i still stayed and tried to make things work . i was faithful and loyal 100% . and yet he broke up with me . i told his bitch ass you lost a good thing and you will NEVER find someone as good as me , ever . he still wants to be cool and hang out . even though hes already talking to somone else smh . shes pretty too , but im prettier . even though he treated me like shit when i treated him like a king i still want him back , i love him . but he doesnt want to be with me anymore . i dont even know what to do with myself .

He is a loser. You are better

He is a loser. You are better off without him. A guy I was in love with dumped me many years ago, since then he’s been with pretty lame women. Some guys just want women who expect little to nothing. Do you want to be that chick who doesn’t value herself?

you are better

I really relate to you - you are not the only one who feels like that. I’ve been dating this girl for a few months and always treated her like gold - she loved me, told me she wanted to spend forever with me, etc…we were perfect together - mental, emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual - we were connected on SOOOOO many levels…I thought she was the one. One day she broke up with me to fuck this other bitch that she had a crush on way before I was ever in the picture. (Even though she knew it would never work with this girl - long term). They fucked 3 days after she broke up with me…then the bitch told her she just wanted to be friends…long story short, my girlfriend came back to me, was good for 2 days, but now treats me like shit…I’ve never been anything but wonderful to her…we are still together even though every part of me tells me to let her go…but I can’t, I’m in love with her…I’m waiting for her to get over this other chick that broke her heart…I know I’m fucked up :( Love makes you do crazy things…like forget to use your brain. I know I should break up with her, but I can’t :(

asshole men

Met this guy after the death of his wife.Did not commit because he was still grieving even though he asked me to move in. I felt he was vulnerable and did not want to take advantage.After a time we decide to have a relationship, then I don’t hear from him for a month, until I see him in the local bar with another woman. I was shocked, he nver told me, just ignored me.
He did not say hello except to my sister and when he did his g/f went berserk with jealousy. Since we were not in a proper relationship, I wished him luck and let him go, especially as the g/f was an obvious bunny boiler.
So they break up due to her control, could not meet his mates or family and jealousy, fights with exes of hers both male and female and the fact he was broke from dating her and supporting her 6 kids.
So we get together gain but when she cries on the phone he puts her first. After being with me a month, he has texted me to dump me and say he has gone back to her.He promised not to use or hurt me and has done both.I know I have been stupid and feels so humiliated. I have never been anything but kind to him.

Why so hard on yoursel?

Give yourself a break. You made a decision to be with this guy. A relationship is between two people. You didn’t let him take the lead and gave yourself permission to be with him. Is it devastating - absolutely. Did y learn from it? Let’s hope so. Don’t assume. Let the guy take the lead and see where it takes y both.


I dated a girl for 5 years we were inseperablebfor tbe first 2 then out of the blue she starts accusing me of cheating this went on for 3 years but I stayed witb her becuz I loved her so much n because of what we had at the begining. I put up with so much of her shit n thot about breaking off the relationship several times but I hung in there cuz I loved her n I thought she loved me. Well we kind of went our separate ways for about 4 months because she just started ignored me n my calls n text n I didnt understand y. So out of the blue she calls me n fells me she loves n misses me n wants to see me. I was excited . We talked for a few days she would say I love you in text or tell me when we were getting off the phone so we hang out one night and everything was cool. A little awkward cuz we hadnt seen eachother for a wbile but still cool. We had a good time she text me in the morning to have a greaf day n sends me a kiss. That night I try n call her n she wont answer then she starts completelly ignoring me again. A week later i get a text that she doesnt want tk be with me anymore. Just dont fuckin get it. Anybodh have any insight!? Im devastated dont know what to do but I keep trying to get ahold of her n I keep asking her to jhsf give me an explanation. She says tbere is nothing to taLk about but to me there is j want an explanagion

She's confused and scared but

She’s confused and scared but being inconsiderate with regards to your feelings. Don’t contact her, and ignore her if she contacts you again. You are a human being who should be - although there is no guarantee - treated with honesty and respect. Love is not supposed to hurt. She has issues she needs to work on alone.

12 years....

