Section 5: Marrying a chick

Once you find a girl you believe that you love, you’re probably going to be tempted to marry her one day. Your girlfriend probably wants you to do it. Your married friends want you to do it.


The church definitely wants you to do it. Society wants you to do it. Certainly, the wedding industry wants you to do it. And the diamond monopoly would love you to spend two-months salary to do it. You may even want to do it, too. But should you?

Not until you think it through.

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My tips for people thinking about getting married. -Don’t get married! Ok if you must at least do this before you get married. -Never co-sign anything with your spouse if you do decide to get married. -Get a prenup if you do get married. -Date at least 2 years before getting married. -Avoiding getting married until you are finished with school and settled in your career. -Sow your wild oats before getting married. Never marry before 30. -Avoid marrying somone that is an illegal immigrant. Watch out for marriage fraud!

1. Don’t get married just because you can’t dump her. If you’re not hard just thinking about it she’s not your wife. Find your balls and demand the couch. She’ll hate you, but you’ll be doing the right thing. Man up, even if you’ve screwed the fuck out of her life wasting her time. Everyone does. 2. Give up on the pre-nup. If she’s a ho don’t even let her on the wagon. 3. Decide based on her mind and her personality, not her body. How many fugly women strut after a makeover and some personal trainer got done with her? You have no idea. Some things are bad, but most of the physical is temp. But mental problems you can’t fix. An it’s sad, cause you want to. 4. Would you love her if she were broke? Most guys say yes and mean no. Most girls give up the cash easy. But if you love the cash, you don’t love the girl. May sound like easy muoney, but if you marry and don’t love you’ll hate every cent. Won’t never be worth it! 5. Would you like your life without her? Most guys say yes and mean no. You gotta have an answer for this before you get married, or else even if it’s the right chick, you’ll lose her. 6. Is there another woman you want to get with more? Cut her off. Even if you’re not caught you’ll go bitter having to hide your life from your wife. Doomed. Don’t do it. Give up the old and go on with the new. 7. Do you love the woman? If you don’t want to make her happy, she won’t be. You can’t fake love. It never works. 8. Will you be able to stand kids? The minute you’re married, it’ll come up. 9. Can you be happy doing things together? 10. Do you love her enough to sacrifice the rest of your life with other women to just be with her? It’s better not to lie. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.


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