Women think different (but not right).

Surely, you say, not all women are conniving whores bent on fucking men over. Well, of course not. Not all women, maybe not even a lot of them. But certainly a few women are, and that’s a good enough reason to be on the lookout for them.

As any XXX-rated film graphically demonstrates, women are different from men — they have silicon breasts and shaved vaginas, among other things. But women are also different inside, too, where it’s harder to get at the problem. Le Difference — as the French call The Difference — has to do with chromosomes, DNA, hormones and/or possibly some form of voodoo (we’re not ruling out anything just yet). And while we don’t know exactly what causes the “female condition,” we do know what you can do about it: Not a damn thing.


Why? Because chicks are, to all outward appearances, fucked in the head.

Now, that’s not to say that all men are the poster-boys for sanity — just look at [insert current celebrity whack-job here]. It’s just that many women, frankly, appear to be nuttier than your ball-sack. And the fact that they keep trying to figure out how men think is at least partially to blame. Women simply refuse to accept that they don’t “get” men and never will. Along the same lines of reasoning, if you think you have any better chance of figuring out how women think, you should put down the crack pipe right now.

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Be content with the knowledge that you’ll never understand women, and then deal with them the way you would any other crazy person — by humoring them, backing away slowly and calling the authorities.

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Very true, I’ve met and dated enough to tell, they’re all fucked up. They might seem nice and seduce you, but when you get to know them better you realize they’re all the same. Just not worth a decent man time.

American women are really crazy. Go foreign and you’ll be much happier on average. I’ve lived in Asia and the United States.

I have lived in America for 2 years now and American girls are fucking beautiful, but SO crazy. Like pure bat shit bananas. Go to the U.K Scotland or England to get a decently same woman. The UP side to America is that they are all so naturally beautiful here. So choose your demon. Beautiful and nuts. Or Decent and sane.

Even fat bitches are fucking nuts.


low life garbage women seem to be everywhere nowadays along with their shit don’t stink of an attitude. we have the lowest form of rotten women, and years ago women had much more class and certainly were much more educated too.

So So True. Women now (or even girls) are just garbage

You can’t trust a female. They are manipulative creatures. And completely irrational and illogical. They go entirely on emotion, and it’s ever changing with each moment. Get them what they want, and suddenly they don’t want that thing any more and now want something else. On and on. And always looking for greener pasture. If they think that the grass in greener in another field, you’re up shit creek. She’s as good as gone. Women are always looking for a bigger fish, and their vagina is the bait. Females never hit the ground. They always make sure they have a branch to grab onto before they fall to Earh. A safety net. Break galss in case of emergency dick. If you are fortunate enough to have a good girl that always makes herself accountable, then thank your lucky stars and try to keep her happy and by your side. You don’t want anything to do with the horrific dating scene that exists today and be forced to wade through endless amounts of bitter and entitled women who think you should be their personal erection with a wallet.

Women are so Retarded because they only think emotionally and selfishly, why do you think all women hate each other, its because they compete over who can get the richest dude and who is the prettiest blah blah, they hold a grudge there whole life. at least when dudes compete its over a game of basketball or whatever. even if its a fist fight we most of the time end up being bros after. but chick and there fucken stupid its all about me attitude is what making good guys into shitty people because they got cheated on by some chick or dumped for some rich guy. mostly because the women doesn’t give a fuck about what the man thinks. and we get the don’t be a bitch and grow some ball bull shit. what men cant have feelings… no we can’t we have to be with manipulative dick bag to get women or be rich! they don’t give a fuck about trust and honour.

Nawwww. Sorry darlings we won’t be your mothers and pander to your every needs. It’s not fair you all have to man up and learn to survive on your own. it’s bot fair you don’t have a woman to be your slave/baby maker. I am Truly sorry women are seen as people and not objects who do your bidding. You were born with a cock, henceforth everyone without should bow down to you! Lol you came out of a woman’s vag, at what point did that make you better then them?

They still think that their mussel is located at the center of the universe and dicks just turn around. Women, or even girls (since they now start fucking at the age of 15 or even youger who knons) are fucked up. Just because they fornicate at every corner of the streets, they think they are beautiful and all kind of BS, which gives a boost to their ego. They just think about themselves and manipulate everything that can be manipulated.

-Its never been about Men and their castles. Only pandering to a lucky bitch who like every single one of them has no guilt or shame. Just jealousy and envy which ends with bitterness and hate in old age. (Looks Fade.) vaginas dry up and ache. Thats when the absolute worst shows up and they die of liver failure or fragile bones. Wise up and find a good toy and never, never ever succomb to any females attempts to lure you into a contract. Whores if verified are way cheaper in the long run. You want a child go voluteer at boys and girls club.

The best way to get some ass is to have a call girl come to your house and just wear a condom and have a blast fuck dating and the worlds nutty bitches women can kiss my ass.

Now you know why men go gay it is actually more normal to be gay than try to figure out womens fucked up thinking process.

I can’t agree enough with almost every comment here. No shame. Illogical thinking. Never admit to any wrong doing. Love the one about in case of emergency break glass for emergency dick. I was with some bitch for 10 years. One day she wakes up and says fuck off. One week later she’s fucking someone else and has a kid. All they want is money and to get things from you. In Canada we are screwed. Best bet is montreal. French girls are good looking and a little more traditional. But I rather call an escort. No headaches.

@Didnt Bother Reading. Typical Feminist. Didnt bother reading the article but still felt entitled to leave your opinion. Yep! Definite Feminist! What you just did lady, was the equivalent of giving a book review without reading the book.

every comment on here is spot on. american women are fucking fucked up in the head, the women ways of thinking is all out of line it may work in caveman days but not in the modern world. bitches say want there cake and eat it too. shit, foreign pussy here i come LOL

Don’t marry them they crazy, I’ll Reather masterbate then fuck them

I’m a woman who doesn’t understand this issue but agrees with every part of it. We have this hormonal imbalance in all of us that takes over and is possible but very difficult to control. Being in the medical field for so long the only thing i can chalk it up to it that we evolved this imbalance to attract a man that is in it for the long run no matter what crazy shit we throw at them. It’s all about finding a devoted male to reproduce with, protect us and our children, and stay in the picture forever. Even though it backfires often and people are able to control this fate, it unfortunately is the stem of a lot of the evil that comes from a woman in a relationship and truly I apologize.

Trying to get your cock sucked by an ugly bitch is even a bullet to the fucking head.

Then again unfortunately Most of the women of today were dropped on their Heads when they were Born.

What is even much more Scary is that the Butch Lesbians are very Ugly with their Tattoos all over their Bodies. Now that is very Scary.


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