12 years and married for 3. Yeah we had problems, but after over 12 years, he ends it (so much more, obviously), via we chat, in china. The final Straw was when he was too fucking ashamed to tell his parents we were together again. This resulted in real harsh treatment by his family, awkwardness, me trying to make things “normal”. They told him I was mean to them and didn’t put in any effort, when they were the ones who came over to take care of his stuff (since I just had a major neck fusion surgery, so I’m real restricted), they ignored me and treated me like shit. Turns out, even after 12 fucking years, he said he loved me and would do anything for me, but then his fucking parents are more reliable, and apparently worth leaving me over! There’s so much more, finding condoms multiple times, but I was too fucking stupid to take it for what it was. His cheating that he will never admit. The admission of partial cheating, but the story changed every time. Lying about working on the rigs for weeks at a time while I’m at home with our baby, just trying to survive and pay bills-but when you don’t work, there’s no money. So what? I would have lived out of a box for him. He betrayed me and broke my trust so many time, and I let him, for fucking years and years! When he fucked me this last time (after about 6 other times, which I guess broke me in good), I got my own place and moved the fuck out. It was awful and it’s still hard. Luckily I have a job and can take care if myself and my daughter, I feel so bad for people who are abandoned and get fucked like I did, with nothing to count or rely on. I don’t really have family and so, I have no where to go. He counted on that forever, and especially when his family emotionally and physically absbdoned me, leaving me to fucking Rot without a word. It’s just all so fucked up. I’ve learned a lot though. I don’t deserve that. He doesn’t deserve me, and I deserve way better. I’ve learned a lot about everything. Whole it’s not easy and I still cry, I feel like shit and I wish he lived me. But then I remember all this shit and the shit I can’t even write since it’s been so long, I sometimes feel nothing for him, I hate him, almost. I despise him and his family. I try to not be so bitter but it’s really hard to get so fucked. He never even said snuthinf, it’s just over like that. I dd my time, I promised and gave him everything, and he didn’t give me shit. He used to be good to me but then things went bad and they ended. It was his choice. I have begged and begged for him. How fucking pathetic. Anyway, so much to it. I just want to say if there’s anyone else out there reading this that had been through what I have, there is hope. I have yet to find it, and I still miss him. I know though what he’s done to me and it’s fucking over. I still hope he will knock in my door, but then I just hope I can be as cold-hearted as him and say no, like he did. It’s so many feelings all the time. When you have a kid or kudsits even worse, because you fucking have to be at least in each others lives for that. It’s hard. I don’t know what I think a lot if the time. But then I hate him and hate what he did to me. It’s all just so fucked. I stupidly sent him my last text, saying how I feel about it all, how ducked up it is, how I need closure and will never understand. But I really think that’s it. I can’t do this anymore, I’m better than that and anyone in my boat should consider this. It’s so hard, you may not be able to handle it at first but you just have to so what’s best for you. Being tested like that and disregarded like tote feelings don’t matter at all, that your feelings are stupid, you don’t deserve that shot. Emotional abide is what I consider it now. You get to feeling so dependent on them. You can’t imagine life without them. Then they break your heart and it’s done. It’s a journey and I have a long way to go but I know that this shit is not normal-no matter how much they try and make you think you’re the fucked up one. Just do what you have to, stay strong and we must get through this fucking nightmare. Good luck, we will make it and be better for it, no matter how long it takes.

I dont even know if we broke up or not?

We had a fight, he said he is over it and just hangs up, I ask are we over? He doesnt answer. I ask again and try to call him, no reply, then he says, “its not a good time, he doesnt feel like talking”, ok, “talk to you tomorrow”… tomorrow comes, i say good morning, after hours of waiting for a reply I ask him if he is going to say anything today, no reply, I write him a message asking what went wrong, things were perfect between us, the only major flaw in our relationship was his mother’s intense dislike of me, I also made the mistake of writing to him that if this doesnt work out I am going back home (i currently live in Australia but I am from Europe). I write to him that before we decide whether to stay together or not we should give each other some space for a week or so… he doesnt reply to any of that, he replies only I cant talk, i really cant. I say ok… then i write but are we over or do you just ned time to think? NO REPLY, i ask him again “are we over?” NO REPLY… we had the fight on tuesday, and its thursday now… im not sure if i have been dumped or what is happening. We have been together for 2 years, travelled together and basically done everything together, we are really close friends too…but my instincts say that he doesn’t want to say anything until he is sure, because his answer might lead to me moving back to Europe and he might regret it…. He has never been upfront before, we have broken up once before a year ago but he was upfront about it…but this time no “this is the end” no anything… i am so confused.


