So you got dumped - get over it

Like we said, knowing the reason why she broke up up with you might be nice to know — how else will you be able to torture yourself for the next few decades? — but it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Over the course of your life on this planet, this one relationship will be nothing more than a short blip. A road-side stop for sex along the highway to happiness.

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Yes, we know you really loved her. Yeah, we know you had something “special.” Of course she told you that she loved you. Uh huh, no one else has ever been as happy together as you two...blah, blah, fucking blah. We’ve all been there, pal.

To be honest, the only thing we didn’t know about your “special relationship” was, what took her so long to dump your sorry ass? (We lost 50 bucks in the office pool.)

Nothing helps you get over a girl like another girl. Or five.

But in the end, she dumped you. And you’re gonna have to deal with that reality. You have to put the whole fucking fiasco behind you. What really matters now is getting over it. And there are damn good reasons why it won’t be easy.

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women dump guys because they stop giving them the attention and making them feel special. They take women for granted once they have screwed them and stop giving them attention. It’s all about giving and receiving.

maybe he stopped bothering to make you feel special or give you attention because you did that to him years or months before you realized he’d changed his behaviour. Guys need to feel special too and be payed attention just as much as women do. Are all women oblivious to men’s feelings or are you just one in a million I never hope to meet?

Your an idiot.

is cos I threatened my neighbour with a katana, kicked in the door of the party upstairs and smashed their stereo - then the year after - had my first drink in about 8 years and ended up flooring several of her work colleagues at a classical concert before getting a cab home and putting my fist thru the TV and burning her stuff. She gave shit head, and I think that is the main reason I’d get so aggressive. All the times that I got mad, except for when I was drunk and I was *insane*, it was because she wasn’t so interested in sex cos she was smoking pot all the time. I don’t do drugs or drink. Shit, man, if I’m the sort of guy who will intimidate some students into turning their party off at 4am instead of letting them go all night when everyone else in the building (who has to work the next day) is too pussy to do anything - If I drink or do drugs, then I’m psycho. IF I DON’T GET LAID AT LEAST 4/5 TIMES A WEEK. It made me feel guilty that I had to watch porn on my laptop and wank over her stoned and sleeping form, but now - I can watch porn with the sound way up. So, chicks may not dump you cos you’re not giving and receiving attention - we did shit for each other all the time. But when I need to get laid and she just wants to get stoned and pass out, violent video games just aren’t enough. Sometimes, she dumps you ‘cos of a reason you just didn’t wanna acknowledge. Like that she’s a frigid stoner and you’re an aggressive prick. Love don’t overcome that for more than 5 years in my case.


maybe he stopped feeling you were special because you stopped making him feel special years before you realized this. guys need to feel special too you know. jesus I mean are all women self centered like you or are you just “special” haha

oh yeah, someone on our side for once, its about time!

Women are cunts


I agree to that. Ive been married for 15 year and my wife cheated on me 6 months before I retired from the Navy. I gave her eveything and satisfied her to the fullest. I am a good guy and husbandand and a good man. All it got me was cheating, lying, depression, anger, frustration, weight loss, loss of feelings toward my wife. Now its her turn to catch the shit sandwich.

yes me three

me 4!

Next time, if some guy is giving you attention, be thankful and give him attention back, don’t demand more. Sorry he didn’t want to come over and watch Twilight with you, it doesn’t make him a bad guy. You’re giving girls a bad name.


Girls are hoes that dump you onces they find another safety net to comfort them. Nothing more nothing less. Guess what? After that safety net there will be another and another.. and another.. then maybe another… another.. dead.

And this model is more expensive, has a much, much, much larger engine and to boot can go much longer without a recharge.

thats fucked up…..and so are women.

Its all about you. What you want, what you need, how you wasnt it. Selfish much? No wonder why we leave, you guys sound pitiful, grow some balls and quit bitching.

Women aren’t all that selfless, either. “I Come First” seems to apply to every area of the relationship. When you hold all the cards, you’re playing alone. (Think about it.)

