Dating tips - be confident, not a douche bag.

Handling everything that’s going on inside the typical adolescent male — from growth spurts to dick spurts — is no easy task. And “being yourself” isn’t usually your first reaction when you meet someone new. Especially when that someone new is a hot piece of ass.

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For Men Only:

Date Out of Your League

In that situation, most guys kick into “cool-mode” — that is to say, they act like total fuckwads. Young guys always initially overplay it. In attempting to put their best foot forward, most guys end up sticking it in their mouth instead. Being cool is more about what you don’t do than what you do.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask!

How To Date A Beautiful Woman, Third Revised Edition

First, don’t overreact. Insecure guys let insults and taunts get to them and react violently; cool guys let that shit slide.

Think about it. You can’t control other people, but you can control how you react to them. So always chill; losing control in the face of adversity is never cool.

Take Clint Eastwood’s lead; he’s the epitome of tough-guy cool. But Clint never yelled at anyone, even when he was pissed. He never mocked or bullied anyone. And he never started fights.

Clint was a Zen Master in that way. After all, the best reason to learn martial arts is so you never have to use them.

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The trick to being Clint Eastwood cool is staying within yourself. By being okay with who you are — and not looking to others for approval — you can control your own reactions, and that makes you cool. You give off that “strong, silent type” vibe.

Chicks dig mature confidence, not the short-tempered pettiness of a small-minded, paranoid fuck. So don’t get all “aggro” in a misguided effort to appear confident. Psychotic rage is not the same as confidence.

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How to Get a Woman Who Once Seemed Out of Your League

Yes, some insecure girls may like you to fight for them — to prove your love by risking jail-time on assault and battery charges — by implying that you’re devoid of balls, chicken-shit or a pussy.

But before you let some skirt push your buttons, remember, confidence is realizing that you don’t have shit to prove to anyone. Least of all, some psycho bitch.

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Nina Hartley’s Making Love to Women

A how-to video for you non-readers.

If you’re still uncomfortable being an asshole, you’ve really only got one option left. Enlist the aid of Man’s best friend: Spot, Fido, Patches, or whatever. If you don’t have one, go buy a fucking dog.

Seriously, chicks dig a guy with a fuzzy pet (no fish). It shows that you don’t immediately kill living things in your care (a big plus when she wants to have kids one day). Also, women are suckers for cute animals, no matter what they smell like.

If you can’t buy a dog — because you’re cheap or your landlord is a dick — borrow the dog of a married friend. Most married guys are more than happy to let someone else walk their flea-ridden crap-factory once in awhile. Take the mutt around town on its leash, or let it run free in a park where it will make a beeline into the crotch of every woman within fifty yards.

Face it, dogs have it made. The least those freeloading ball-lickers can do is help you get your balls licked once in awhile, don’t you think?

Damn straight.

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this site is saving me from perpetual wussiness

And women wonder why all the men they are attracted too treat them like shit, because it works bitch!