I thought my relationship with my boyfriend was going fine (we had been dating for only a month) and I had started to fall in love with him. But three nights ago he says he wants to break up because he didn’t think I liked him. I of course told him that I liked him more than anyone and he took me back and said he wanted to try to make it work. Last night he asks me on a date. I was so happy that we were gonna work it out. He gives me his jacket, takes me out to ice cream, and then takes me to our spot at sunset hill. We sat on a bench and looked out at the water. Then he kissed me romantically and I was on cloud 9. The second our lips part, he says, “I still think we should break up.” WOW WTF.
he went on to say “it’s not you, it’s me.” And “you deserve better.” Classic. I’m not a dumbass. He wants to still be friends though. Fuck that.


After more than 7 yrs, I get sick with CFS he cantstand to see me sick or deal with it, & so he cheats. I find out one day when looking through his emails! I was in shock, but it explains why he had began abusing me emotionally. He was ready to break up with me prior to me finding out & move out. Then i find out he cheated once 2 yrs ago! My god he has put me through shit! After all these yrs I thought he was a great person who loved me so dam much & would stick by me. He wanted to marry me for years & it was me that wasn’t ready due to the fact that I wasn’t happy & he said things would change. Now I am finally ready to get married to him because he changed, & he does this. My heart is broken & I still miss him even though he is being an arsehole. Now He says things like he couldn’t stand me being sick & the sex wasn’t good & I stressed him out with my crying while sick. He suddenly likes things he never wanted to explore with me!! He is obsessed with fashion & vanity, idon’t get it! Help! I am hurting so bad but have improved health wise! He tells me that he regrets what he has done & wish he could take it back & be with me, but it is too late now, he has done too much so I should move on! All I can think about is him & after we are ready to settle down & have a family he does this.

the blame game

Was with this man for a year. I really loved him… He told me he loved me and wanted to marry me and give me children. A few months later, he breaks up with me via text, stating he no longer felt the love. That he was faking It the past few months. But he also told me ” you cant fake feelings” talk about contradicting.. for the first couple of weeks, he was depressed. Guilty. Texting me, asking if I was okay. And then he started getting angry. Texting me and telling me “it’s over! We are never getting back together! Stay out of my life!” If I didnt stop the guilt trips, he would hurt himself. I never tried to make him feel more guilty than he already was. And when he threatened himself, I got scared and went to his mom and his friend to ask them for help. He got pissed at me. Said I shouldnt have brought them Into this. But what else was I supposed to do.. He blames me for all the damage that was brought about in his life after the break up. I did nothing! He damaged his own life with his steroid use. I just tried to help. Apparently it was wrong of me to care.. he told me that through all the damage, he Lost everything he felt for me.. what BS! I even asked him If he really did lose everything he felt for me. It took him half an hour to reply, when before that he would reply to me Immediately. His reply was “yes….” asked him If he felt not even the least bit of love for me.. told me to stop It. That he said what he said and It was done. Basically refused to answer my question. Lies! But despite his lies, I still apologized to him and his mom. And that pissed him off even more! Me texting his mom an apology. Started Texting me over and over and over that we were done. We were never getting back together. Our relationship was dead. That I needed to leave him alone. That he lied about hurting himself in hopes that I would leave him alone. Who lies about something like that?! He kept texting most likely to get me to respond. I didn’t give him that satisfaction. I’m just done. Done with him blaming me. Done with his lies. If he wants to lie to himself about how he feels to make himself feel better, then fine. I don’t need this. He thinks that the steroids did nothing to him.. he’s an idiot. And he’s an idiot for walking away from a good woman that loved him. I deserve better.

plz help

if a bf thinks his gf always want badfor him..he is nt getting job bcoz of her bad luck…but gf always think good fr him…what gf should do in this situation..should she break up with him?or there is some other solutions

Sudden breakup

Met a guy 3 years ago. He wanted to date me bit I didn’t. Eventually I have in. He professed his love for me 4 weeks after we began dating. I was a bit unnerved but liked him and eventually fell I love. Fast forward 2 1/2 years later he tells me (two days after Christmas) that it upsets him I smoke and his fear for my health is too much for him so he breSks up with me. Really? I was a smoker when we met. I have been working on it but still smoke. We were going to discuss things in January but he blindsided me with the eay decision he made unilaterally/ no discussion. I believe he wants to pursue a relationship with someone from his past and wanted to be with her for New Years. Am I nuts or paranoid? Or does his hasty decision seem odd? He is a bit of a drama queen so there is probably truth in his reasoning but it was just so sudden and really hurt. Thoughts?

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