I agree, at the start women actually pretend like they care about about your life….it doesn’t take long until all of your time is consumed by their fucking dramas, you don’t matter anymore it’s about them….fuck, I used to think being a good listener was a good quality, but no that shit gets so taken advantage of….no personal dilemmas in your life can possibly compare to the the trivial BS that comes up every day for them! If i get a flat tire it’s not as important as the “bitch” in front of her at the grocery store, and conversely if they get a flat I have to leave work drive 30 miles and deal with crazy drama! That kind of dedication is expected and taken for granted! Guys fuck up, but it’s usually after being pushed to their limit…smart guys get the fuck out at the first signs of this unpredictable crap, the rest of us wait around waiting for some validation for our existence with no results. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of us that get taken and when the bitch dumps you for greener grass, makes you feel guilty for having human feelings, but not the kind she “needs” you tend to get a little bitter!

This sounds like you’ve never had a relationship but are just piecing together an opinion based on stereotypes. I’m not sure of your motives but the most likely one is you want to justify treating women like shit. This is unfortunately common from men- complaints that ring hollow and don’t read like truth.

My fiance of 15 months ended the relationship after her ex boyfriend from 6 yrs before who knew couldn’t be bothered to keep in touch showed up and all the sudden she owes him another chance. We never fought we had our differences but we got along so well. I got some 4000 texts of just I love yous and romantic shit from her alone on my iphone. None of anything mattered. She walked away from what she described as her best relationship ever and her last message before she told me the news was her wanting to spend the next 50 yrs married to me, having children running in the yard, and a whole bunch of romantic shit. So yeah women can be immature and cunts and any woman on here who wants to say no can go fuck themselves.

Hahahahaha very true bro they are like that… So its always better to follow the fff rule… Find fuck forget.. No women on this planet deserves a relationship with men.. They are all fukedup….

You don’t feel anything till half of your body is affected. Then you die a slow death. This bitch from Poland fucked my life up. She made me spend $5000 to gety into a beautiful ocean view home we rented together then 1 week after moving in we ran into her ex and that was it…The end of our relationship. Guess who got screwed…yup meeee stupid me..

“Men are women’s playthings, women are the devil’s” (Victor Hugo, 1886)

Hmmm. After reading all these comments I’m even more happier to stay single for the rest of my life. I mean, if most boys/men really consider us just greedy bitches, cunts or fucktoys, then it’s simply best not to even try to find a steady relationship. I have my friends, my hobbies, my work, my own (debt-free) house and a nice vibrator - quite nice life for a woman in her late 30s, altogether. No need for a man to ruin it. :) Sites like these are very helpful - afterwards I always appreciate more the things I already have…

you know you’ll be a lonely hag just fucking ur cheap vibrator

To all the denial bitches on here! Men want sex nothing else women want to gay date for the purpose of not to feel like whores which they are just try to fake it

I love this site. Im just soakin it all in!! Love it. Theres alot of fucked up girls and guys out there. Its to bad more good virls and good guys dont get hooked up. Its always one fucked up one n one good one!!!

We all made mistakes ,the fact that I cheated is not that I don’t love you but I was desperate far r way from u ,then I got that one night stand,and I used condoms , what the fuck u talk about then if we once talk about tha and forgive each other ,I told u the truth,so if you think I love that girl of one night stand better go and find a good guy ,maybe in hell not in this earth ,Mans are prone to cheating…

Well. I ve been married, i ve been engaged after that and i ve been in relationships. Seems like no matter what the occasion is, marriage, engagement or just lovey lovey. The shit always hit the fan when things get hard. Then you get dumped. My opinion…. Girls need money and comfort and that only!!!!! What the fuck happened to for better and for worse??? I am not her fucking daddy, i am her lover and partner and we supposed to stick together through everything!!!!! So fuck honesty from now on!!!!

I spent my 20s fucking and my 30s looking for love,no matter how good things seem in a relationship women can turn on you in an instant, very fickle, last relationship she went from I want to be your wife to less than 24 hours later ” I don’t think this is going to work” in txt message! With no other communication. I am beginning to think I should fuck through my 40s.

At least I fucked several women on the side before she left me. Makes me feel solid, like an oak tree with it’s limbs inside different bearded axe wounds. Today’s culture is different I envy you old bastards because finding a normal relationshit is forever gone. Why? Money,Oil,Tv,Juden.


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