being an avid asshole isnt recommended, got 2 play the social role a bit and also make it clear you run the fucking shit you are around. if you find yourself apologetic, or seemingly pathetically fucking nice, you are an easy campaign for the psychopathic behavior of the female. and deserve what you get for fearing of losing the woman that is going to gain 50 fkn lbs, tits will vanish, and her bitchiness increases by at least 75% (under estimate but being casually fair.) Stand out, how many times you think a pretty girl can show some skin and run the shit. everytime, unless there is an asshole around, she just might have to amp it up a notch and learn how to not be a sexually deranged sex beast with nice tits and ass and a face that was prepped for at least 2 hours before they walked into your radar. this guy is advanced , ygetting some real positive life changing info. this is not chauvenist material in anyway. Nevermind the pussy ass doctors and their kissing a psychotics womans ass columns glorifying habitual psychopaths. That is the only way I can honestly, truly describe the woman. They just don’t eat people (well not literally) or go on shooting sprees. Nono.. they are much more psychototic and at least an honorable psychopath wants to get caught eventually and be honored for their twisted works. A woman would be as good as dead if all her psychotic impulses, fantasies, thoughts, etc were to be exposed. If you ever want to destroy a female expose them. It doesn’t make you look like such a loser (at first it might FEEL that way and turn off dumb bitches you dont want to be within a fist punchs length anyway. Be a man, and nevermind hollywood, desperate pathetic nice guys, poets, the paper bought educated, and the trust fund babies. They are pussies to start with and end up getting the big divorces, to some asshole like me with not shit but a individualized not corny car, a house, shitty clothes, and my balls of steel, and attitude of fuck you, and be ready to punch the shit out of someone if you are even talking to females because the odds are like sunset to sundown they are Always prospecting for that perfect getaway or one two one hundred times guy who they Think well make them feel like Queen Elizabeth. Ration compliments, express when you are truly displeased, and dont ever be scared to regulate shit in a non violent manner. hitting chics is fucking pathetic, and i dont respect men that need to hit women to get them to stay around or change their behavior. Because it is only a short term fix, it is like slapping the side of your TV when it breaks. If you want something fixed , like your girlfriend than be fucking prepared to get technical and genius without throwing the fucking thing against the wall. Listen to everything this Man has to say. The best thing you can do as a man is realize spending too much time on looks and appearance, attire, or even status; is fucking going to lose to an ugly, out of fashion, border line broke asshole with the right moves and balls to use them while their girlfriend is out looking for her next victims. Every female is a metaphorical serial killer to a Man. Never ever let your guard down around a psychopath. Especially if she is known or expresses pride in being a bitch. DO what you must to conquer that but never take your work fucking home with you. I probably dont get around enough oppurtunities to be around fuckable sluts, but i certainly know how to act when they come up and not make a waste of my being an alpha male fronting as a nice guy. Why the nice guys were so nice to take them to a nice hotel on the beach or vegas where you can tactfully get them back into your cheap fucking motel trying to get another pop off you, i sit on my computer most the time while i reap the rewards of being a Man, not a bitch or a loser. It is all about being confident, men respect it, women respect it, and get really fucking wet for it because they dont think too far in to understand or realize their psychotic behaviors. They are sick and have no cure but temporary relief symptoms that is relieved by fucking over men and women, fucking someone they think will raise their status above god, and making their lives a bit interesting than the stiff yesman back at home who was so nice enough to get her in my vantage point. Advice, dont fuck with friends ladies, a friends friends lady, anything that will get around, and it surely will because the another useless attribute of a woman is their secret keeping abilities and honor codes. Unless you are ready to fight and look like a fucking whooped ass sucker for some poon in front of your whole social network. the first start to solving a problem is coming to terms with the formula and equation and there is always someone better, or that will seem better for a short term to the one you think would never ever hurt your wussy ass heart. They will stomp you out like a fly and that is after they have pulled your wings off. They would be the dominating gender and slowly are because of too many pussies bending over to get fucked by a psychopath. We got to take the power back, and it is all about power. America is full of emo american idol envying impromptu group singing kids, and men submitting to the psychotic social standards designed by women and male traitors. Clint Eastwood and Justin Beiber walks into a bar. Who is going to get fucked over the worst. Sure beiber well be her automatic naturally fucked in the head choice. Dont take it personal. Would you get your asshurt over a girl that would choose beiber over you? Or even be envyous the least bit of the unic piece of shit? Let your gut do the work and maleness be. It is a dilemma, and you got to be ready for that shit. If you think you are on top of your womans game.. you have already lost it. The feminists and emos are destroying manhood as we know it. And the insecure men with the power they so think they have are so fucking afraid to lose it they will write ludicrous laws to prevent mature male advances toward a woman, and the ones higher up seem to be the ones fucking over your average bear the worst because they don’t know what to do with themselves once they acquired the position that has power and they misuse it. Be Fucking Careful out there. And don’t give one fuck about just any one piece of ass that is out there and will always be in ample supply as long as you live. Save yourself some trouble and just be a man.

You’re either a schizophrenic ranter or perhaps the most honest men’s rights advocator I’ve heard in a while.

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