The female approach to falling in love.

When looking for a prospective mate, men essentially want a woman to fuck, and women just want a man who can provide for her future offspring. These decidedly different end goals force men and women to operate at cross-purposes, each stuck having to trade favors to get what the other truly wants. For example, men agree to marry a girl with the understanding that it will lead to regular sex (only to later learn that by “regular sex,” women meant infrequent and dispassionate sex). And women agree to have sex (at least in theory) with the understanding that it will lead to marriage and children.


It’s like the old adage says, Men give love to get sex, and women give sex to get love. And, while that saying’s true for the most part, it’s a terrible deal for women. Men may be hard-pressed to fake an orgasm, but most can fake love pretty easily.

Not surprisingly, this sex-for-love approach proves disastrous for women. It’s a story as old as time itself: Boy tells girl he loves her, boy gets sex from girl, then tells girl to hit the bricks.

Yet literally centuries later — despite mountains of evidence and experience to the contrary — there are still women who insist on using that approach (which is probably why teen pregnancies are on the rise and successful relationships are harder to find than Amelia Earhart).

Against all reason, women consider these emotionally driven decisions to be perfectly reasonable ones. (“Putting your hand into a blender is okay as long as you do it for love!”). They’re endlessly willing to gamble on lottery-style odds, falling in love with men regardless of whether the relationship is workable or not (“He’s just misunderstood! I can make him stop serial killing...”). It’d be endearing, if it wasn’t so insane.

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Most guys, by contrast, realize early on that, when it comes to life-altering decisions, their brain (or what passes for it) is best suited to making the call. When men let other body parts do the thinking, they end up spooning with some ugly girl and having to chew their own arm off.

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More often than not, men go into a relationship pragmatically, deciding whether or not they can live with a girl, before getting emotionally attached. That way they get to really know a girl before they fall in love. Men need to view love more seriously than women do because they have so much more to lose — least of which is the freedom to have sex with other women.


Once they commit to a relationship, men quickly become invested emotionally and that’s scary, uncharted territory for them. Women, on the other hand, fall in love often and easily. It’s a casual lark, like riding a roller coaster (or shoplifting). For women, falling in love is less taxing because they’re more comfortable with traumatic emotions than men.


If a relationship goes to shit on them, women just cry a lot, eat ice cream and wallow in the sympathy of friends and family. Some women love the drama of falling in love and breaking up so much that they’ll go out of their way to create problems if a relationship is going too smoothly. If that sounds insane to you, that’s only because it is.

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This is so ridiculous I can’t even begin to say what I think of it. A load of crap, guys.

In fact, it’s spot on. Remember, men like to analyze things. Women do this less, and one reason is because sometimes they don’t like what they learn after their analysis… so they stick with living a life driven by emotion. Now obviously not all women are this way, and there’s a continuum of different ladies, some driven purely by emotion all the way up to those driven purely by logic. However, if you histogram women on this continuum, they will be pretty solidy to the left, with men solidly to the right. I’d guess that their median locations are at least 1 standard deviation apart. Does this comment make my ass look big?

amen to the last part brother

Actually, I’m a gay man and this is totally true. All of it…cuz gay men are part woman and part man. I am the man, he is the woman in regards to “love”. Strangely, when it comes to money, its the other way around…I am the woman, I want everything (cash, credit cards, travel, gifts) for love, he wants to give as little as possible for sex. I’m not willing to settle, so I’m saying “buh-bye”!!

I’m a chick, and I’m gonna have to be honest. This whole website is 100% on point, and any chick that thinks it isn’t is kidding herself.

Thanks For The Heads Up On That.. Im Gonna Use This On A Current Girl I Know Haha

Wow, this website is the shit!! I knew something was up with women so I stayed single for a long time until I could at least get a TRUE and ACCURATE snapshot! This website is the TRUE and ACCURATE snapshot! I say so not only because the info just sits right with me (I’m a business man so I’m use to using my 6th sense) but also the info lines up with what I have seen in my friends/families FAILED marriages and relationships. LOL, I feel so relieved that I found this place. It’s like a safe haven from all the maddnes!!

Been with a bitch for 10 years that didn’t love me, she loved my wallet. When the money ran out, so did she.

“Boy tells girl he loves her, boy gets sex, then boy tells girl to hit the road” This only works FOR THE BOY THE GIRL ALREADY LIKES. If the average guy tried it he wouldn’t succeed.

Actually, I’m a girl, and this is why I avoid dating and “love” and sex, because it’s all bullshit. Too often, men are full of shit, and I’m not going to give a fool a chance. You wonder why women get cold? It’s because some of them DO care, and they give and give and give, but then no one takes them seriously. Why try if people don’t get you. How easy it is to just stereotype everyone and tell people that all men and all women are superficial sex objects, and that all people are shallow?

Love that last comment….some women really do care and in the end you do just give up, your right on that one….i would love a boyfriend but all i find is guys just wanting sex boring…..

I want to murder Bitches now!

It’s like a game. A stupid, fucked up game. EXACTLY, but if you’re ugly u already lost… PS: Women really are mentally ill

Talk about men playing the victim on this website. HAHAHA! What a bunch a men on their rags, like really man up. Ever heard of something called honesty? If you just wanna get laid, ASK. Trust me, I am a woman, and we want sex just as much as you do. It’s the idiots that lie to themselves and their women who are treated in this manipulative way. What a bunch of B.S. Was this written by a highschool boy? LMAO!!

I would like to point out that women have 2 hormones raging through their bodies and then also a certain amount of testosterone. The falling in love part is hell, could be painful and for me always lasted more then 7 years :( For me it was indeed also physical and came with senses, looks, attitude, temperament and damn if nature wasn’t right: have now the most gorgeous healthy baby girl. - which was of course the goal of my body :) Also I notice that your experiences are with low ranking females. I mean if you F…. the underdog you get underdog behavior.

@Not Really - You seem really good at stereotyping people. Let me guess? You wrote this blog. Sorry but not all women, or men for that matter, fit into the tiny little box you like to put us in. There are many, if not countless women who can balance logic and emotion ( I say balance because I believe being too extreme on the continuum of either can be detrimental). Both logic and emotion have their benefits and drawbacks. It is understanding this that is the key. Too much of either is no good. Frankly, saying that all men seek relationships solely for sex is a terrible stereotype and misconception since there are many men with the hope and aspiration to someday be a family man and to follow in the footsteps of the family men they have grown up admiring. Similarly, there are countless women with careers and the financial stability to take care of themselves and a child if they so chose to. These stereotypes no longer apply in today’s world because not everyone fits into them. Unfortunately, I fear this blog was written by an extremely jaded personality.


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