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Buy “Relationshit’s Guide To Girls” ebook now.

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Face it, life is short. Too short to keep wasting your prime humping years with your dick in your hand. If you don’t learn what makes women tick soon, you’re going to be old, ugly, and have to work that much harder to get laid. So figure that shit out now!

It’s more than just relationship advice, it’s freaking enlightenment.

The Relationshit Guide To Girls eBook.

What are you waiting for? Death?

This ebook doesn’t just give you tips and tricks, it gives you concepts. Insights into how women think and what drives them. So you don’t have to take notes or memorize anything because once you are exposed to these ideas and concepts, you’ll know what you’re doing that’s scaring women away faster than spiders.

There’s nothing better after a breakup (except sex).

Did you just get dumped? If you said “Yes” and own a Kindle device (or have one of these free Kindle apps) you’ll want to BUY THIS EBOOK NOW! Don’t wait. The first section alone will almost instantly make you feel better and will likely speed up your recovery by weeks if not months. It will definitely make you laugh again (remember laughing? No? Well, you will.) And that’s just in the first section! Can you imagine what’s in the rest?!

Reading the ebook will increase your odds of getting laid.*

The Relationshit Guide To Girls eBook.

We’re not promising you anything, but the knowledge contained in this ebook could help you stop repelling women with what passes for your “personality.” (There’s nothing we can do about your looks, sadly — Relationshit’s “Guide To Girls” is only a book, it’s not a damn wizard or fairy Godmother.)
*Maybe, this is NOT a guarantee.

WARNING: You may not be able to handle the truth.

Hey, we don’t say it’s “dating advice for the bitter and jaded” for nothing: This 150-page ebook is blunt and to the point. It uses brutally honest (and sometimes extremely salty) language to pound a little sanity into the addled minds of guys who just don’t “get” women. So if you’re expecting to read about “feel good affirmations,” drum circles or hugging, DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK! (Seriously, we’re not kidding. You will be very, VERY offended…)

It’s way more convenient than “real” help.

The Relationshit Guide To Girls eBook.

You’re not getting any younger, you know.

To get this kind of psychological help elsewhere, you’d need to pay $300/hr to a qualified psychiatrist, attend weekly appointments, leave work early, drive halfway across town, and then spill your emotional guts while he/she secretly draws mocking pictures of you on their pad. Luckily, there’s an easier way: Just download our ebook now and use that extra money you saved to pay for all the new paternity suits you’ll soon be involved in (fingers-crossed)!

Don’t believe us?

Yeah, well, fuck you. Instead of being so paranoid (a real turn-off for women, btw), why not read these actual, not-made-up quotes from actual, not-related people who’ve already read our stuff, and effing loved it (we’re paraphrasing).

Unsolicited testimonies from questionable sources:

This material covered it all, and is pretty STRAIGHT to the point ... E X A C T L Y - 100% accurate. — Anonymous I read the whole guide, and it was very good. Great advice. In addition, it is very well written (hilarious comments). I think this will help me in future relationships. — PureClass Wow! I have never seen such an awesome [book] on relationships. This ... should be required reading for everybody… — GNX547

Impressive, right?! Buy it now at!

See? See? Yeah, so suck it, haters! We’re all about The Truth, bitches. And this ebook is filled to capacity with it, homes. It’s effing Standing Room Only in there. So do yourself a favor and buy the ebook now — it’s just a couple of bucks! You won’t regret it. And if you DO, Amazon has some kinda refund option or something.

Peace out, yo.

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