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Dating tips - do women want money or fame?

Personality may be more important than your looks to a woman, but that doesn’t mean every woman will love you once they get to know you. The problem is that no personality is universally appealing (despite what your mom told you).

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad:

What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not.

Personality is, by its very definition, personal. Your unique outlook on life and boyish charm won’t appeal to all the women you meet. It will probably even repel a fair share of them; possibly most of them.

And considering you’re only dealing with around 300 women anyway, you’re rapidly running out of life-partner options. Increasing your odds with the ones you don’t repel, will take more than just being, well…you.

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The Millionaire Next Door

How the elite club of millionaires got that way.

You’re going to need something that can compensate for your many quirks, failings and shortcomings – in the same way that huge breasts make guys forget that they’re dating stupid or ugly women.

And that begs the question: What could possibly make a beautiful woman overlook your freakish body, disturbingly in-depth knowledge of Star Wars, or shockingly tiny penis?

Bank. Benjamins. Dineros. In a different word, money.

Money is critical if you want to get near attractive women. Why? As we said earlier, to a woman, your appeal is closely tied to your ability to provide (just ask any homeless guy how much tail he gets, or more realistically, how much tail he doesn’t get).


In Prehistoric times, “providing” meant chasing the occasional Mastodon off a cliff so your woman didn’t have to eat salads all the time. Nowadays, providing means having enough money so you woman doesn’t have to eat Taco Bell all the time.

As a modern man, you’re judged more by the size of your bank balance than the size of your biceps.

Sure, a woman will tell you that she isn’t interested in your money. But that’s like saying you aren’t interested in a girl’s appearance.

Money is the male-equivalent of good looks. It’s the Great Equalizer. Money makes ugly men cute, short men tall, fat men thin, and old men young. In a nutshell, the more money a man has, the more attractive he is.

A rich man is the status equivalent of a beautiful woman; i.e. they’re both in the same “league”. Just as a rich man can “afford” a beautiful woman, a beautiful woman can “afford” to hold out for a rich man.

So don’t waste your money on hair-plugs or pec-implants. Spend it on making more goddamn money.


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IT!: 9 Secrets of the Rich and Famous

That’ll Take You to the Top.

Yet money isn’t the only way to attract women. There is also international renown (barring that, national renown will suffice.)

Fame is an aphrodisiac to women. It may even be a more powerful aphrodisiac than being rich. Since your being famous means her friends know you’re famous, too. And that puts her higher up the social status ladder (remember Chapter 2? Well, go back and reread it).

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Rock Star 101:

A Guide to Success in the Music Biz.

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to be famous.

You damn sure don’t have to be talented (see Any Current Pop Singer). Or smart (see Any Current Movie Star). Or really…anything (see Any Recent Public Scandal).

For some reason, women don’t make a distinction between famous guys who are artistically talented and famous guys who are just jack-holes. Hell, the whole Reality TV phase proved you can be famous for simply making an ass of yourself in public.

Outrageous behavior – even outrageous illegal behavior – is actually rewarded these days with the sort of media coverage that makes desperate women write letters to you in prison proposing marriage.

Frankly, aside from retaining some semblance of dignity and self-respect, there’s no convincing reason not to humiliate yourself on a worldwide stage.

Just remember, there’s a shit-load of competition in the “human freak” category, so you better be prepared to go the distance. And that contest could get uglier than the dog-faced boy you’re up against.

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