Guy’s Guide

Welcome to the “Relationshit Guide To Girls.” It’s the dating advice your father never gave you (because he was a loser who didn’t know jack about women). Not only will you probably laugh hysterically at a lot of it, you’ll also cry uncontrollably when you realize the depressing truth of it all.

On the following pages, you’ll learn valuable dating lessons like:

  • What went wrong,
  • Why it was probably your fault, and
  • How to not fuck it up with the next bitch.

And remember, chicks dig guys who can read, so read this website from start to finish. (For bonus points, read our Disclaimers & Caveats to keep your expectations in check.)

Then wipe the goddamn tears out of your bloodshot, bleary eyes, and learn how not to be such a pathetic loser anymore. You’re fucking welcome.

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Bitch About Bitches

Fucking Pussy mother fucking cunt. Un frikkin real. Married fifteen years, together for twenty.
A girl I’d previously been with who I still loved and cared for, strung me along after coming back from uni for th
Loving that single life and not giving a fuck about anybody when suddenly this chick comes into my life and makes me vul
so my girlfriend and I of 2.5 years broke up because we both agreed she needed to make more friends and find her way at
We dated for 5 long months, and I first asked her out on our field trip to Disneyland.