Conclusions, summations and shit.

So there you have it — everything we know about relationships in black and white. Our advice isn’t perfect or complete, and it isn’t gonna solve all your problems — your situation will probably be different and your mileage may vary.

But for the most part, you can now go into relationships with more knowledge than your Dad had when he settled for your mom, so you’ve got a head start right there.

We hope we’ve provided the kind of info that other books on relationships never talk about. We hope this info has debunked many of the myths about human coupling, because myths are no basis for a successful long-term relationship.

And, while we’re not saying that this is the only truth, it’s probably a lot closer than most of the shit people have shoveled into your head up to this point.


To sum up: Don’t marry the first woman who lets you screw her, and don’t believe every word out of her mouth no matter how sincerely she says it. Most chicks are fucked up, end of story. There’s nothing you can do about it, so get used to it (they think guys are fucked up, too). Learn to deal.

Women are generally trouble, but they have their good points. If you find a good one, lock her down and protect her from all the assholes out there, but don’t get some crazy idea that “she completes you” or else you need to start wearing dresses — sorry, it’s the law.

Appreciate a good woman, but treat her like an equal, not a fantasy or a goddess. Treat her like you want her to treat you. If she’s special, let her know it. If she doesn’t reciprocate, throw her back, reread this book and go get the kind of woman you really want (yet definitely don’t deserve).

At the end of the day, what else are you gonna do? Fuck guys? Yeah, nice menu, huh?

Good luck.

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AMEN! — enuff said

my gf cheats on me all the time yet she comes back crying saying i love you and all this bullshit. i dont even know why i deal with it. everyone tells me im fuckin insane for staying. this website fuckin helps.

yes you are. Man up and leave her, boost your self esteem and realise there are millions better out there (and hotter)

I actually read the entire guide. Congrats. But I got the sense that you wrote it all at once, and got tired or rushed towards the end. The guide got weaker towards the end. Just saying.

We’re gonna work on that…we’ve been talking about doing it forever, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Rest assured that we’ll shore up the last third before we publish the e-book.

Really, honestly, that “person” in the above post. Saying it seemed rushed, well, did they feel cheated out of the entertainment value or what? This material covered it all, and is pretty STRAIGHT to the point and reality , without going into a psych majors perspective, just honest info, if you really don’t get it , well.. you probably shouldn’t be dating at all. I love to say this…. so here it is. This shit is E X A C T L Y — 100% accurate. Don’t think anything different, whether you are a man or women. Chicks will lie going in, getting out, on the way back in, and back out again. The % of women’s lies outperforms men- lie for lie, over men every time. People, men are at a disadvantage ….. period.! it’s high time we start waking up and institute a ZERO bullshit tolerance, we will be deceived plenty still, but it’s the only way to cut lies to a fair proportion. most men have no balls, forget being a “man” . I know tons of men that support provide blah blah, but simply have no balls. it’s all in the balls. ( it takes no balls to meet a strange girl and tell her you think she is beautiful and want to ask her out, ) real balls is telling someone you love to fuck off!! .. just sayin! (like the other dude}

i proposed a girl and she asked me to wait for some time..after a month she comes and says she isn’t ready for a relationship for next 2 yr… WTF… and the girl says i didnt said no to you…Kind of pullling the strings nor letting me go, and nor accepting me…

Why are you letting her string you along like an idiot?

Lets say, if relationship guides were on internet women, this one would be the most ideal woman.

Been married 25 years. Women go off sex compared to men at a ratio of 10-1. When women enter a new relationship, their libido skyrockets, and then falls away. Most mens libido’s remain little changed throughout your life, falling away a little after 60. Women dont accept men going off sex, but men under feminism are supposed to. Feminism has destroyed so many marriages in the last few decades it isnt funny. And the sisters all support each other how the men werent good enough Feminism dictates that wives dont have to have sex with their husbands. (Im not talking about a right to say no). So a simple question is, would you marry this woman and give up all that give up, if she wouldnt freely and willingly have sex with you on a reasonable and regular basis? 90% of men would say no. So why do we do it? And then along come the kids and they are used as pawns to ensure you remain monogamous at her will. When my wife and I took our vows 25 years ago, she wanted the word “obey” removed from, love honor and obey. I have never ever demanded my wife obey me. However she is my wife and as a wife she has responsabilities When she went off sex, i eventually got so fed up with the situation that i told her i wanted a second wife. Her reply, “but you promised”. And because im a good and loyal guy and said yes i had promised, i had to hold to that promise. But id never be stupid enough to agree to that scenario again! See boys they got you by the balls. However since then, she has made a major effort, and we have sex at least half a dozen times a month. If i was ever single again, and a woman wanted to marry me, id be very blunt that an essential condition to any marriage is regular sex. Either she can do it, or ill arrange for a second wife. But i will never ever allow a woman to hold my balls to ransom. And BTW — i make a big effort to make my girl orgasm before me — no matter how long which is around 95% of the time and 99% of the time i can get her to cum before me. To all you young fellas out there. Open your eyes and beware. The world is full of middle aged men, who are pussy whipped hoping to get some. The very sad thing is that most of these guys love their wives. But feminism has told modern wives that is his problem not theirs!

I understand your point of view and agree with a lot of things that you say. In my case tough, it’s my 3-year partner (man) that just won’t have sex with me anymore. No, i didn’t put up extra weight if that’s what you’re thinking, I’m a cute 23 y/o who would be happy with sex once a week. But he doesnt wanna, not even once every 2 months. Will you blame feminism on me too? Gay? Bored? Should I get a “2nd boyfriend”?

I read the whole guide, and it was very good. Great advises. In addition, it is very well written (hilarious comments). Thanks so much for your service. I think this will help me in future relationships. The comment before mine is also very good. The key is not to rush. But dont waste your time on women you dont like or bitches who dont love you. Hang with women who you have common interests with and you’ll do fine. Also, bitterOldBob comments here are epic! Yup, congratulations on the site! Regards from portugal

Magnum Opus, guys!! So astonished by the quality of y’all smooth, soulful & honest work here! is the shiaattt!! No drama.

I think it was an honest and funny guide, loved a lot of the puns on each chapter. What I wanted to comment about is, Guys, this is not so different for us girls perceptions. I was actually reading the whole thing from both my perception as a woman and what could possibly be his perception as a man and I think that most of it applies for us both. I’m seriously thinking of dumping him over the “dump the bitch if you have to beg for sex”, cuz, sadly, in my case, it’s me the one that has to beg. Well, would have, only difference is, I know I could get as much dick as I want, so I don’t beg. I did ask him for it though, several times, and he still won’t deliver. Either gay or bored, I’m sick of it. BTW, I’m not a nimpho if that’s what you’re thinking, 1-2 a week would make me happy


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Bitch About Bitches

So I met this girl on tinder and wanted to take things a Lil slow.
There is a double standard. We, as men are not allowed to look at them or even really say hello to a stranger anymore.
Women don’t give to fucked so I’ve come to learn. Take mine, for example. Can’t deal with shit.
Ok so let me try and break this down the way an Empath would regardless of gender let me cut this simple I feel everythi
I hate sluts, but my best friend’s girlfriend, who he’s been dating for about 4 years, is much worse than a