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Other shit

This page is where you’ll find links to other, more life-altering information and insight on the Relationshit(tm) website. The kind that’s not otherwise available elsewhere on this site, hence the “Other Shit” title. Think of it as sort of a…uh, Table Of Contents of…well, other contents. You know, as if you couldn’t figure all that shit out by your own damn self.

Wondering if you should take our advice? Don’t take our word for it. Read what potentially sane Internet trolls have to say.

The odds are pretty good that people will take issue with much of the content on these pages. And they’re not entirely wrong.

Are you gay? Then this website isn’t really meant for you. Sure, you can still read it, but…you know, it’s mostly…hetero stuff. (Sorry.)

Sitting on a pile of spare cash? Why not blow it on us? After all, you could do worse. It’s not like we’re hedge fund managers.

Worried that we’re tracking your movements and selling your personal information to blood-sucking data brokers? Good for you.

So what kind of sick, twisted people would create a brutally honest website about human relationships? This kind.

Depressed? Can’t leave the house? Great! Then you’ve got time to take our breakup survey! (Do it while the pain is still fresh.)

Got stupid questions you want answered? Well, then this is your lucky day! Read our list of Frequently Asked Stupid Questions.

Don’t waste your prime humping years with your dick in your hand, buy our ebook and learn how to have sex with real girls.

Get dumped? Hating life? Own a device capable of audio playback? Then download and crank up these killer tracks for tough times.

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