Why you shouldn’t date hot women.

Physical beauty’s first, and most obvious benefit, is attracting men. Smoking hot bitches, therefore, attract men the way hemophiliacs attract vampires. In fact, the only thing men like better than sex with a woman, is sex with a beautiful woman. Of course, this begs the question, Why does it matter to a man if a woman is beautiful?

The short answer is procreation.

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The Hazards of Being Male:

the Myth of Masculine Privilege

Since the earliest times, men have valued beauty as the only available barometer of health, vigor and untainted DNA. Prior to the Age of Cosmetic Surgery, beauty had an actual purpose — it let men identify “the fittest” breeding partners (albeit subconsciously) who would ensure the continuation of his genetic strain. (Not that men weren’t hedging their bets with every average-looking female as well...)

But as mankind evolved and formed civilizations, the benefit of “nailing a hottie” became less about survival and more about social status. Today, thanks to the visually oriented mass mediums of TV, movies, magazines, and the Internet, men and women are fucking obsessed with beauty.

So much so that women can make a living simply by exhibiting their hotness: Models, centerfolds and music video ’hos all live like Queens based on nothing more than a high pointy-nose-to-breast-size ratio.

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The Myth of Male Power:

The weakness of men is the facade of strength: the strength of women is the facade of weakness.

Man’s innate, instinctual — and involuntary — attraction to beautiful women has now become a liability for them.

At the beginning of civilization, a woman’s beauty provided only an advantage over other ugly and/or diseased women for gaining the affections of men. But at some point, it all turned around and now, a woman’s beauty gives her an advantage over men, too.

Since men value beauty, a woman instantly gains influence over any men who find her beautiful. She can get them to do whatever she wants, including buying her houses, cars, and eventually, separate vacations.

While growing up, many young girls are still dissuaded from asking for what they want directly. As a result, they grow up learning alternative, manipulative approaches. Like casually mentioning a sore neck in hopes of getting their man to notice and give her a neck massage. Or casually pointing out jewelry in magazines in hopes of getting it for their birthday. Or casually commenting how great it would be if someone accidentally ran over their husband with their Pool Cleaning van.


By the time they’re grown, plotting and scheming become normal, everyday activities for women. It becomes so second nature to them that they don’t even realize they’re doing it. And neither do most men (which is why those men never see the Love Train coming before it runs them down).

To get a man to like them, some women are willing to do anything necessary. They’ll even put off their own happiness to do whatever the man wants. Why? Because later, after the man falls in love with her, she can ask — or rather, demand— that she gets hers.


That power is why women place such a high priority on being beautiful—beauty has a lot of tangible benefits. Appealing to a man’s hormones makes snagging him easier than appealing to a his intellect or emotions. It’s also the shortest distance between being single and shacking up for better or worse.

But the reason this archaic, unethical approach is still being used by today’s “progressive” and “enlightened” woman is that, frankly, it still fucking works on heterosexual men. 

Fortunately for men, most women don’t really believe they even have this power. They know men seem to want sex all the time—men aren’t exactly subtle about it—yet women oddly refuse to believe that men really want it that badly.

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The Rantings of a Single Male:

Losing Patience with Feminism, Political Correctness... and Basically Everything

It’s almost like women don’t want to believe that men really, truly think with their dicks. “Surely, men can’t be THAT simple-minded and easily manipulated,” they tell themselves. And, like so many of the other things girls think, they’re wrong.

The smart chicks are the ones who’ve figured out that men ARE that simple-minded and easily manipulated. You can spot them a mile away — they’re the ones driving expensive cars, living in mansions and racking up credit card bills they’ll never have to pay.

So if you don’t want to lose your beach house to a savvy supermodel who’s already banging your gardener and who’ll ultimately divorce you, stick to dating ugly women who might actually love you for your terrible personality. 

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Sounds like an article written by guys who were dumped by smart, hot chicks and are too bitter to man up.

Sounds like you wish you were one of those smart, hot chicks.

this website is awesome! you must be very experienced because you are right at many points, and understand women more than most guys. basicly, im a slut, so i have no girlfriends. if you dont care, stop reading haha :D im a cute blond high-school girl and i had sex with relatively many boys. and most people think that there must be something wrong with me! and they think im disappointed and desperate etc.. actually, i just love sex, and i want to enjoy it without expecting fake love in return. and i respect my soul more than my body. i can love almost anyone with my body (in my first language, this phrase exists :D sorry if it doesnt in english) but just a very few people with my soul. so… who is the slut? :P anyway, the guys i ever loved were all very special and loved me back and none of them hurt me! never! am i crazy because of my way of thinking? :S im looking forward to your answer. you seem more experienced than me. and i like you, because you are funny :)

Where does this say *why* I should date beautiful women? I’ve read it. The question is not answered. None of this explains why I shouldn’t date a beauty.

It seems like these guys had beautiful women cheat on them with other good-looking men. I heard that beautiful women are more likely to cheat than beautiful men because a woman’s beauty is more powerful than a man’s and therefore guys become very possessive over her.

Beauty fades and your hot wife will look nothing like her former self in 20 years. Likely she will look like a fire hydrant with cellulite. Just another reason to skip the marriage thing.

your good ppl are just fucking haters who need to stfu dont worry i like your work :)

There goes 5 minutes I’ll never get back.

This is really sexist. And even more ridiculous.


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