Attracting women, even you can do it.

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We’ll assume, for the sake of moving things along, that you’ll one day identify a girl you like (after all, even a blind squirrel finds a nut eventually). And on that fateful day, the question will become, How do you get this girl to like you?

Like vaginas? Well, Love Systems’ “Magic Bullets” will teach you everything about picking-up the bitches.

Common sense might lead you to believe that being polite, nice and treating her well would make a positive impression.

But you’d believe wrong.

Tragically wrong. Because common sense doesn’t know shit about women. Bear that in mind as we take you into the dark recesses of how women think (it’s every bit as scary as it sounds.)

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Treating a woman really nice when you first meet her sets you up to be her best friend…. not her pussy-pounding pleasure pal.

She’s not going to be fucking her best friend. That whole “wife as best friend” thing is a myth. You really think she will ever accept a MAN as her best friend? You’re kidding yourself! No matter how close a man gets to a woman, another woman will ALWAYS be able to get closer. It’s one club you can’t join, no matter how nice you are. And you don’t WANT to, because if you do, you might as well cut off your dick. You won’t be using it.

Surprised the heck out of me that he escaped the friend-zone I put him in for a year when he told me he liked me more than a friend. . but fricken 4 months later he has escaped and has been my boyfriend for more than two years. Sure, he isn’t getting as much as he would if he had one night stands, but he gets it about twice a month. So he still needs a dick, but also a brain and arms to carry a conversation, be intimate other than sex and have the fricken pride to live his own life. I will admit most girls, won’t and don’t want to trade the “free” benefits of a guy best friend, but it happens, and they will most definitely need their dick, at least at some points, so don’t cut them off guys or you can’t please that girl sexually, which is just bad!


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Bitch About Bitches

So I met this girl on tinder and wanted to take things a Lil slow.
There is a double standard. We, as men are not allowed to look at them or even really say hello to a stranger anymore.
Women don’t give to fucked so I’ve come to learn. Take mine, for example. Can’t deal with shit.
Ok so let me try and break this down the way an Empath would regardless of gender let me cut this simple I feel everythi
I hate sluts, but my best friend’s girlfriend, who he’s been dating for about 4 years, is much worse than a