The Ultimate List Of The Best Breakup Songs.

Get dumped? Are you hating life? Then you need our list of the Ultimate List Of The Best Breakup Songs. It's not that mainstream crap you hear on the radio, this list of tracks is crowd-sourced and hand-selected by people just like you.

Rate the best break-up songs — Alternative, Country, Metal, Pop, Rap, and Rock — by clicking on the red stars next to each, then download the MP3s instantly from Amazon’s MP3 Store or just add your own suggestions in the comments section and we’ll add ’em to the Ultimate List Of The Best Breakup Songs.

Three Days Grace
Florence + The Machine
Alanis Morissette
My Chemical Romance
30 Seconds To Mars
Guns N' Roses
Fleetwood Mac
Linkin Park
30 Seconds To Mars
Pearl Jam
Lily Allen
Miranda Lambert
Demi Lovato
Third Eye Blind
Simple Plan
Death Cab For Cutie
No Doubt
My Chemical Romance
My Chemical Romance
Cee Lo
J Geils Band
Joey + Rory
Simple Plan
Tori Amos
Billy Bragg
30 Seconds To Mars
Drowning Pool


Hey, this list is pretty much entirely user-generated (that means BY YOU PEOPLE). So if you don't like these songs, add some better ones in the comments! (NOTE: Once we add your song, we delete your comment to avoid cluttering up the place.)

Try this: Mr. Harvey (Rastamania) - Kiss My Ass

This is probably the best list i’ve found thus far. Happy, sad, angry… all reactions are here. Rock, alternative, pop…. all of the above. Good compilation list.

FU - Miley Cyrus

Sorry, but fuck Miley Cyrus.

I think you guys should separate the playlist into tinier ones. I.e. I need to cry songs, fuck you songs, i hate your new girlfriend songs… you get the point

Front Porch Step “I Won’t Say That I’m Ok”
Dead by April - Calling
Box Car Racer - There Is
Good Charlotte - Predictable
good charlotte -break apart her heart
La dispute- Such small hands
La dispute-Andria
Three Days Grace - Gone Forever
Apocalyptica - I Don’t Care
Black sabbath She’s gone
Bowling For Soup - Since We Broke Up
Bowling For Soup: Why Don’t I Miss You

Fuck You And Your Cat– Goldfinger

Love is he’ll by theory of a deadman I want more songs like this lol


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