Dating tips - why you can't get chicks.

No doubt, you’ve already been trying to get a chick with little success. And, you’re probably wondering, “What the fuck is the problem?” In truth, the reasons for your failure are as varied and numerous as the psychoses running amok in the average female’s head — here’s a sampler platter:


If girls are rejecting you, one reason could be easy and obvious. Maybe the woman you’ve picked to one day bear your children simply isn’t “on the market.”

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She could be married, engaged, dating someone, lesbian, or a dude. So your rejection may have had less to do with personality or looks, and more to do with your obliviousness to outward signs of a woman’s unavailability such as an engagement ring, a wedding ring, wearing comfortable shoes, or having a huge Adam’s apple.

(Single women dress differently than taken women. They dress sluttier; lower collars, shorter skirts, and higher heels. “Taken” women just try to dress fashionably; and yes, there’s a difference. Problems differentiating the two can occur, however, when “Hooker Chic” comes back into vogue (which it always does).

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The Naked Bitch:

An Honest Approach to Dating Women.

Another possible reason you’re not getting the ladies could be that you’re a nice guy. Nice guys tell women they’re pretty. Nice guys are polite, caring and often empathize with women. Nice guys are, well… nice.

And that’s exactly why women don’t want to fuck them.

What’s the incentive for a woman to date a nice guy? Where’s the “I’m so hot, that really cool guy wanted to fuck me” self-satisfaction she can use to show-up her friends? Where are the bragging rights? There aren’t any with a nice guy.

What woman couldn’t get sex from a nice guy? The reason women want nothing to do with you may be that you’re not offering them a challenge of any kind. In fishing, you get a sense of accomplishment after landing a real fighter, because the fish doesn’t want to get caught. But how much fun would it be if the fish was trying to jump into the boat? Not a whole lot.

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Humans, like women, view challenges as steps towards trying to improve their station in life. Women will rarely move laterally — if she’s already got a guy who’s an eight, he’s the “incumbent” and has an advantage over other guys who are also eights.


Most women don’t leave guys with whom they already have an emotional bond. And they generally won’t go after someone else simply for the sake of new or different (unlike men). Some women, it’s true, will jump at any new situation, but they’re whores and you shouldn’t waste your time pursuing them (especially since you can just offer them cash).

To get a girl to leave the incumbent guy, you have to offer her proof that you’re a tangible upgrade. So you need to bring something better to the party than a bottle of E and a six-pack of ribbed condoms.

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And here i thought being nice was attractive…

Much different than i thought…fucking chix

that was very interesting.

Soo true happened to me.. A girl i really liked i tried to hang out with i was trying soo hard to be as nice as i could be. big mistake SHOT ME DOWN and said i was too nice

Actually, there is a class of women who actively seek out Nice Guys. They are better known as “Predatory Females”. They know they can bleed you dry, then dump you like yesterdays garbage, and then do it to you all over again in a few months if they want to, because a “Nice Guy” thinks being “Nice” will actually get him somewhere. The sad fact is that ALL women have this Predatory Mode, some are just more skilled at it than others. They can waste YEARS of your life if you let them. If you are a classic “Nice Guy”, “Mr. Dependable”, or a “Special Friend”, (you will know this because that’s what every girl you ever asked for a date will tell you), and some female suddenly shows an interest in you, keep in mind the fact that she is probably just looking for someone to haul her baggage until she finds someone better. To avoid getting getting emotionally involved with one of these Gorgons, remember that if a woman doesn’t say “Yes” to that first date, then anything else she says, no matter how kind and loquacious she says it, means “NO!”. If one of these women tries to endear herself to you because you are “easy to talk to”, and she feels she can “trust you with her most intimate secrets”, look her square in the eye and repeat the following: “I an not your Priest, your Psychologist, your Counselor, or your Gay Special Friend. If you feel the need to have an intimate conversation with an understanding individual, then try having one with that hunk of Man Meat who’s obviously been fucking you stupid every night, or give your vagina a break and go buy yourself a Dog.” Lastly, the first time you get burned by one of these Harpies, NEVER give her a second shot at you. If you weren’t good enough to keep the first time, you will NEVER be anything but a Safety Net to her.

guys, sorry, but this is old news. The theory that all women want is a nice guy, a stable relationship and security is all wrong. Yes, women like a challenge, but also, each woman has her own needs, and her own ‘weak point’. Now that is Very Important, and the real key to getting a woman. Her Point of Weakness. Just like us, men, each woman is lacking something in her life, and is dreaming of something. Some are excited by the ‘exotic’, so they fall easily for guys from other parts of the globe. and the more exotic, the more stories you have, the more they fall for you. Other women look for an adventure, something wild, crazy.. can be a short affair, mind blowing sex, or intense romance they never had with a stable boyfriend, etc. If you think about it for a while, you will realize that you usually fall for a certain type of women, or 2 types of women, or a combination of them. it’s not simply Hot chics. I personally, love Exotic ladies. I like to ‘collect’ girls from here and there, and traveling a lot helped in growing such a collection. I love the different accents, backgrounds, looks and colors. Local women, who have the same backgrounds as myself don’t excite me much. Of course a hot woman is welcome any time.. but I would bang her once and go. A foreign lady can keep me hooked for longer. Also, even girls in a relationship or marriage have their weak points, and can be available. that’s if you want to be involved in such a thing. I once had an affair with a girl who had a long term boyfriend (and yes, she was not a local). she said she loved him very much, they didn’t even had sexual problems- so she said. She said I was her first lover, the first time she cheats on her bf. It didn’t take me more than 3 or 4 days to seduce her (she was really pretty) and it was obvious she was into me, so I didn’t have to try very hard. I’m sure I wasn’t the sexiest man she met, so I doubt it was my looks.. I still don’t know what made her fall for me in spite of her relationship. But we had a very intense affair.. we could make out for hours, just eating each other’s lips and tongues. The bottom line is: when you want to seduce someone, you need to know first -if possible- what they need or dream of. Your goal then is to make her think that you can make this dream or need come true. This is Simply what Seduction is: a non verbal promise of something the other desire and look for. Cheers.

this chapter lost my interest.. a woman cheated on her bf for me. most women seem intriqued by me give the right approach, even the married ones. I mean, come if you’re trying to sell us your stupid seduction products, then why don’t you tell everyone how it really is.. there is no fucking magic bullet.. just play the fucking numbers and keep a good attitude when the rejections and mistakes come, cuz they will happen. and when they do, try very hard not to succumb to negativity cuz that will just put you back in the hole you were in and then you’ll need to start all over again. take this whole seduction bullshit with a grain of salt cuz in the end it’s all bullshit. masterbating sometimes beats fucking your girlfriend.

when i got so sick of an ex girlfriend i had ( this worthless cock whore couldnt even wash a dish right), it was a relief to just jerk it myself. then i thought, what do i need a cheatin cock sippin whore cunt for. If things are to be done the way you want them to be done, sometimes you have to take command and perform those duties yourself.

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